Love Thy Self – and others of course!

WOW! So I’ve been a bit “lax” with my blog lately haven’t I? My most humble apologies but life has thrown all sorts of things in the works, not that I’m making excuses for not blogging of course!

As the title of this blog says it’s all about “Loving Thy Self” because quite frankly people don’t do it as much as what they should do, yes me included! GUILTY AS CHARGED! So why don’t we honour ourselves with mini getaways or even a massage or maybe even getting a mani or pedi when we have achieved something great? Well I’m sorry but I can’t answer that question but what I can do is say that I will now endeavour to treat myself when I deserve it. You might call it selfish but I call it sanity. Why shouldn’t I treat myself when I know I have achieved the “impossible”? The 12WBT has opened my eyes in a lot of ways and Mish sure knows how to get results, not just body wise but also in the mind. I have to say most of my changes have been in the mindset, changing it is/was hard but once you push through a lot of those barriers you realise that you can do it, you can get off your butt and workout for 30 minutes or maybe even an hour, you can choose the healthier option, you don’t have to eat crap! Overcoming all these little things and more is a feat on its own and why not reward yourself for these wins? Sure you don’t reward yourself with food like a Labrador puppy but what about a new gym top or even a new piece of equipment? YOU DESERVE IT! Just keep saying to yourself and you’ll be fine!

I also wanted to reiterate how important it is to take responsibility for yourself and I think this has a lot to do with loving yourself and being really gut wrenchingly open and honest! I see this EVERYDAY where people blame others for things that happen to them or for things that they think is out of their control when the reins are right there in front of them ready to be handled! This doesn’t just apply to exercise and nutrition though it applies for life in general! Michelle always touches on taking responsibility for your actions. You’re the only person who can lose the weight and become healthy. You’re the only one who can make yourself get up and get moving and to make better nutritional choices so STOP BLAMING OTHERS! The problem is that a lot of people don’t even realise that they are blaming others and that’s where it becomes even harder! I know I didn’t realise I was blaming others about my weight until I took a really hard look at myself and came out really honest and open about what it was I was doing to others and myself too! It was my choice to eat the crap that was put on the table, no one made me eat it! So please if this is you STOP! Take a really good look at yourself and try to shift your mindset today it’s never too late to change your habits!

So Saturday bought about another SSS (I was in quite a bit of pain and decided to actually take this session easy) I recently received Michelle Bridges One Active Boxing Combo Set and thought I would give it a go! Perfect because I wouldn’t be doing any crunches or hurting my back even more! It turned out to be the perfect workout for me on Saturday and I’m glad I gave it a shot! I have to be honest though I’m very uncoordinated so my punches weren’t exactly straight on but hey practice makes perfect! With the set you get a 30 minute workout DVD, a pair of gloves and also a pair of focus pads so that you can do the workout with another person. I really loved the DVD and I definitely broke a sweat! It was great to try something different and step out of my comfort zone! The DVD is in 6 sections going for 5 minutes each and mixes it up with cardio and strength exercises so it’s a great overall body workout! I will write a more detailed blog about this one though so stay tuned!

OK enough with the serious stuff!! This weekend was a pretty busy one but also a lot of fun too! I finished the working week early, woo hoo! I definitely needed it after everything that happened with work and being absolutely bogged under with paperwork! Thursday 12:00pm couldn’t have come quick enough but I made it and headed home to freedom! I had actually booked off Thursday afternoon because I was getting a new tattoo, that’s right MORE ink, I know, I know “Do you have any more room on your body for more” and yes the answer to that is YES! haha I have plenty of room left for more! I went to my lovely tattooist and had her put a real beautiful design on my lower back and yes it hurt like a mother! I love all of my tattoos as they all have a meaning that is close to me.

After being tortured for a few hours my lovely man took me home so I could sook around and take Nurofen and have a lovely sleep and I did just that! Saturday was a busy one. I did some much needed food shopping in the morning with my wonderful mother and then headed to Chris’s so we could meet up and decide what to get for our lovely friends James & Jess who recently got engaged! They were having their engagement party Saturday night and we needed something beautiful and thoughtful! We found a beautiful little wishing pot that they can put wishes into and keep in there so they come true, I absolutely love these little pots because they look so nice and the meaning they carry is so lovely so it seemed appropriate. The engagement party was at the Balmoral in Vic Park and both Chris and I had never been there before and needless to say but we will definitely be going back there for a nice meal, the food we could smell was so amazing and fragrant YUM! Chris enjoyed a few free beers due to the bar tab while I enjoyed some much needed ice cold water!

After the engagement party we then headed to a friend’s house for a little get together and a much needed chilled out movie night! Trusty Indiana Jones done the trick!
Sunday we got up super early for no real reason but it left us with a whole day free to just do whatever we wanted! Chris and I headed to the Wangara markets and had a bite to eat before we headed in to look for some collectibles! Yes MORE star wars collectibles haha. We didn’t actually find very much but my incredibly spoilt pooch Jed managed to get some new toys out of me, which he devoured within minutes! Such a destroyer that one!
After heading home on the Freeway we decided it would be a good idea to catch a movie. Chris was dead set on seeing the new Judge Dredd movie and I have to say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! I was a bit sceptical at first because I thought it might have been a remake of the earlier one with Stallone but it was a completely different story line and was action packed! Lots of blood and gore! Just how we like it hehe.
The rest of the day was spent relaxing watching TV and playing the Sims, I may be slightly obsessed with it! We had a yummy BBQ for dinner then Chris and I enjoyed a nice relaxing spa before heading to bed.

I have to quickly say that last Friday I decided to try a member recipe that was one of the winners from last weeks challenge of creating a recipe that was low calorie and healthy and could fit in with the 12WBT program. I had to try the “Healthy Chilli Con Carne” it’s one of my favourite dishes!! I altered it very slightly and also added a small serve of rice and it came out as 364 calories for a serve and it was DELICIOUS!
Has anyone else tried any yummy member recipes? 🙂

Amydeville xoxo


Week 8 Fitness Test & Weekend Shenanigans!

In my last post I said that this week us 12WBT’ers had our week 8 fitness test! A repeat of our first and Week 4 test, so it is doing the same exercises, sit ups, wall sit, pushups, stretching & measuring how far infront of our feet our hands can get and also the 1km timed walk/run. Apart from the fitness test we also take our measurements & weight for that week. I was abolsutely wrapped with my measurements, overall I have had a loss of 28cm off of my body, thats absolutely miraculous, it’s no wonder I’m feeling great! I’ve also had a total loss of 7.9kg! As you can see I’m absolutely loving the program and beginning to get even more serious about my journey! Below is my table of results!

As you can see I wiped 1 minute and 55 seconds off of my 1km run!! Now I’m definitley not a runner and I know that that time could be MUCH better but I can really see how my fitness has improved and the results really show just how far I have come in only 8 weeks! Through out my whole Saturday morning workout which involved the Fitness Test all I wanted to do was vomit! I know gross!! But I really pushed myself to get that minus 1minute and 55 seconds! I rean my little heart out and I intend on continuing to push myself and really start to test my limits! After completing my fitness test I did one of Michelle’s DVD’s the trusty Super Shredder Circuit and man was I feeling it after that 1km run! But I pushed myself and completed the whole DVD without whinging about it and dripping in sweat! The best way to start a Saturday!

I apologise for the double up of “in zone”!!

After a gruelling calorie burning workout I decided on a bit of grocery shopping with my lovely mumma! We first took a detour to Rebel Sport so I could suss out some kettlebells though! I’ve always been intrigued by kettlebells and wanted to try them out for so long so I finally decided to bite the bullet and just get one! Not only did I find a kettlebell but I found it in my favourite colour too! Double win! After posting a picture on my Instagram (amydeville) showing the world my commitment to the kettlebell I had a PT trainer from America comment telling me to visit a few viedeos on youtube for great kettlebell workouts! I absolutely love being able to connect with so many people in the fitness industry whether their here in Australia or elsewhere in the world, there are always people out there ready to point you in the right direction! I absolutely love it!

I eventually got to grocery shopping and I had decided on creating Mish’s “Vegan Healthy Muffins” YUM! Not only are they super duper easy to create but they taste pretty darn amazing too! They are a huge hit with the whole family so it has to taste good! As I went through the ingredients I did however come to the conclusion that they aren’t really Vegan though as mine contained honey and some A2 milk but even still they are calorie controlled to the T and highly delicious!

I’m still absolutely loving all of the food on the 12WBT program. There is so much choice and so many easy and delicious recipes. Yes I have to confess some days I really can’t be bothered cooking myself dinner so I opt for a Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine meal, but I’m glad that they offer lots of veg and yummy flavours!
So last night Chris and I attended a “SUPRISE!” party for a good friend’s little brother, he’s now 18! I have to say I think he definitley got a suprise! We all had such a great night and of course the boys had to bust out the ping pong table, we were all sweaty from some extreme ping pong battles! Eventually they moved onto “Beer Pong” but that’s just as fun and hilarious to watch! As you can see Chris was very serious about his ping pong!

Today is Sunday and it’s also rest day and although I didn’t really have a sleep in I still feel good and refreshed today aside from having slightly sore muscles from yesterdays workout! Chris and I had no idea of what to do today so we decided to have a nice brunch at our local Dome Cafe, YUM! I enjoyed some bacon & eggs on toast while he had a yummy looking fish n chips. After that it was off to JB Hifi to look at some car stereo equipment for his car. He didn’t come away with anything but guess who did!? I ended up puchasing a new laptop and yes this is my first blog post using it, how exciting!! I’m loving it and I got the best deal because a friend sold it to me, woo hoo for mates rates!

I’ve had an absolutely fantastic weekend! How has everyone else’s been?!

Amydeville xoxo

Michelle Bridges Step Workout – WOW!

Yesterday I did two workouts, I know TWO workouts! What the hell is the world coming to?! Anyway I felt great and am still hurting from it today but in the good sense of hurt of course, damn you lactic acid!
So yesterday when I got home from work I decided to bust out Michelle Bridges Stepper. I had bought it on Sunday because I wanted to try something different, something I’ve never done before! Yes I’ve never done a step class before, therefore had no idea what I was getting myself into!


The DVD that comes with the stepper goes for roughly 30 minutes and is broken into sections:
The warm up which is filled with a lot of toe and heel taps up onto the step and just limbering up, getting used to the height of the step.
The Athletic Round is a bit more intense and gets you used to moving a bit faster up and off the step
Cardio Round 1 wow was not expecting it to be so damn intense! Lots of knee repeaters and quick changes, I am so unco so you can imagine how well I picked these changes up hehe
Cardio Round 2 kind of likethe first cardio round but you turn your step vertical and do lots of stepping off and on while keeping a good pace, I was absolutely drenched in sweat by this point!
Strength Round which is where you attach your resistance tubes and handles. I found this great and still challenging! The rubes attach easily and are so easy to use, the round is very straight forward and it shows a few different ways you can use the tubes too.
Cool Down Round is filled with some much needed stretches that still use the stepper. A lot of calf and hamstring stretches which is great after a lot of jumping around and stepping!

As you can see I was absolutely pouring with sweat from the workout!
I had my Game face on at first then came the sweat face!

I found one of the great things about this DVD was that there are High & Low impact ways that are shown for you to use. Michelle has her ladies Gabi & Jackie from her Crunch Time DVD’s there to help her get you through the workout with an intensity you can follow!
The step is also adjustable so you can change it to a height that suits you, for someone like me who is very short I put it on the lowest height first and found that even made me sweat so I stayed with a comfortable height for the workout.

WOW I pretty much stayed in the fat burning zone for the whole DVD! I quite literally worked my butt off!


My Verdict on Mish’s Stepper Workout is definitely a positive one! I absolutely loved my first step workout and it was fun as well! It was easy to follow and with the choice of intensity it was great! I think I pretty much huffed and puffed the whole way though and that’s exactly what I want in a cardio workout, something that really pushes me! If you’re looking for an at home stepper and DVD workout then I highly reccommend Mish’s! The DVD goes for 30 minutes and is cut down into sections so if you wanted to repeat a certain bit then it’s as easy as going into the menu and clicking LET’S DO IT!

So today is Weigh in Wednesday for Week 8!
I stepped on the scale this morning feeling optimistic which is great! And yes my instincts were right! I should be VERY pleased! I have lost another 1.2kg for Week 8 WOO HOO! That’s a total loss of 7.9kg in 8 weeks!

I thought I’d also share a few delicious things I whipped up so far this week!
First is a 12WBT member recipe, “Banana, Walnut & Date Cookies!” at only 87 Calories a cookie these are amazing!


Aside from delicious cookies, my lovely mother and I whipped up a delicious home made Spaghetti Marinara the other night which was delicious! It wasn’t a 12WBT recipe but it was still calorie controlled and delicious! It made 5 serves at around 280 calories each!

Bon Appetit!
Amydeville xoxo

New Equipment? Yes Please!

So let me start off by saying that I had a pretty damn good weekend. This weekend Chris and I went to The Nexus Fair along with my Brother Ben. Nexus is run every 3 months at the Vic Park Recreation Centre over a few basketball courts and is pretty amazing! It’s a collectors fair in which Chris finds a tonne of Star Wars things/collectibles and goes crazy buying and having internal battles with himself whether he should buy it or not! YES he’s a huge Star Wars fan! When I’m in doubt of what I should buy him for a present I always turn to George Lucas to show me the way! So we ended up buying a whole heap of new things including another 22 figurines and a few Disney things for myself, yes I love Disney!
Saturday night consisted of watching new material that has been put onto my Hard Drive, god bless technology!
Sunday was a very relaxed day although we did do a bit of shopping but came home and while Chris watched Star Wars I watched a few girly shows on Foxtel. I’m slightly addicted to a show called “How do I look?”. It’s a show where they have a guest who is terrible with fashion and wears hideous things and eventually they try on all these different styles of clothing and get a haircut and makeover and they come out looking FABULOUS! It makes me go WOAH so much! Some of the transformations are amazing! It’s incredible what the right clothing, hair and makeup can do for a lady!


Anyway! Let’s get back onto the health topic that is the 12WBT!

Last week I thought I did really well, beat a lot of cravings by using that lovely will power muscles and came out on top of it all! Over the weekend I tried to be very good when it came to nutrition and I think I did pretty well! I had a few slip ups but who doesn’t over the weekend? I have to admit though I was proud I didn’t go into a spiral of terrible eating and instead had a few nibbles and stopped there! WOO win for me!

My SSS was really great even though I was on a time schedule! Nexus started at 9am and Chris wanted to be out of the door by 8am and on our way so I was up at 5.30am ready for my work out! I definitely needed my pre-workout of “Craze” though it gave me the kick and energy I needed. I had upped the dosage on Saturday and had 1 full scoop mixed in with about ¾ of a 600ml bottle of water. It’s a good thing I don’t mind the taste! I used Michelle’s Super Shredder Circuit, I LOVE that DVD! It’s full of just crazy-ness! You have a warm up exercise then 5 different circuits, followed by an abdominal circuit and a cool down. I have to say it’s probably my favourite out of all my workout DVD’s definitely worth purchasing!


So on Sunday Chris and I took a drive to Big W so I could scope out some more of Michelle’s gear and have a shop around. Last week I found out that not only does Michelle have a workout clothing line but she has also bought out workout gear! O-M-G! So excited. Last week I lay-by’d her Boxing Set, Weighted Bar and Yoga Mat! The boxing and weighted bar both come with a workout DVD so that’s fantastic! It gets delivered to me in a few weeks time and I’ll be able to share my experience using them. So on my journey to Big W on Sunday I found her Stepper! At $98 it comes with the stepper which can be adjusted in height, a 30 minute workout DVD and also 2 sets of resistance bands that attach to the stepper for your workout. This might seem a little pricey for some but I have been told it’s great and well I’ve always wanted a stepper! Yes I know there are less expensive ones out there but I completely trust Michelle Bridges and her equipment, I know I won’t be unhappy with it and that’s what matters to me. I will give you a detailed low down once I have used it!


So this Week is week 8 and you know what that means?! MINI MILESTONE WEEK!
Time to go through the fitness test again and see if I have improved, fingers crossed I have! We also have Weigh in Wednesday and I’m hoping that I have lost a few more grams if not kilograms! As long as there is a loss that’s all that matters to me!

Just thought I’d let you know that I went to work Bright as a Button yesterday! I’ve had quite a few compliments and I was feeling good about myself! Also it is Breast & Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month so why not don my best pink and get into the spirit of things! My workplace will be having a morning tea to help raise funds to go towards research into finding a cure for us ladies! So get into it and if you see a donation box ladies please do donate it’s so important for the research to continue so that lives can be saved!


Amydeville xoxo

Sticking To Your Plan On The Weekend

It’s one of those things that I find quite hard. I must admit I am getting better at making healthier choices over the weekend but even still I have this thing in my head that says “Hey it’s the weekend, it’s all good if you want some of that delicious, creamy chocolate cake, go ahead!” or “Go on have a small handful of lollies it won’t hurt!” yeah right!! It might not hurt to eat it but when I jump on those scales a few days ahead I’m going to be P-i-s-s-e-d! But I can only be angry at myself, I can’t blame anyone else for my crappy eating but me!


Since starting the 12WBT I tell myself every Friday afternoon that I’m going to be a star on the weekend, not going to eat any junk and I’m going to eat mainly healthy, delicious whole foods…. Oh man am I usually wrong! I start off Saturday morning awesomely with my SSS followed by my yummy breakfast of either fruit or some Special K and then the day just kind of slowly disintegrates into crap! WHY?! Well here’s why:

“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”

I don’t have a plan for the weekend, I jump in usually not knowing what I’m going to be doing for the day. My whole routine is messed up and it leaves me vulnerable to eating crappy foods that probably don’t even touch the sides!
I’m not a huge drinker which is great! I’m abstaining from alcohol for the whole 12 Weeks and it doesn’t even phase me, I’m happy to not drink empty calories which make me feel crap the next day! So far out of the 7 weeks I have had only one day where I really wanted a drink, but it was only because I came home super stressed from work!
So I have a little plan for this weekend coming. I’ve already got a few things stashed away in the freezer for emergencies so I’m set for most of my meals and I usually like to cook over the weekend too so I’ll have a some nice freshly made dinners! So that leaves snacks, hmmm, I could have fruit stashed in my bag along with some yummy nuts and maybe even a low cal fruit cup! As long as I plan my calories for the day I will be fine… See that doesn’t seem so hard! But why does it feel so damn hard sometimes?! Looks like I will be spending this week organising! I must ORGANISE in advance so that I know I can’t fail!

Does anyone else have any problems with nutrition when it hits the weekend? What are your tips for staying on track?

 So today is our 7th week Weigh In Wednesday!
WOAH! Where on Earth has the time gone?! I have to say I was a little nervous about getting on the scales, especially after not having an absolutely fantastic weekend! But I hopped on this morning and was surprised to see I dropped another 900 Grams!! WOO HOO! Almost a kilo, Oh so close! I’m still super stoked though and it makes me want to strive for more progress! To see that little tracker move further down into a healthy BMI & Weight range.
I can’t honestly begin to describe how amazing Michelle’s 12WBT has been already, but it’s been THE BEST plan I have ever done. The fact that I’m actually sticking to it is amazing enough, I now exercise 6 days a week, NO EXCUSES and follow a 1200 daily calorie nutrition plan the best I can! And I still have dessert every few days! It’s a fantastic plan and anyone thinking of doing it should head to and take the virtual tour around to see what it’s all about!
So excited to see my little graph go down slowly and it’s not just the graph that makes me wildly happy but the fact that my mindset is changing for the good! Time to be healthy & fit people!!


Amydeville xoxo

Mindful Eating & Minor Plateaus

Only 5 weeks left of Round 3 2012 of the 12WBT! (Thank goodness I signed up for Round 4 because I’m going to need it)
I have to admit my worst enemy is myself. My mindset is a bit of a monster some days! I no longer make excuses to get out of a workout though so that’s a good plus, kudos to me! 6 days a week I am up early and sweating it out and I’m feeling awesome about that! But when it comes to food…. hmmm, I have a bit of trouble there.
My main excuses  like to pop up when it comes to food, “I don’t have time to prepare something ultra healthy”  or “I’m missing some of the ingredients” or simply “I just can’t be bothered today”

I’m 7 weeks in and I still have internal battles going on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And to be honest I don’t think they’ll be stopping any time in the very near future. This is something that I will have to work at every day until I can just say “no” to all the excuses and “bad” food and feel really confident about my choices. I realise that I won’t get awesomely healthy in a few weeks and I’m ok with that, but I just wish my mind would catch up to everything else!


Michelle put a new snip tip up yesterday about “Mindful Eating” and it was really interesting. Of course I’ve heard of mindful eating before but never really looked into it or practiced it. It’s all about acknowledging the fact that yes the food is there and that we have careful work ahead of us. Maybe take some time to even really notice what kind of food there is, is it something that we would consider healthy? Once we’ve acknowledged the fact that there is a delicious looking cupcake in front of us we can then notice the aspects of the cupcake, what does it really look like? Does it have sprinkles? Or maybe it has a creamy looking frosting on top?! (yum!) Once we’ve decided that YES we want the cupcake then as we take each bite think about what our bodies are doing, how the muscles are moving as we eat it. What does it taste like? Is it rich? Chocolaty or vanilla? Is it sweet or more savoury? Are there any lumps or bumps in the mixture like nuts? Am I full or do I feel like I need to finish it? All of these questions are things that we should be asking ourselves while eating and not just cupcakes but also our healthy meals. It can help us to become more in tune with our hunger levels and start to recognise proper hunger, something I need to learn more about!

Yesterday, Sunday, I made these delicious “Cupcake Quiches” in the photo below and today I had one for my mid morning snack and it was DELICIOUS! Not only did I enjoy eating it but I practiced mindful eating with each bite. Keeping in mind my stomach sounded like a savage bear ready to maul someone! I could really taste all the flavours while I rolled it around in my mouth and really got a good taste for it. I noticed the pieces of corn as I bit into them and the delicious aroma of the onion and garlic, absolutely delicious! I noticed that the mixture was slightly moist due to the veg content of carrot and zucchini and it was great! To be honest I think I enjoyed it more because I actually paid attention to what was in my mouth, Thanks Michelle for making me actually take the time to taste what was in my gob & not just wolf it down!


I made a batch of 17 with the calorie content of 66 per muffin!

Last week when I weight in on Wednesday, as per the usual, I was down to 85.7kg, that’s the lowest my weight has been in a LONG time! Naturally I’m already quite proud of myself but after a sneaky weigh in this morning I’m still the same! *Cue sad face* So…. I’ve hit a little plateau… what do I do?! Thank the universe Michelle has put up a post on our forums about experiencing a plateau and that everyone along the journey will experience this at some point. As Michelle put it:

 “Our bodies are not computers and therefore doesn’t lose weight in a steady, consistent, linear fashion”

So how exactly does one get off the plateau track?! Well simple really, Mix up your training!
I’ve been doing the same training program for a few weeks now so it’s obvious that I’m getting used to it now, not only memorizing most of the moves but my body responds to them better now, which is great but at the same time I need to push out of that comfort zone and do something different, mix it up a bit! So instead of doing Cardio on Monday mornings I can change it to weight training & toning or even an AMRAP set of a few different exercises! (AMRAP stands for “As Many Reps As Possible!) I can give myself 5 minutes to complete as many reps of say a circuit of squats, lunges, push ups and jumping jacks and then change it for the next 5 minutes to set of different exercises! So it’s time for me to look at organizing a new workout plan or maybe even looking into getting a few more workout DVD’s of different things like dancing even! Something to add Spice to my workouts!

Just before I finish this post I’ll let you know that I had an Ab-Fab weekend!
Lots of shopping and relaxing with good company! The weather was great on Saturday but then we had a spot of rain Sunday which was no biggy, I know we definitely need the rain here in Perth!
The beauty about a bit of weight loss is the fact that I can buy NEW workout gear!! This excites me to great lengths!! So on Saturday I bought 2 new tops, a new red Nike singlet of course and something different, a nice white “Running Bare” singlet. I’ve never bought Running Bare before but I have to say I wore it for this morning’s workout and it was so comfy! Gotta love what I find at Rebel Sport! I also watched an awesome movie last night with some good company! It’s not out just yet but the sexy hunk of a man Chris Hemsworth is in it, need I say more? The title is “The Cabin in The Woods” a new horror movie and it was amazing! I don’t want to say anymore though! hehe


Amydeville xoxo

But You’re Not Fat!

For all those bigger, curvy ladies (and guys of course!) out there, who hasn’t heard this one before? From a friend? From a family member or even your partner?
“Don’t be silly, you’re not fat, you’re perfect the way you are!” or “You don’t need to lose weight you look great!” or “You don’t need to diet!”

I’ve heard them all, or the whole “But you carry your weight so well, I can hardly notice!” You may not be able to notice but I notice every single lump and bump and I’ve learnt exactly what to wear so that others don’t notice them! Yes being overweight SUCKS! Those people who are genetically blessed with a fast metabolism will never understand how it feels to go through your whole life (so far) especially the painful years of high school feeling ugly, fat, unworthy and a whole array of other emotions purely because of their bodies. I’m surprised I’m not a nut case! Although I’m sure some would beg to differ!

I grew up in pretty good family, of course there is always hiccups along the way but it’s all a natural part of growing up isn’t it?!
I grew up with the rule of “Finish EVERYTHING on your plate then you can leave the table or have dessert” now I see where I have gone wrong with myself! If only I was one of those naughty children who refused to eat everything on their plate! Woe is me!
Of course as a kid I was slightly spoiled by my lovely mum when she would take me and my brother Ben shopping with her, to makes us shut up and behave she would bribe us with delicious ice-cream at the end of the shopping escapade but then of course if we were bad it was tough, we would miss out! So there were rules of course but then there were also rewards if we were good.

Me – Responsible for my body & actions, Chris – My Partner, My support, Mum & ben – Always there to listen to my whinges and keep me on track & of course Jed the pooch!

Going into my teen years the stress of studying, homework and all the crazy maths I would never use again in my life started to pile on top of me and eventually I just caved and relied on food to help ease my stress and emotions. The life of a teenager haha!

I didn’t really notice my weight until I left high school though, that’s when the kilos just decided to show up and make me feel even more crap about myself! At my heaviest I weighed VERY close to 100kg. I know 100kg!! Where the hell did that come from? And believe me it was a massive shock to me as well! I went into self hate and would whinge about my weight only to have comments like “you’re not fat, you look fine!” or “Please, you can’t be that heavy, you hide it so well!” I knew that I was setting up a very unhealthy future for myself but I just kept going on the self sabotage band wagon.
It wasn’t until mid last year (around June 2011) that I actually took initiative and wanted to change my habits. I had a very dear friend Tania ask me to come with her to Zumba classes on Saturday mornings and they were GREAT! We had so much fun and always had a good laugh, I started to feel REALLY good about myself.
Then a few weeks into starting a healthy lifestyle I dislocated my right knee one afternoon. It was probably one of the most painful things I’ve experienced so far in my life. Luckily mum had called an ambulance and the amazing ambos that came out, gave me an amazing “green whistle”(Pethidine) and popped my knee back in for me within about a 15 minute time span so not a whole lot of damage has been done *phew thank god* It still hurts every now and then and I know when I’m really pushing myself, I just stop and stretch it out to make sure everything is in working order, stretching is so damn important, I can’t stress that enough!
It took me a few weeks of recovery on crutches to be able to hobble around without assistance, my knee was like a balloon for a while there and ached so bad, I didn’t sleep well for weeks!
Needless to say the healthy living thing stopped and I became quite a sad sack for a while, I didn’t want to do anything I was just really down on myself.

A few months later I decided to see a Naturopath about my weight and skin, I suffer from eczema, and see if there was a more natural approach to weight loss (duh it’s called eating clean and exercising, something I had to learn!) She put me onto a “diet” that was dairy and gluten free and OH MY GOD EVERYTHING has dairy or gluten in it these days! I did lose about 10kgs though and was stoked! I was finally down in the low 90kg range and thrilled to see results! But then after a while I caved and went back to dairy and gluten, the temptation is far too great! I gained a bit of the weight back but didn’t get too close the 100’s.


I then saw another Naturopath, purely about my skin and was put onto an Elimination Diet. If you don’t know what that is it’s an intense diet where you eliminate A LOT of food groups from your diet on a weekly basis and see if there is any upset with your body, like a sore stomach or more eczema showing up on my skin.

A few months after that I kept seeing little banners about the 12WBT and it just so happened that an old high school friend was doing a round at that time and had posted a few blogs about what she had been doing. It sparked my interest and I got really interested!
A few months back I was at that cross roads in my life where it was either get healthy and fit now while I’m young and capable or continue on a downward spiral of being overweight and unhealthy. I bit the bullet and joined for this Round, Round 3 2012 and it has been phenomenal!


If it wasn’t for those posts on my Facebook feed I think I would still be stuck where I was just going about life in an unhealthy manner.
Our culture today has changed into something where “indulgent foods” have become “everyday foods” and our taste buds just accept the crap that we put into our bodies on a daily basis! It’s so hard to break those habits and yes I’m still working on cracking the puzzle, I’m certainly not perfect but I’m trying! I had to get over that fear of change and just jump into it and that’s exactly what the 12WBT has done for me!
Everyday is a battle but I can take each day as it comes and just do my best and by doing my best I’m doing my body a favour and becoming more and more healthier with each day!
We need to let go of excuses, yes it’s hard but when you do and you just get up and do it or opt for the healthier option you feel so empowered and strong! God knows I made PLENTY of excuses in the past but now even if I try to get one going I squash it and just say NO I need to JFDI! (JUST FREAKING DO IT!!)

I’ve surrounded myself with positive people and I love how they encourage me to better myself, my mum even helps me cook and loves the food that I have been eating! Especially this “Butter Chicken” below at only 295 Calories a serve!


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, only you can help yourself. If you want to travel down the road of fitness & health towards an amazing goal then do it! But be prepared to work your butt off, quite literally! The pay offs are amazing and you’ll start to really love yourself! Be prepared for haters though, not everyone wants to see you strive towards a healthy goal!


Amydeville xoxo