Holiday Pledge

That’s right its “Over Seas Holiday Time” for me!
I thought I would share the pledge that I made to my little 12WBT family the JFDI Dames.

I pledge that while I am away on Holidays in Bali for 1 week that I will do full body workouts in the morning before me and the rest of crew I’m going with head out for the day!
I promise to do body weight workouts in the morning, i.e. body weight squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches etc
I will also be taking my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) with me so that I can track what I’m burning in the morning and I will make a HUGE effort to choose the healthy options of food where ever & whenever I can!
If I’m being honest I might have a cocktail or an alcoholic drink while I’m away but  I will not be abusing my body!

So sayonara for now lovely people!
I’ll be leaving tomorrow afternoon at 1pm and will be back next Tuesday the 4th December and fill you all in on how I went over in Bali! Prepare for LOTS of pictures!!

Love & Hugs
Amydeville xoxo


Expressing Gratitude – bear with me!

So today over in the land of America it is Thanks Giving Day and it got me thinking, What am I thankful for?
Well I’m thankful for a lot. Yes I realise Thanks Giving is not an Australian holiday but it is nice to reflect on what we have and what we are grateful for in our lives. Sometimes we get so wrapped up into our own lives and the bad that we forget to appreciate all the good things that happen to us and that we are still here when we wake up in the morning! (By the way, Thanks Universe for letting me have another day, MUCH appreciated!)

This was just too hilarious not to share hehe

Through my digging on the forums of the 12WBT website I came across a thread a member (Alyon) posted up about Gratitude, asking members to write down what they are grateful for today! I love things like this because as I said earlier people don’t really think about what they are truly grateful for and some out there just expect good things to fall in their laps.
So I thought I would share my list of things I am grateful for and to reflect abit about why they mean so much to me aswell!

* I am grateful for my health and able body – there are a lot of people in this world who will never experience walking, or touching, or even hearing, seeing or speaking. I am so grateful that I was born a healthy child and am able to do the things that a majority of the population will get to do in their lifetime while others do not have that luxury.
I think about this when I have sore muscles from a workout, yes it hurts and I may whinge a tiny little bit to Chris but I am grateful for the fact I can run and lift weights and feel the DOMS (Delated onset muscle soreness) after a workout.

* I am grateful for the country I live in and it’s beautiful sunshine! – That’s right I LOVE Australia! Specifically Perth. As they say “There’s no place like home!” and ain’t that the truth!

* I am grateful for my Family – I’m grateful that they are healthy & happy and this applies to not just immediate family but for those special people in my life that are just as close as family! Including my gorgeous pup Jed of course! At least he thinks he’s a human hehe.

* I am gratful for the lessons I have learnt from being a part of the 12WBT – If it wasn’t for this program god only knows where I would currently be! Probably stuffing my face with food I really just didn’t need!
It has taught me a lot about growing up and taking responsibilty for my health. The biggest lesson I have learnt is of course Michelle’s favourite saying “JFDI!” Just Freaking DO IT!! No excuses!

* I am more recently grateful for today, as  of 4pm I am on Annual Leave for 2 weeks! –woo hoo!! I am off to beautiful Bali next Tuesday with some fantastic people for a week and I am going to have a great time! When I get back to work a few weeks after I have 2 weeks of work then go back on Annual Leave for the Christmas Break! Gotta love working for the Government!

Can’t wait to be back in this Beautiful country lapping up the sun!

So tell me, what are you thankful/grateful for?
What makes you appreciate today?

Amydeville xoxo

Hello Round 4! Let’s Kick It Up A Gear!

Wow where the hell did Round 3 of the 12WBT go?!
That’s right my lovelies I am carrying over to Round 4 of the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation! Do you know why? Because it’s AMAZING and has helped me to completely change my lifestyle!
I’ve not only lost weight, but I have upped my fitness level and am way more confident then what I was before!
Yes I had some “bad days” where I just had a real CBF attitude towards it all but at the end of the day I made the choice to get off my butt and do something about it! No more sad sack Amy, only determined, responsible and inspired Amy!

Going through the forums yesterday there were A LOT of “I’m worried” “I have commitment issues” “I don’t know if I can do this” and to those new members DON’T STRESS!
Easier said than done I know but Mish and her team are there to support you through this and they do a damn good job at it!
I have to be honest when I first signed up for Round 3 I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I’m so glad I put myself out there and joined up because god only knows where I would be currently if I hadn’t! A VERY scary thought!
Remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are thousands of people on the forums, like myself, who are there to help you with any questions or just in there for a chat about anything! There is always someone on the forums who knows exactly how you’re feeling and that’s why it’s such an amazing support network! Take full advantage of the forums, put yourself out there and you’ll meet some pretty damn amazing & inspiring people!

I still can’t believe Round 3 has finished and now it’s straight onto Round 4!
Now I’ve been told that Mish has never done a Round 4 in the past years so this is a pretty special thing to be a part of! She is coaching us through the hardest part of the year. The months where we’re all more social and go to more gatherings oh yes that’s right Christmas & New Year! MASSIVE red flag days!
I’m incredibly excited to see some new recipes especially those for Christmas, mmm think yummy calorie controlled cocktails and delicious tapas! YUM! Of course I won’t go overboard though!

On completion of Round 3 Mish sent all her lovely 12WBT’ers a certificate of completion and I really loved this. I love how she actually goes to the lengths of providing her members with a bit of memorabilia with our names on it! It makes the experience even more special, especially to see that we have all achieved something fantastic!


So what are some of my goals for Round 4 you ask?

*I want to lose another 10kgs
*I want to be able to run for 15 minutes without stopping
*I want to add more lean muscle to my body and start seeing some real shape under that skin of mine!
*I want to be able to do at least 2 push-ups on my toes! It doesn’t sound like a lot but it would mean my upper strength has sky rocketed!
*I want to complete a fun run/walk (this will be after Round 4 but I have signed up!)

I WILL complete these goals because they mean something to me now.
That’s right health and fitness finally mean something to me! Thanks Mish & Team!

As of yesterday I have signed up for the Perth Colour Fun Run! So that’s 1 check off the list!
My very first EVER fun run/walk!
It’s essentially a 5km fun run/walk starting at Langley Park in Perth City. At the start you get absolutely covered in coloured cornstarch and then throughout the course you will be covered in it a few more times until you reach the finish line which I’m sure will have a whole lot MORE coloured craziness coming your way! This is RIGHT up my alley! I have started a team on the colour run page called “The Colour Giants” and have first enlisted my lovely partner Chris because I just know we’ll have fun doing it together! So if anyone in Perth is interested in joining in please do, hit me up for my team details and get into it!! It’s going to be fantastic!
If you would like to find out more about the Colour Run go to it sounds like a whole lot of fun & it’s a charity event so why not join in and do some good for the community?! It will be held on Sunday February 17th 2013 and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun!

If you are new to the 12WBT let me know how you went with your first day! Are you loving every second of it so far? Are you scared? Are you super confident?! Let me know!

Amydeville xoxo

Final Fitness Test, Measurements & Weigh In For Round 3 12WBT 2012!

I can’t believe it was my last weigh in today for Round 3 of the 12WBT for 2012.
Round 3, being my first round ever has been amazing! I have learnt A LOT over the past 12 weeks and look forward to continuing my journey into the next round, Round 4 2012 which rolls over a few “red flag” days like Christmas, Boxing Day & of course New Years! I can confidently say I WILL be fine over those days. I now have the tools to control myself when it comes to food, my biggest down fall!
So what have I learnt from joining the 12WBT? Well let’s see shall we! 

  1. I have learnt that it’s ok to fail.
    So what if I’m not the best or the fastest or the slimmest! As long as I give it my best shot I know deep down I haven’t failed. I might not have gotten to the finish line before anyone else but I’m working every day towards my goal and to me that makes me a winner!
  2. I have learnt that exercise actually makes me feel better!
    I feel “weird” if I don’t fit exercise in Monday to Saturday. Even on my rest day which is Sunday I still feel like I should be doing something physical as soon as I wake! Last night Michelle did a live chat with members and the question that was on my mind was actually answered. “Is a rest day really that important?” Mish’s answer was “YES!” We need this rest day to just recharge the batteries and look after our bodies. Plus Sunday’s are a great day to cook up a lot of meals and get it all ready for the following week ahead. So yes, rest days are important but don’t let it turn into a “Rest Week”!
  3. I have learnt to GROW UP!
    That’s right, I’m an adult now, although I don’t act like it a whole lot of the time! Mish talks a lot about ditching the excuses we make for ourselves in regards to what we eat and the exercise we do. I’m an adult now and I’m responsible for everything else in my life but why wasn’t I responsible for what was going into my mouth and why wasn’t I responsible for making my body healthy and strong with exercise? I no longer have excuses for my health because I am my number 1 priority! I have learnt to just grow up and take responsibility for myself when it comes to my health, I only get to live once and I’d like it to be quite a long time!
  4. I have learnt to JFDI!!
    Even if I don’t feel like it I just get on with it! There has been HEAPS of mornings when my alarm has gone off at 4:45am and I’ve found myself starting to make an excuse not to get up and just re-set my alarm for 6am but as soon as that excuse starts to creep in all I can see in my mind is Michelle screaming at me to just JFDI, I can tell you she is scary in the vision too hehe, it’s enough to get me out of bed and into my workout gear! I always think “What would Michelle say or think?” I know exactly what she would be saying!
  5. I have learnt that good nutrition doesn’t mean food has to be boring!
    That’s right! There are SO many delicious, healthy, wholesome recipes out there that are low calorie and taste amazing! The 12WBT proves this with the amazing variety of recipes members can flick through, save or print out to keep for future! I have a HUGE file dedicated to my round 3 recipes and also weekly exercise plans, it’s chock-a-block so I think I’ll need a new one for Round 4! I have eaten foods I didn’t think I would like and turned out loving them so it’s also changed a lot about the way I perceive food.

So as you can see there was a lot to learn! I have grown up A LOT in the past 12 weeks, maybe not physically but emotionally towards how I feel about exercise and nutrition. This plan has taught me a lot about myself and I couldn’t thank Mish & her team enough for everything she has done for me and so many others!


ALRIGHT! Onto my results for Round 3 2012! Scary business, I know!
Now my goal for this round, weight loss wise, was to lose between 10kg – 12kg. Unfortunately I didn’t quite meet my goal, I was off by 300 grams from losing 10kg! I know a measly 300 grams got in the way of my goal but you know what? IT’S OK! If I’m being honest, yeah I’m a bit sad I didn’t hit that 10kg mark but I’ve gained SO much more! I have gained a slimmer body by 9.7kg! I have gained more confidence and I have gained more years of my life to enjoy as I grow older! So you know what, I’m ok with my 9.7kg loss!
Now as for my other goals if you remember from my previous post they were:

* To lose 10kg
*To be able to run for 5 minutes straight without stopping
*To follow a healthy eating plan
*To exercise 6 days a week

Ok so I didn’t reach my 10kg loss BUT what I did achieve the other day was miraculous!
Seeing as it is our last week of the round us 12WBT’ers had to re-do our fitness test and would you believe it or not!!? I RAN for a WHOLE 10 MINUTES!! That’s right 10 WHOLE minutes without stopping once! I was out to complete just 5 minutes as a goal but I went above and beyond and I can tell you it felt amazing! Afterwards I was dying but during it my mindset was rock solid, I knew exactly what I had to do and I achieved it!

When I first started the program I could run for maybe 30 seconds and had to stop because I was out of breath or in pain but now I can do a whole 10 minutes! WOW! My fitness level has literally sky rocketed!

I spoke about my two other goals in one of my last posts and yes I’m still completing my 6 days a week of training and following a good healthy 1200 calorie nutrition plan! I can’t believe that I have actually followed a plan, it amazes me still that I am now capable of committing to something like this for my health! Are you proud of yourself you ask? Damn right I’m proud of myself!

So what’s next you say? Well I also had a goal for 6 months into a healthy lifestyle plan and that was to lose 15kg. Considering I lost 9.7kg in this round I know I will be able to complete my 6 month goal! I have my head screwed on and I’m ready to commit 100% to Round 4!
Below you can see my weigh in card and also my improvements through my fitness test and measurements. I have lost an incredible 31cm off of my body! wow! I can’t believe I have been carrying all of this excess with me for so long so I just had to share my results!

There it is! My 12 weeks of hard work in two graphs!!
Now it’s onto my next 12 weeks with Mish & her team and also the lovely ladies I have met through joining the 12WBT! You know who you are and you’ve made this even more worthwhile! I couldn’t thank those girls enough.

 So this morning I woke up at 4.30am to do a good old circuit sesh with my favourite PT Ray! This time my lovely lady Veronica joined in with us and we had a great time sweating it out while being put through our paces!
Below are a few pictures of the circuit and also the beautiful sunrise! Before the 12WBT you would have never caught me out of bed doing ANYTHING for that matter at 4.30am but these days things have changed my friend!

I still can’t believe this round is nearly finished but all good things must come to an end – and then move onto even more amazing things like Round 4!
To all of those lovely 12WBT’ers who are off to the finale workout and after party I hope you have an absolutely amazing time in Sydney! I wish I could come because I know just how amazing it will be! Please have a “Mishy cocktail” for me and have an absolute ball, I’ll be thinking of you all!!

Amydeville xoxo

Round 3 is nearly finished! Oh My!

So Round 3 is coming to an end and I’m actually sad to see it go! I know, I know, I’m doing Round 4 but 3 has been absolutely mind blowing! I’ve met some AMAZING people over the last 12 weeks, people that have inspired me to keep going and to reach for those results! I’m fortunate enough to have a lot of those lovely ladies join me in Round 4 as well which is fabulous! I just know that we’ll be continuing to keep each other accountable and pushing one another to get great results! So bring Round 4 on, I can’t wait to get into it!

As this is our last week, week 12, Mish will have us 12WBT’ers do our fitness test and measurements again for the last time for the round. I’m actually excited to see my measurements and to really push myself in the fitness test too! MUST BEAT MY PREVIOUS TIME TRIAL! I am so prepared to get my sweat on to see results!

Throughout the round I have found support in so many people! People with the same health goals as me, like my lovely 12WBT ladies, we have our own private Facebook group and it’s been a real life saver at times! So thank you ladies for your patience and understanding, we’ve had a lot of laughs too and I can’t wait to do round 4 with you all!

My lovely partner Chris has been amazing too! He’s stuck with me and understood my crazy kilojoule converting in the middle of Coles! “OMG what the hell is 367 kilojoule’s in calories?” Yes I do whip out my phone and do the calculations on there, I’m sure people are wondering what I’m doing but my eye is on the prize as soon as I’m in there doing a big shop!

My brother Ben has been awesome too, definitely supporting me and encouraging me by saying how great I’m going with the plan! It’s sometimes the little comments that really help you to keep going!

My Mum has been amazing as usual! Always helping me with cooking up my meals and yummy, healthy snacks. Mum has always been there to help though and I think she’s really enjoyed helping me out in the kitchen! Plus I’m getting free cooking lessons from her so it’s a win win! She’s one of my biggest supporters and it’s meant so much to me!

My close friend Ray! The first person to spark something in me a year ago and make me want to become a healthier person! Ray has inspired me with his own fitness journey and keeps inspiring me with his results! I’m so proud of him and his achievements and I know he’s going to make a great PT!

Last but certainly not least is my beautiful gal pal Veronica (V). WOW! This woman is an absolute gem and I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her continuous support! She has been there for me through all of the silly plans I have gone through in the past and in her own words
The 12WBT is the only plan that I’ve seen you really get into and enjoy, it’s working for you!”
it’s comments like that, that keep me going and the fact that she’s always there to cheer me on is amazing! V has been through and still is achieving her own healthy lifestyle change as well so it’s been great to be able to inspire one another. She is a mother of two beautiful little kidlets and if she can find time to get healthy anyone can! She’s looking amazing and her journey inspires me every day!
The photo below was taken on Saturday (10th November) for V’s birthday! We all got glam-afied and headed out on a girls night to a local alternative club “Deville’s Pad” we got dressed up in our finest 50’s inspired pin up wear and jived the night away!


I’m excited and inspired to continue on with my fitness and health journey and with the help of all of those mentioned above I know I will smash my goals! I know it’s a certain thing now not just a possibility! I have to say thanks to everyone else who has made lovely comments and noticed little changes within me, I already feel like a brand new person! My excitement for Round 4 is HUGE!

Last week on Friday after having a pretty down in the dumps day at work I got home and decided to check my emails only to find an email from Mish sitting there waiting to be opened. It was weird though because I usually only see emails from her on Wednesdays and Sundays with little “snip tips” and mindset lessons but this one was VERY different!

That’s right!
I have made it into the top 15% of “losers” and it’s amazing!! Now I don’t know how many people have signed up for Round 3 but 15% of that total number of people and I’m in there somwhere!! I was absolutely shocked when I opened the email! I have had an overall loss of 9.95% of my total body weight since my last weigh in last week and I hope to make that a greater number by Wednesday!
I’m so happy that Mish and her team actually send out these emails because a lot of the time we don’t really look at the percentages but rather just the number on the scale we stand on! So thank you Michelle for taking the time to send those fortunate enough to be in the top 15% this lovely little email!

So as I said earlier this week I have to complete the fitness test and measurements and don’t worry I will keep you posted on exactly how I went!

Amydeville xoxo

Outdoor Training With My Favourite PT!

Today was the first day EVER that I did my morning training session in the great outdoors!
I have to say it was fantastic! Aside from breathing in VERY cold air it was very fun & challenging, just how we like it!
So today I trained with my favourite PT friend Mr. Raymond Simmons (Qualified Cert III PT and currently completing Cert IV) & of course the lovely Chelsea A.K.A runninggirl for those 12WBT’ers out there! You should definitely check out her blog here: she’s fantastic!!

So I was up at 4.30am this morning and then straight out the door to meet Ray and head to our local football field to set up the circuit.
The circuit went like this:

Kettlebell Swings – using 6kg bell
Lunges with a weight bar – using 6kg of weight
Agility Ladder Runs
Medicine Ball Slams (ouch!)
Resistance Band Rows
Kettlebell Squats – using 16kg bell (another ouch!)
Shuttle Runs – between two markers 20 steps away from each other

Ray had bought his IPad with him so we could listen to music and also use the timer on there for our circuit.
We did each station for 45 seconds straight followed by 15 seconds of rest – moving onto the next station.

That lovely pink kettebell was a world of pain! Squats with that bad boy were very unpleasant but highly rewarding!

For a warm up before we really got into the first round we did a jog  over to some soccer goal poles and back again lifting our knees closer to our chests and then also kicking our feet to the back, making sure to get those legs warmed up, after all they are our largest muscle group and need a lot of attention!
Our cool down was taking a walk to a light post about 50m away from where we were training. Walking there I brought my knee’s up to my chest and swung my arms out making sure I was nice and limber after a pretty intense workout!
On walking back to our equipment I made sure to stretch out my biceps and triceps making sure the lactic acid doesn’t settle in and start to make it impossible to do up my hair for the day!
When we reached our equipment we then stretched out our hamstrings and quads making sure everything had a good stretch before packing up and heading home to get ready for the day ahead!

On the way home my stomach was getting pretty violent and screaming at me for delicious sustenance! I was a bit time poor this morning so I decided on an easy 1 egg & 2 whites scramble with a small tin of baked beans – Yes, breakfast of champions right there!!
Easy and oh so filling!

So how did we all fit in a workout today? Or I should say DID you fit a workout in today?
Did you try something new like I did? Did you enjoy it?

Amydeville xoxo

Are You a Saboteur?

With the finish line for Round 3 of the 12WBT not far away I’ve decided to really pick up the pace and just smash out good nutrition and really get into my exercise sessions! Yes I’ve been following my nutrition pretty carefully anyway but this week and next week I will be VERY focused on exactly what is going into my body and how many calories I am expending in my training sessions, no excuses!

The week that was “Week 10” was a good one! I really made sure I was on top of my nutrition and kept up the exercise trying out some new workouts and changing things up! I’ve started doing Mish’s Boxing DVD along with her Weight set DVD too and I can tell you the weight set workout is great! The DVD goes for 30 minutes so I’d recommend going through it twice if you want a really good hardcore workout and upping the weight on the bar the second time around! I loved it because it is a mix of cardio and weights. For example the DVD is put into sections and one of those sections is a “Super Body Challenge” where Mish has you doing a specific weight exercise with the bar like a backwards lunge while doing a bicep curl and you do this for 1 minute without stopping. After that one minute you put the bar down on the floor and do 45 seconds of a cardio exercise like burpees (I shudder at the mention of this word!) or a side run with a drop. After that 45 seconds you then rest for 15 seconds and then get on with the next exercise. I LOVE this type of training because it’s NOT boring! It keeps you engaged and on the go constantly and that 15 second break is over so quickly you don’t really manage to catch your breath properly so it really pushes you!

I love the fact that Mish has bought out her own range of fitness gear including equipment, clothing and also the trusty water bottles too! You can find it all at Big W and the brand is “One Active” it’s affordable and great! I decided I would buy a pair of her workout tights and I have to say they’re some of the comfiest I have ever worn! So thank you again Mish for creating something so great and useful! Oh and I’ve also gone down a size in my workout tights so that’s even better!

What I really wanted to talk about in this post was “Sabotage”. Self sabotage and also sabotage from others, it could be a “friend”, a family member anyone! They might not even be aware that they are doing it either so it becomes hard to talk to them about your journey and goals.
Lets start with “self sabotage”. Why do we do it? Why do we get so close to our goal and then somehow find ourselves reverting back to old habits? Don’t we want to reach our goals and maintain that healthy state? How is it that we know it’s exactly what we want but for some reason we just can’t allow ourselves to get there?! Come on brain what’s going on up there?!

Sometimes getting your brain and your body to work in harmony is tougher then we think! I can say I still have problems like this, my brain has a lot of leg work to do before both mind and body are singing the same tune. But why do we self sabotage? Well I have some theories so please bear with me!

Theory 1: If I start to succeed at being healthier will my friends start to resent me?
They might, in fact I’m sure there will be “friends” that won’t particularly like you very much because they think you’re changing everything about yourself which is of course untrue! You start to think “Oh they don’t want to hang out with me because I won’t be able to eat what they have” you start to manifest these manuscripts inside and actually start to believe them and then just like that you’re catching up with a friend and scoffing pizza down your throat! YEP it happens A LOT! Not to me very much anymore but I have had my moments where I feel like I have to join in when I really don’t need to. I’ve learnt to be stronger in these situations, always eat before meeting up with friends and if you feel like you really need to nibble on something take some nuts or a small snack with you that way you can have something while your friend is eating that greasy pizza with far too many calories in it! Just because you’re being healthier doesn’t mean the rest of the world will do it with you! 

Theory 2: “I’ve tried this before and I’ve always failed, will this be another notch on the “fail belt”?”

This is a common one and yes I’ve used it before. We’re scared to really give it a go because in the past we’ve tried and failed miserably. If you think about the past what was it that you were doing? We’re you following another plan at the time? We’re you just trying to consciously be better with nutrition or we’re you trying to be more active and actually go to the gym that you have a membership with? We’re scared of failure, hell I’m scared of failure! But I don’t let it get to me so much anymore because I now know exactly what it is I have to do to become healthier and happier. No gimmicks just plain old good nutrition and exercise except it’s different this time! This time I WANT IT BAD! Failure really isn’t an option for me anymore when it comes to my health. Yes I may not be the fastest or the slimmest but I’m not going to get to that point unless I pull my finger out and just do what I have to do!

Theory 3: “Yay I’ve reached my goal weight so that means I can eat WHATEVER I want!”

Um no…. unfortunately it doesn’t work that way!

Why on earth do we think like that?! What is it that makes us think that because we have reached a goal we deserve to just go all out and eat a whole tub of ice-cream? Well I can’t answer that exactly but I can give it a good guess. Because we have reached a goal we absolutely think that we are deserving, it’s a reward for our weeks and months of hard work! We somehow think that because we have lost the weight it’s never going to creep up again, it sounds great in theory but our bodies don’t work that way unfortunately! Reaching your goal weight or any goal for that matter doesn’t mean that you can loosen the reins and go crazy. It’s like justifying a Big Mac after you’ve just been to the gym and smashed 600 calories “Well because I just shed 600 cals I can now enjoy that Big Mac”. We start to try and justify our behaviours when really we shouldn’t allow it to happen. Well done on shedding 600 calories but don’t go and blow it by eating crap! Reward your body with some delicious protein or a nice piece of fruit! I know I used to think like that but the tune has changed and food is no longer a reward it’s just fuel for my body. Please do yourself a favour and stop this self sabotage you don’t deserve it!!

Aside from experiencing self sabotage we can also receive it from others. Sometimes it’s intentional and sometimes it’s just a lack of interest for what you’re trying to achieve. Some familiar forms of sabotage from others comes in sentences like these:

“Oh go on its only one small glass of wine”
“Don’t worry about your gym session tomorrow it’s only one class”
“You’re not having dessert? Here have some of mine!”
“Are you crazy!? You don’t need to lose weight! You’re perfect the way you are!”
“Why aren’t you eating that?”

Usually it’s followed by an eye roll from those people as if to say “Damn it didn’t work!”. But then why do we have to justify to others why we aren’t eating certain foods and why we aren’t drinking alcohol for a month or more?!
What it comes down to in the end is the fact that you’re “friend” feels bad about eating that certain processed food, think a block of chocolate to themselves, or they feel bad because they haven’t been to the gym in a month! Your health starts to become somewhat threatening to them in a way because it reminds them of their unhealthy choices or they might feel some sort of pressure to change even though you’ve never suggested it to them.
It could also be because they’ve just lost their drinking buddy on Friday nights or they’ve lost their hang out buddy over the weekend where you would devour packets of chips and chocolate together and watch movies. They begin to pretty much drop you as a friend because of your healthy choices. It’s sad and it’s horrible but obviously this person wasn’t really a great friend to begin with?! If this person was a true friend they would be cheering you on and helping you on your journey! They would throw a party and incorporate a plate of veg sticks and dip because they know you’re trying to be healthier! Now that is a true supporter!
Then there are those “saboteurs” who don’t even know they’re making you feel crap. They are the ones who just don’t care enough to say anything at all, positive or negative. They’re not interested in health or fitness and they just genuinely don’t care so try not to take those people’s ignorance’s in and just get on with your journey!

Now that you know a bit more about sabotages STOP doing it to yourselves!! And for those “friends” who are saboteurs just ignore them because if they were true friends/supporters they would be behind you 100% no questions asked! Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy so go out and get it for yourself!

On that note I had a great weekend, thanks for asking! Hehe
The weather wasn’t fantastic but it was still a weekend none the less! Friday night saw us spend some time at our Army friends, Andrew, house for a catch up and a bit of a shindig before he is deployed overseas! Scary but it’s what happens in the Army, everyone is incredibly proud of him!
Saturday I had my week 10 SSS and boy was it Super! I did a mix of weights and cardio and clocked up a good workout! I was feeling it for the rest of the day! I decided I would cook some yummy stuff on Saturday instead of Sunday and made a delicious batch of “Banana Bread Muffins” & “Chicken Noodle Soup” Mmm Mmm so yum!

Saturday night we spent time at Ben’s girlfriend Tash’s house and watched the thunderstorm roll in, I have to say it was very pretty to watch! Plenty of lightening and a lot of thunder!
Sunday was a late start as I love my once a week sleep ins! Chris, Ben, Tash and I decided to have some delicious Nando’s and I was actually a pretty good girl when it came to eating it! I could have eaten more but decided to stop when I did so I didn’t over do it and blow my daily calorie budget! I was very proud of myself! After a delicious lunch Chris and I headed home and he went off to Jam with a band while I decided to do a quick workout! I know a workout on SUNDAY?! It’s unheard of haha! It was a quick one but I felt it. After getting all sweaty I spent the day relaxing and played some trusty Sims, boy I love that game!

I had a fantastic weekend! How was everyone else’s??
I also noticed that the new Coles brand “Simply Less” has bought out a low calorie chocolate line as well! YUM! Has anyone else tried these yet? This flavour was lovely, if it has mint and it’s chocolate I’m there!

Amydeville xoxo