Excuses, Excuses (tut tut)

Yep that’s me alright. What can I say, I’ve made PLENTY of them! But at least I know that I’m not alone. Carrying on from finding the courage to sign up for the 12WBT I’ve been taking my time to look through the forums and read about other people’s struggles and also their wins as well. I can say it’s all very inspiring and I’m glad I signed up for Michelle’s program.

So Pre-season has started today, Monday the 30th July, and I have to say I was very excited to go into my email inbox and fish out my first pre-season task sent from Michelle. I watched the video attached and spent a little time reflecting on what I had just seen and heard. “EXCUSES” not just any excuses but Internal and External excuses, who would have thought?! At the end of her video she asks you to fill out some boxes about excuses that you’ve been making and what you can do to turn it around and solve them.
WOW what an eye opener, she really makes you think about what kind of self sabotaging you have been doing to yourself and why it needs to stop!


Michelle talks about Internal Excuses much like self sabotage. For example: “I’m too tired!” “I’m too far gone no one or thing could help me” and my favourite “what if I fail?”. I for one can relate to all those 3 excuses that I’ve just put right there. I’m a bit of a self sabotager when it comes to my own health and well being usually putting others before me. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! I know the body I want, I can see it when I close my eyes but I won’t be getting it with these types of excuses being made. From today I will no longer be doing this to myself, to be honest it brings me down knowing now what I have been doing to myself and making an announcement of it as well! HELLO WAKE UP CALL!

Michelle goes on to discuss External Excuses that we make but are still in our control like the weather for example “Oh it’s far too cold/hot to train outside today, bugger it I’ll just stay inside and keep cool/warm” sound familiar? Oh it does to me! another thing that I will stop doing. So what if it’s too cold or hot outside use a workout DVD or a gaming console that makes you move your body. As Michelle says training should be something you do everyday just like having a shower or brushing your hair, would you go out into the world without showering and brushing your hair? I for one wouldn’t!

 The last type of excuse Michelle discussed was External Excuses that are out of your control. This could be for a mother who has sick children and needs to with them, she doesn’t have a choice, she can’t just leave to work out and leave the kids at home. Another might be a crisis at work, maybe you have a deadline that must be met and you’re a little bit behind and stressed, damn that Cortisol! Whatever they are they might happen every now and again but not on a regular basis, she goes on to say that if they do happen on a regular basis maybe just take a step back and look at the situation, is it really something that’s more important than your own health?

I filled out my excuses and solutions and have been looking at them all morning and I have to say I’ve changed my attitude already, how amazing is that?! I think this is a list that I will have to put up everywhere, office and home! Maybe even in my car! It’s something that I will have to keep looking at to make sure that I’m not slipping into old patterns.

Thanks Michelle for making me realise just how many excuses I have been making for myself! It’s incredible what you find out about yourself when you have the time to sit and really reflect on what you have been doing to yourself. I would recommend this exercise for everyone not just for weight loss and healthy living but for life in general, take some time out and do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, no more excuses!!

Love Miss Amydeville x


Miss AmyDeville

Hello everyone and welcome to the wonderful life of me!
I guess I should start by telling you a bit about myself. I’m 22 years of age and live in Perth Western Australia. I’m one of those young 2o-somethings that still live at home with the parentals because quite frankly I’m far too poor to have a house of my own! Although the thought is incredibly tempting!
My ultimate passion lies in music. I have been singing since I was a little ankle biter and am currently in a progressive metal/rock band called “Luncida Caught”.  My band members are all incredibly amazing people and very talented!
I love animals, I’m not a vegetarian but I do feel horrible when I think about what I’m eating. I have a lovely “lap dog” Jed, he’s Rhodesian Ridgeback x and he’s incredibly goofy! Actually we make a great team of goofiness together.

So lets get to the point, the nitty gritty of why I have started this blog. I have JUST signed up to do Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation and to honest I’m an eency bit scared but much more excited! I intend to share my progress with you and update you with how I’m going on my journey as well as adding a few random things here and there too, So let’s get going!!