Week 5 nearly gone! Where has the time gone?

Half way through week 5 and time is just flying by!
Yesterday was our 5th “Weigh in Wednesday” and I’m very happy with my progress! In the past 5 weeks I have successfully managed to shed 5.4kg, up my fitness and begin to feel a hell of a lot more healthier then I think I’ve ever been! I’m starting to really see the light bulbs flashing as I get further into the 12WBT. I’m realising that life is absolutely worth living and how we should be living that life with a healthy lifestyle and practicing healthy habits like exercising daily and following a healthy nutrition plan with the odd naughty thing thrown in there of course! We can’t be saints all the time can we?!
But I’m starting to see some things in a different light, mainly my health, which is a good thing, I needed a big old wake up call to get me into it and actually follow through with the health plans not just ditch them after a week or so! Below is my Weight loss tracker and it’s going to go down even more so be prepared!!
Please be kind, no judgement!! 🙂


So yesterday when I got home from the working day I was surprised by a few little packages that I received in the mail! I love receiving pressies in the mail, it makes my day! Even if they’re things I’ve bought hehe.

The first package was from Michelle Bridges herself! WOO HOO! My prize for being one of the Top 20 Bloggers of round 3 2012! I was so excited I think I pretty much ravaged the packaging open. Inside it had a lovely bow with 12WBT written on it, Mish even has special ribbon! Who would’ve thought?! Haha But inside the little package was my amazing prize which I intend on trying out tomorrow morning! It was a ChiBall package, I have wrote about it in a previous post and I’m excited to see what it’s all about. Aside from my lovely prize I also got a little note from Michelle herself which makes me so much more determined to do my best! You can see the pictures below.


Then my attention was turned to my next lovely little package! A good friend who is into his Fitness and Nutrition and is currently studying to become a qualified Personal Trainer, had told me about a pre-workout that he had been using and really recommended it for that extra bit of oomph for my workouts. I plan to use it only once a week for the Saturday sessions and don’t worry I will let you know how I go using this crazy little product! That’s right it’s called “Craze” and I have heard quite a bit about it. I realise that it’s not a natural product but I am very interested in finding out the effect it will have on me for my SSS workout. My good friend, Raymond, has told me that he gets a good pump from using it and that the effect can last a couple of hours afterward, acting as a stimulant, so it’s a good idea to try it out in the morning, plenty of time to come down from the effects and have a good sleep that night.

Jed my adorably, naughty dog was also interested in what I had received!


I’ll make sure to write a post on the effects of “Craze” and how I went!
Amydeville xoxo


Goodbye Week 4, Hello Week 5!

Hello Week 5! I’ve been expecting you!
So Week 4 went pretty well if I may say so myself and by the looks of it a majority of the 12WBT crew are feeling the same. The Mini Milestone is over for another 4 weeks and I’m feeling great! I think I did pretty well with the fitness test and my nutrition has been quite dandy, minus the few naughties here and there! But hey, gotta live on the wild side sometimes! To be honest I never thought I’d be able to really stick to an exercise and nutrition plan but I’m finding myself absolutely loving and enjoying it! I love that I can still cook and eat amazing, tasty food! I don’t feel restricted at all because I have so many different delicious, healthy choices! I never saw myself sticking to a 6 day a week training/exercise program especially! But I’m surprising myself by religiously sticking to my morning sessions and I go to work feeling more energetic despite the fact I’m up and hour earlier than I used to! I keep having light bulb moments and thank god they’ve been coming through regularly for me! I keep remembering why I’m doing this every time I feel like something I REALLY shouldn’t. I want a longer life, I want to be healthy, I want to stop hating my body and I want to look damn good in skinny leg jeans! That last point is VERY important hehe.
The fact is you have to WANT to do this, no one can help you to become healthy or to lose weight or even gain muscle. YOU’RE the one who has to take the responsibility and do something about it but you have to want to do it. You have to put down the fatty, processed foods and grab a carrot instead or you set your alarm to get up at 5am and do a workout not press the snooze button, all of these “choices” you have are the ones YOU choose.
I now CHOOSE health over everything, and I’m glad I do!

So onto the weekend that was the end of Week 4. I did my SSS and sweated like a pig which made me feel empowered to chug on! I did Michelle’s Super Shredder Circuit and my arms felt the burn with each push up and weight lift! WOAH! After I’d completed all parts of the DVD including the abdominal workout I hopped on the treadmill, just for 10 minutes, to loosen up the legs and pump up the Heart Rate a bit too. I’m slowly becoming a better runner, I’m loving it! I never thought I could enjoy running but I really do love it, I just pop on some music on my Iphone and get to it!

After a very sweaty workout I had a much needed shower and got ready for some serious shopping! What can I say? I’m a female I love shopping, it’s what happens on the weekends! First stop was lunch of course and I had a delicious fruit salad from pure & natural, I love the food they have there, their juices are to die for too, so much choice in fruits & veg!! Then it was off for shopping. I was absolutely spoilt by my lovely Partner Chris, I’ve been banging on about how much I want an aquamarine ring for so looooonnng, it’s my birth stone and I absolutely love the colour of aquamarine gemstones, they almost look as clear as a diamond but get it into some sunlight and there is a lovely blue tinge! WELL, He bought me one and it’s beautiful & perfect! Aquamarine with diamonds on a white gold band! Can you say spoilt?! I love him so much and of course he won’t be going without an awesome present either! We decided to get some Christmas shopping for each other out the way now so why not go a little crazy?!

Aside from my gorgeous chunk of bling, I bought myself a little present too for doing so well on my fitness test! I bought some new dumbbells for my workouts. I’ve only been using 1kg ones at the moment but they are just WAY too light so it was time for an upgrade! I now have bright orange 3kg dumbbells and they felt soooo heavy picking them up after my workout, I had to get the boys to hold them for me while I searched around Rebel Sport for more buys!

Sunday was beautiful here in Perth, The sun was shining and the wind was low so it was great! We had planned the night before to go to the beach with some friends for a BBQ on the grass. It was the ultimate day off from working out, just laying on a picnic rug on the grass under the sun, with sun cream on of course! The boys fired up the BBQ while us girls lay on the rugs and soaked up some much needed sun! I had some delicious kangaroo steak & a kangaroo sausage with salad, was absolutely delish and high in protein of course so I was full for hours after eating. I love having the chance to get back to nature as the warmer weather comes in so I’m taking full advantage of any bit of sunshine while it’s here.

To end Week 4 we headed home and I chilled out reading a good book with a bottle of chilled water while Chris channel surfed! There’s nothing better than soaking up some good sun with good company on a Sunday, it makes you go to bed so much easier and less stressed as well!
Did anyone else get the chance to enjoy some beautiful sun?! 🙂

Amydeville xoxo
P.S I just love my hair in this picture so I had to share!

Work Out Must Haves!

As the past few weeks have been flying by I’ve been really thinking about what I want from my body. Most importantly I want to he healthy, I want longevity and mostly I want to be happy.
Sure I’m a happy chappy most of the time focusing on the positives rather then the negatives but I want to feel happy about my body, no longer be the “fat girl” but rather the “Healthy, fit bodied girl” yeah I like that term, I can almost see someone saying it me in mind haha!
But of course with all of these things in mind I need to REALLY work! Which I have been doing and I can tell you I’m feeling fantastic. Probably the best I have felt in a long time!
That said there are things that are must haves for me to really get into my training and workouts and actually enjoy them!
So what are my workout/training must haves you ask? Well….

1. A damn good Sports Bra!
This is INCREDIBLY important for me as I’m quite top heavy, currently sitting at a DD! God I can only imagine how uncomfortable working out without a good supportive bra would be! It makes me want to shudder haha! I make sure I have plenty of sports bra’s for the whole week so that I don’t have to stress about not being able to wear a comfy, supportive, clean one for training the next day. These days there are SO many good sports bra brands out and you can even pick up reasonably priced, good ones from KMart, so there’s no excuse not to wear one!

2. A good HRM (Heart Rate Monitor)
I am currently very attached to my Polar FT4 HRM and it’s an amazing little contraption! I wear it with every workout I do so that I know exactly where my HR is at, what kind of fat burning zone I am in and how many calories I have burnt. I can’t believe I never wore one before, my eyes have been opened up ever since I started my 12WBT journey! I find it important to wear because if I feel the need to burn a specific amount of calories then I can turn to my HRM and know how far off I am and keep pushing until I crunch those calories! Another great thing is the fact that I can see my fitness improving by looking at the stored workouts in the watch which show my HR for past workouts. If you wanted to check out Polar or their HRM their online shop is found here: http://www.thepolarshop.com.au/


3. BPA Free Water Bottle
“Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used in the lining of some food and beverage packaging to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life. It’s also used in non-food related products.”
“Reports from some animal studies have raised potential concerns that BPA exposure may cause multiple health
So that’s why I drink from a BPA FREE bottle. I don’t agree with the animal testing part, I’m VERY against testing on animals. Since reading up on BPA I try to always use BPA free containers and bottles wherever I can. I buy BPA free food containers from Coles or Woolies, I can’t think of the product name but they have a blue lid and come in very handy to have! My water bottle is also BPA free and one of Michelle Bridges own products from her brand “One Active” which can be found in Big W stores across Australia! Love it!


4. Comfy Workout Gear
IS A MUST! I have to be feeling comfortable and able to move to really enjoy a workout. As the weather starts to warm up it’s essential to not feel too constricted either, the last thing I want is to overheart through a work out and end up feeling ill!
I wear a lot of Nike gear, I just love their tops and singlets, so comfortable to wear and I know this sounds gross but they soak up the sweat really well too, nothing a good wash won’t get out! haha. I’m yet to purchase a good pair of workout tights though, I’m waiting for my next goal to hit and then I think I’ll treat myself to a good supportive pair!

5. A good playlist!
I need something that gets me pumped for when I’m not doing Michelle’s Crunch Time DVD’s. Especially if I am on the treadmill I need something else to concentrate on other then the pain in my legs or the fastening of my breath! Now I love my Metal/Rock music but for workouts it’s all about RnB, Hip Hop and Gangsta beats! Ohhh Yeaahh! It gets me pumped and I try to sing along to it while my breath comes and goes in short bursts as my HR increases! There has been a really good forum going on the 12WBT page about the top workout songs and it’s nice to see all the different types of music people are listening to, to get inspired for what’s to come!
At the moment a few songs on my playlist are:
“California Love” – Tupac & Dr.Dre
“Don’t Stop” – Mystikal & Mariah Carey
“Bootylicious” – Destinys Child
“My Humps” – Black Eyed Peas
“Who Am I?” – Snoop Dogg
Boy do I love old school hip hop & RnB, it was so much better back in the day!
Music is SO important to me not just for workouts but in my general life too so it’s great to have something to listen to while I’m sweating it out! 

So tell me what are your workout must haves??

Just before I finish off this post I just thought I would share with you what I had for dinner lastnight and OMG it was amazing! I made a healthy Lasagne at only 269 Calories a serving! I know I’ve said this before but I’m LOVING the food on this program! These are recipes that I will use for years to come! After all this is a lifestyle change NOT a diet!


Fitness Test & Winning, Bring it on!

I think if I were any more excited I would burst right now!
That’s right just combust and disappear into thin air so I guess I should be pretty careful at the moment! Who am I kidding I’m ecstatic! I’m thrilled with my results from this morning’s fitness test for my week 4 mini milestone. I was actually excited to get up this morning at 5am not the usual drag myself out of bed thing and get into a workout, oh no I was up and at em’ firing up the treadmill! As I posted in my last update today is the day for our weigh in and fitness test which included a 1km timed walk/run, 1 minute of push ups (girly ones in my case), a timed wall sit and of course the test of our abdominal strength. PHEW all of that at 5am in the morning, bring it on!
Below is my overview from measuring up and of course my changes in fitness. I absolutely pushed myself on the treadmill to get that 43 second faster difference from my previous time! the sweat was pouring and for once in my life I ran for SEVERAL minutes without stopping and without any pain in my knee, now that is a GIANT feat for me! 


So I have given myself a pat on the back and I’m proud of myself for achieving such great results! Hey Rome wasn’t built in a day and my body will be no different! Aside from having amazing results in my fitness test I also had my weigh in.
Now my goal for my first month (4 weeks) of actually really getting into a healthy lifestyle with Michelle’s program was to lose 4kg, basically 1kg a week. I’m pleased to say I have reached my goal and I’m feeling amazing! Not only did I reach my goal but I went over it by 400 grams! I’m feeling healthier, lighter and more determined than ever! I can’t wait to prove myself again in another 4 weeks time for another fitness test!


Aside from feeling amazing, this morning us 12WBT’ers received an email from Michelle herself, as we do on a Wednesday as a reminder about weigh in. But we also get a low down of winners from our weekly prizes and low and behold I’M A WINNER!! I couldn’t believe it at first when I saw the email I had to read it a few times to make sure I was reading it right! My Blog has been put into the Top 20 of the round out of so many other wonderful blogs! Aside from being put into the Top 20 Michelle also rewards us by sending us a gift in the mail which I can’t wait to receive and try out! Michelle is sending us 20 lucky members a wonderful prize of a ChiBall set including a Ball, DVD and CD valued at $75.00 each! If there is one thing I’ve learnt so far through my first 4 weeks it’s that I really enjoy mixing my workout routines up! I did a bit of research on the “ChiBall” and came across their website and this was the description:

“ChiBall™ is a mind-body exercise and wellness programme that is based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine. A ChiBall class uniquely combines the modalities of Tai Chi-Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and Relaxation/Meditation with inspiring music.”

WELL! Doesn’t that sound incredibly interesting! I’ve taken a real liking to Yoga, it really helps me to unwind and gets my breathing in a nice calm pattern for the day and I love Dance so why not incorporate some Tai Chi, Pilates and Feldenkrais in there too!? hehe I’m incredibly excited to receive my prize and give it my best shot, I’ve been loving pushing myself further in workouts especially during a new routine too!
Thank you Michelle for giving the opportunity to experience a new kind of workout & for making me a top 20! You’ve made my day in so many ways!

Mini Milestone Week!

 After having such a beautiful, relaxing weekend it’s back into it, week 4! 1/3 of the way through my 12 week body transformation program with Michelle Bridges. I’m feeling healthier, stronger & clearer in my mind. I’m at that point in the program where I’ve had 4 weeks to flex my willpower muscles and to really get into the habit of healthy eating and exercise. I have been consistent with my exercise – 6 days a week, no excuses! Sure some days are real gut busters where I feel like jelly on a plate afterwards but others have been about muscle conditioning and a WHOLE lot of crunches and planks! Tomorrow is our 4 week mini milestone day where I will re-do the fitness test and see my improvements. It’s also weigh in Wednesday tomorrow and I’m a little worried but excited at the same time. My goal for my first month was to lose 4 kilos and I sure as hell hope I have blitzed my goal!
So tomorrow I will be timing a 1km walk/run, seeing where I am with core strength and doing crunches, seeing how long I can do a wall sit and then seeing how many “push-ups” I can do in 1 minute. I sure as hell will make sure I give it my all and really push myself to see results/progress. I know this is going to sound weird coming from me but I’m actually excited about doing it tomorrow morning!


So the weekend bought some seriously amazing weather to Perth, I couldn’t have been happier with the sunshine we got and it was a little teaser of what’s to come for summer & my holiday to Bali! WOO HOO! I definitely made the most of it though! First thing Saturday morning I got to working out so it was done and dusted. As you can see below I was knackered! I didn’t do the whole hog of working out over an hour but I was dead none the less! Haha


After working it out I hit the shower and got ready to do a bit of shopping with Chris, My brother Ben and his lady friend Tash. But first it was time for lunch! We headed to a local pub “The Craftsmen” and enjoyed some delicious food! I had grilled snapper and it tasted amazing! Some of the best fish I have ever had I had to share it with my man of course hehe. After fuelling up we did a spot of shopping and I bought the most AMAZINGLY comfortable shoes! Now if it’s one thing Nike does well it’s shoes! I can’t believe I have waited this long to experience Nike Air Max but yes I caved in and bought the most comfortable training shoes I have ever worn! Working out with them on is like jumping around on clouds, I’m absolutely loving them! I have to say a shoe can make or break a workout/training session. Because I have dislocated my knee in the past I need a shoe that is supportive and comfortable at the same time, something that can absorb the pressure when I put my feet back on the ground either from running or jumping.


Sunday was just as glorious as Saturday had been, the sun was shining and the pool was cleaned ready for the boys to jump in and have some fun with an underwater video camera, which they did just that!
While us ladies sat out in the sun the boys had their fun in the pool splashing us, making sure we didn’t feel left out of course!
For the afternoon we fired up the BBQ and enjoyed a feast of delicious salads and meat! I enjoyed some marinated kangaroo steak and a kangaroo sausage with plenty of yummy salad on the side! It was the perfect rest day for the week, just what I needed!


A lot of the girls on the forum have been stressing about TTOTM (That time of the month) and well lucky me I’ve now had the pleasure of stressing about it too!! So far I’ve had no cravings which is a phenomenal thing for me as I usually devour everything in sight! Aside from the no cravings I am yet to experience the excruciating pain that comes with it all, I always imagine the scene from The Lord of The Rings when the Orcs/Goblins start to go over the wall and infiltrate the keep, If I remember correctly Helms Deep. YES I’m a bit of a fantasy movie/book buff!! Haha
I have to admit I’m a bit stressed out and scared for my results tomorrow as a lot of the girls have been saying they’ve been quite bloated and the scale says they’ve added on grams or even kilos! Definitely going to be pushing myself tomorrow for the Mini Milestone! Wish me Luck!

Amydeville xoxo

Sometimes we just need a spot of determination!

 Half way through week 3 and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Today is our third “Weigh in Wednesday” of our program and I’ve dropped another 800 grams! I’m absolutely chuffed about that loss but at the same time I’m hungry (no pun intended) to lose more for our next weigh in! I’ve really started to commit to my exercise plan which I have never done in the past when attempting to jump on the health bandwagon. I’ve been dragging myself out of bed at 5am every morning and getting my sweat on! I can tell you there is no better feeling then taking a nice warm shower after a hard morning workout!

Every Wednesday morning I login to our 12WBT website and I put in my new digits and see how my progress chart is going and right now I’m absolutely glowing with happiness! However it’s not just the weight loss that makes me happy. It’s how my body is feeling and how my clothes feel on me. I feel my work pants loosening up a bit and I love that feeling! There are so many different ways to tell if you have lost weight so don’t stress if the scale doesn’t move as much as you want it to, think about how you’re feeling!
Aside from putting in my new weekly digits I also have a look around the forums to see who else has had a loss this week or those who are struggling or not happy with what they see. A lot of people I find are writing “I only lost x amount of weight this week”
A loss is a loss!! I’m wrapped that I’ve canned 800 grams this week, sure it probably could have been more but it’s not a gain! As I said before don’t just look at the scale, how do you feel? I feel so much more healthier and can already feel my fitness level going up. I’m eating healthier and my hair, skin and nails are so much healthier as well! I feel like I have more energy and fall asleep so much easier at night time, after reading a bit of a book to unwind of course.

I’m finding the food on the 12WBT still pretty amazing. I’ve tried a few different things, things I usually wouldn’t even eat! I have this thing in my mind and I know it’s to do with the mind but I can’t eat meat and vegetables together. It almost sickens me when I think about it but I have been trying to slowly change my ways, incorporating small portions of veg with a mouthful of meat or potato to hide the consistency, so far I think I’m doing pretty well and slowly over coming my inner battles, one bite at a time!
I’ve put together the Kangaroo pies which tasted amazing! And most recently did a big batch of Lentil & Veg Minestrone, YUM! The soups are probably some of my favourite recipes so far not just for the taste but because I can freeze portions of it and take them out when I need them through the week but it’s great if I can’t be bothered cooking that night.

I’m ending this post with a little quote that I saw in one of our forums. DanePo had replied to another member with the below because she was struggling and getting upset with her progress. I thought it was a brilliant little tidbit and really took it on:

“Creating the best version of yourself can be hard work, requiring determination and making sacrifices, but it’s so worth it!”

Amydeville xoxo


WOW! Week two is finito! and now it’s onto week 3 we go!
So what I have learnt so far from joining in on the 12WBT? Well I can tell you I’ve learnt it’s pretty damn important to have a healthy diet which also includes some fitness too! With past attempts at trying to lose the bulge I’d usually just stick to an eating plan which worked for a while but then I’d plateau and wonder what the hell went wrong?! With Michelle’s program I am adding in exercise and finding that although my legs and body are dead after each workout I end up feeling great! I’ve been doing workouts at home for now using Michelle’s 3 DVD set “Tight, Toned, Terrific”, “Super Shredder Circuit” & “Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker”. This DVD set is amazing, it works EVERY.BODY.PART! I’m absolutely dead after each workout but I’m so glad I invested in them.

So this weekend just gone I “enjoyed” my second “SSS” (Super Saturday Session) I thought I did really well. I put everything I had into it and felt amazing after I had finished cooling down and strectching it out! below are my HRM numbers for my second SSS. So glad I decided to buy a Polar FT4, If anyone is thinking of purchasing a HRM I highly reccomend Polar. They are easy to use and pick up your heart rate instantly! I ordered my Polar last week on Thursday morning and it arrived at my home the next day ready for use on the Saurday! Absolutely amazing service!
I started my SSS with Michelle’s Super Shredder Circuit and OMG it was intense! It was standing up and then on the ground and then leaning on the cough to do tricep dips and chair jumps! Oh golly was I knackered from that circuit! But I didn’t stop there, Oh no! I went on to do half of the Cardio Kicker DVD too along with the abdominal workout and cool down! WOW! I don’t think I’ve EVERdone that amount of exercise in one hit but it was great! Just what I needed to start my Saturday mroning.

After I’d showered and cooled down Me and the partner, Chris, headed off for a little spot of food shopping (I plan on making the yummy minestrone recipe this afternoon) and then back home to play some street basketball in the sun! Chris has been loving his basketball lately! He recently bought a practice ring and everyday he’s out there shooting hoops with me or the boys. He’s even into the basketball games available on PS3! I guess there are worse things he could be addicted to hehe!!

Sunday was a much deserved rest day! (ThanksMish!) The weather was great here in Perth and the sun was shining! I had a bit of a sleep in aswell and woke up feeling good. Of course my leg muscles were a little tender but it makes me remember how hard I’ve been slogging it and sweating it out  in the mornings!
Chris and I headed to our local Westfeild and spent a little time walking around looking for some good bargains!
Thanks to Ashlee, also known as VanityVixxen on our forum thread “20yo with almost 40kg to lose – looking for fun girls in a similar position!” I went on the hunt for the Sims 3 for my PC and yes I bought it! I couldn’t help myself! Ash was telling me the other week in the forum that there is a new “Supernatural” upgrade that has come out and I HAD to have it! Can’t wait to play that baby!
This forum thread has really helped me get through each day. I can go into the forum and just let it all out and girls are always there to lend a helping hand and are absolutely lovely people! It’s so nice and refreshing to meet new wonderful people with the same goals as you, we may not be in the same state but the help is ALWAYS there, thank you girls!!

So yesterday us 12WBT’ers got our weekly Sunday viedo from Michelle. This was all about “Motivation” or so it would seem. It was a very inspring video though. I came away from it really thinking about how I have been in the past, relying on motivation to get me through my workout or through eating healthier and giving up when it wasn’t there. As Michelle put it:
“Motivation is like a bad boyfriend. It’s never there when you really need it!”
How shocking & True!!
I’ve come to terms with the fact that some days there will be motivation there in the back of your head telling me to push harder, to go that extra mile but then a majority of the time it won’t be there and I will have to find other means to get myself up and ready to train! I now realise that I don’t need motivation to push me I need to “Just F***ing Do It!” as Michelle would say! Wake up and just do it! Before your brain starts to realise what you’re doing you’ve already put on your runners and gone outside for a run or into the lounge room for that DVD workout! This video was just what I needed to watch yesterday, it’s really opened my mind up to the fact I don’t need motivation I just need/have to do it!

Amydeville xoxo