Deliciousness & Weigh in Wednesday

So day 3 today of Michelle’s 12WBT and I have to say I’m doing pretty good if I may say so myself!
I have experimented with new recipes and loved them all. Not only will the next 12 weeks be great for my body but it will also be amazing for learning new healthy recipes that I can use for life! Below are some pictures of the things I have been eating AND loving!

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that my local Woolworths was stocking Chobani Greek yoghurt. I have read so much about it on others blogs, mainly from America, saying that it’s low in fat and high in flavour! I must say its a delicious mid afternoon snack!

This delicious meal was last nights dinner and today’s lunch with plenty more servings to spare! Roast pumpkin and garlic soup, extremely delicious and full of flavour. I’m finding that all of the recipes that Michelle shares taste amazing! Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean it has to taste bland and disgusting! Which makes this plan even easier to follow!

Vegemite Soldiers and a yummy dipping egg! Who would have thought that you could eat bread on a healthy eating plan?! I’m so glad that we’re allowed to though, I LOVE my vegemite and this was a yummy and very filling breakfast this morning! And yes that is a cute little cow holding my egg hehe!

And last but not least a nice big bowl of porridge!

So as you can see there is none of this “starvation” stuff in this plan. I’m eating amazingly delicious food and feeling full all day too which is great! So far I haven’t even eaten the whole 1200 calories, I’m too full from what I’m eating as it is!
Today was the first weigh in for the program “Weigh in Wednesday” (has a good ring to it!) From Monday I have lost 1.3kg! I.3KG IN ONLY 3 DAYS! Now that is just crazy! it’s amazing what eating healthy, tasty food can do to the body! I was absolutely wrapped with that number and can’t wait to weigh in next week to see my progress!

How’s everyone else been going with their plan?!

Amydeville xoxo


Oh My Golly Gosh!

Oh my GOSH! Week 1 starts officially tomorrow! eek!
So this week I have completed my fitness test, walking/jogging 1km in 12 minutes and 26 seconds. Now that might sound pretty appalling to some but for me it’s something that I can improve on! I’ve never really been a “runner” but after watching Michelle’s new video for week 1 and having her mention a “learn to run” program I think that maybe I can change my non running ways yet!


Aside from the fitness test there was also the measurements that all members had to put on the 12WBT website for comparison to the weeks ahead! I will be sharing as I go along as well as some “before” and “after” photos. After scanning Michelle’s recipes I have created my own little nutrition plan that I will be following for the next week and I must say the food looks absolutely DELICIOUS! This morning I made a nice batch of her Cajun Fish Stew, YUM!! From what I could smell it was amazing (I’m currently battling a darn cold!) the mix of vegetables, fish and Cajun spice was incredible, already looking forward to dinner tomorrow night!


Now that just looks delicious!
Through the week I will be whipping up batches of other delicious recipes that Michelle and her team have created for us 12WBT’ers so be prepared to see some delicious creations!
I have some exciting news for myself too and something that will push me even harder to change my lifestyle. Myself and some devilishly good people, including my lovely partner, have just booked a holiday to Bali in November! (this will be my 4th visit to the lovely Bali) I want to go over to Bali looking and feeling fabulous and we leave on the 27th of November, exactly 3 months tomorrow!! So it’s basically when the round finishes! I need to get my butt into gear and JFDI! (Just F***ing Do It) Thanks for that saying Mish! I want to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and MAYBE even wear a nice bikini in the pool and at the beautiful beaches! So come on my fellow 12WBT’ers we can do this together and make a change in our lifestyles for good!

Love, Miss Amydeville x

100 BIG reasons

I have been going crazy on the 12WBT forums reading through almost everything! I’m absolutely loving it and with only 5 days until we all start our journey and get serious about health and fitness I read a great post. It was by a return member “Sarahmcgee” who has undergone an amazing transformation already, a very great inspiration for anyone looking to lose the kilos and begin a healthy lifestyle.
She asked members to think about and write down their 100 reasons for losing weight and becoming a healthier self. Well here’s mine!!

1. To be the best version of me possible
2. To prove the impossible is possible
3. To feel good about myself
4. To look good
5. To be able to shop anywhere for nice fitting clothes
6. To be healthier
7. So that I don’t feel like I have to hold back from certain activities because of my weight
8. So that I’m no longer the “fat” friend, girlfriend, family member or coworker
9. To be able to run!

10. To improve my skin, get rid of this eczema for good!
11. To be able to wear sexy lingerie and look great in it
12. To confidentially wear a bikini – now that’s a big one!! Haha
13. To be a good role model for others
14. To learn to cook healthier versions of “fast food”
15. To stop the mindless binge
17. To look more presentable and professional at work
18. So my heart is healthy – very important
19. to make my body beautiful for my tattoos
20. To drop a few dress sizes
21. To feel physically strong
22. To be fit for life
23. To be able to wear pretty things and feel lovely and feminine
24. To not have to buy or feel plus size
25. To be able to do proper pushups! No more girly ones!

26. To be able to empower myself and others
27. To have a healthy BMI
28. To reduce the pains in my knee from dislocating it when I was 20
29. To be proud of myself
30. To be proud of my body
31. To have more energy!
32. To be able to wear skinny jeans and look damn good in them!
33. Because life is amazing and precious
34. Because I can!
35. Because I want to enjoy the rest of my 20’s happy in my own skin
36. Because being insecure sucks!
37. Because food can also be a great medication
38. To have some awesome muscle and definition
39. To test my limits
40. To not hide from the camera
41. So that I’m not treated like the fat person
42. To have that healthy glow
43. So that the foundation is set for when I decide to have my own family
44. To not have food control me
45. To put a stop to comfort and emotional eating
46. So that I can look great on nights out!
47. To be able to wear high heels for a little longer
48. Because I’m worth it!
49. So that I know I’ll look good when I bump into certain people
50. To put an end to the starting over again with my weightless

51. So that people can pick me up and twirl me around!
52. To be emotionally stronger
53. To challenge myself
54. To feel good about wearing bright colours
55. To banish excuses
56. To have LOTS of fist pump moments
57. So that I stop wishing and just do it!
58. To learn more about nutrition
59. To have a positive, healthy future
60. To live guilt free

61. To do Jacobs ladder! Very scary!!
62. To be an inspiration
63. To be able to offer advice on nutrition and fitness and know that I practice what I preach
64. To give myself the best chance at fighting off disease now and later in life
65. To learn a healthy lifestyle – NOT a diet!
66. So I can be more social
67. To be in control of my cravings
68. To never worry about embarrassing my partner
69. Because I want to always be there for my family and friends
70. To sit in an airplane seat and not “spill” over the arm rests
71. To learn to love food and know its not the enemy
72. To live a life full of vitality
73. To be able to dance all night long
74. So that fat clothes can be ditched forever!
75. To stop self sabotaging
76. To understand my bodies needs better
77. To know that I CAN do it!
78. To be able to wear strapless things and feel comfortable
79. To not sit on the sidelines of life!
80. So I can watch my stretch marks getting smaller NOT bigger! Hehe
81. To be able to look in the mirror and smile knowing I didn’t give up
82. Because I know anything is possible
83. To have pride in myself
84. To feel sexy and attractive
85. To have a better nights sleep
86. To not think people are bad mouthing me behind my back about my body
87. So that I’m not ashamed of myself
88. To have a nice gap between my thighs! Bring on the sexy legs hehe
89. To one day complete a fun run or even a marathon!

90. To change my mindset
91. To learn to love and enjoy exercise
92. To be comfortable undressing in front of others (namely my partner)
93. To stop avoiding things in life
94. So I can look back and see amazing before and after photos
95. Because I have been overweight for far too long!
96. To not worry about weight restrictions
97. To take risks
98. To feel free
99. To rediscover who I really am!
100. Because I am capable of getting the body I dream about and deserve. The ball is in my corner ready for me to take charge!!

A woman of her word

Ok so I haven’t written post in a while and I do apologise, It’s been incredibly hectic at work and I’m even finding myself dreaming about it nearly every night, it’s slowly consuming my mind!


So that picture might be an exaggeration but it’s definitely how I feel! Working with Engineering Apprentices & Employers will do that to you, but enough about work.

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time going over the last few pre-season tasks Michelle has set for us round 3 lot. Pre-season task 2 is all about Goal Setting; oh gosh I’m horribly terrible at goal setting! But then I’m not alone and it’s calming to know a lot of people find it hard to set realistic goals. It’s incredibly easy for me to say “Oh well I’m going to lose 20kg and feel and look amazing!” that’s awesome! BUT how exactly do I plan on getting there? hmmm well lets think about this one. I need to set goals that are achievable, goals that are realistic and something that can be measured. Michelle has had all of us fill out sheets on our goals, not just long term but 1 month and also 3 month goals. I decided to set a goal that I think is quite achievable and realistic for my first month and that would be to lose 1kg each week. How you ask? Well I will be following Michelle’s Nutrition plan to a “T” this is nonnegotiable for me and a must, plus I’ve been told the food is great which makes me feel much more confident! As well as the nutrition plan I will be waking up earlier than usual, Monday – Friday, to complete one of Michelle’s DVD’s before I get ready for work, mixing it up a few times through the week. I’ve also found a good Beginners Yoga DVD which looks really interesting, will definitely be busting that out this week and giving it a good go!


Michelle then set a task about “Gearing up” letting us know a little about the training program and giving us a little run down of what she would love for us to do every week. So I have decided for now, I will be doing most of my training at home or in the great outdoors. In order for me to do this I will need a few things, some good work out DVDs or even games for my Xbox which I can tick off the list and also some good gear to actually wear which I think is a tick off the list, god bless my Nike’s! I’ve invested in a heart rate monitor as well which will be great in letting me know how my fitness has improved along with how many calories I have burned during work outs. I decided on buying the “Suunto M1” and so far it’s proved to be an amazing little contraption! It’s a very simple design and looks very nice on my wrist.


After gearing myself up for the Challenge it then came to Saying it out loud and Proud!! Well here is my commitment to myself, to Michelle, to you and to the UNIVERSE!  
I, miss Amy Jenner, do solemnly swear to complete the 12WBT to the best of my ability, to know that I gave it my all and stuck to the program the best I can! I promise to make myself accountable and to stop saying “Oh I’ll just do it tomorrow” I promise to eat clean and train mean and to share my progress with the universe!
I am a woman of my word and intend to follow through with all of my promises, now who’s with me?!

Love Miss Amydeville x