Merry Belated Christmas!

I know I’m a bit late but Merry Christmas Blogosphere & 12WBT’ers!
I sure hope Santa put you on the nice list and got you something really lovely!
I was absolutely spoilt rotten! Chris bought me a beautiful White gold and Aquamarine with diamonds set. Aquamarine is my birthstone and I absolutely love it! He bought me the ring a month or so ago but surprised me with the ear rings and necklace!

christmas present

Boy was it a scorcher here in WA! We spent the majority of Christmas day chilling out either in the pool or in the shade under a fan! This week is going to be incredibly hot! As you can see we had a good time in the pool!

Chris & I
Now that Christmas is over with for another year all we have left of 2012 is New Years Eve!
I haven’t really thought of a new years “resolution” but then I never really have one for the new year ahead of me.
The only “resolution” I would even consider would to be about my health though. I want to lose more weight in the new year and become healthier of course! I want to really focus on my health and fitness.

Now onto more pressing matters.
Somewhere in the last week I have become… complacent, I think that’s the word I’m looking for.
I know what my goals are and what I have to do to achieve them but I’ve somehow fallen off the bandwagon and I just don’t know how to get back on it at the moment.
I know, I know, what the hell is happening?!
It could be because I am on leave from work I no longer have consistency. I’m not in a routine at the moment and I’m suffering.
I need to get it together and get back into it because I’m doing this for me and I NEED to do this!
Come on Blogosphere let me have it! Tell me to JFDI and get my butt moving!!

Amydeville xoxo

(P.S sorry my pictures are so god damn huge!!)


Accepting Compliments & Nike+

You know, one of the best things about becoming fitter and thinner is the fact that some of the people that compliment you are really genuine and are really happy for you and that feeling is just amazing!
It’s really true what they say though:

What it takes

Although I didn’t really see the changes in my body until about the 12 week mark I still had a lot of compliments from the guys at work (I work in a place that is 95% male – Trade Lecturers) and it definitley inflates the head a bit! In a good way of course.
It makes me want to push even more and give it my all!
This morning when I got into work one of the guys came into my office to ask me about a piece of paper work but instead came in and gave me a really honest compliment and told me how great I’m looking! If that doesn’t boost your day I don’t know what will! He then went onto to joke and told me to tell Chris he should look out hehe, keep in mind these guys are quite a bit older then me, they’re a bunch of jokers!

Now onto the promised low down of my new toy!
The Nike+ Sports Watch
Well it’s an AMAZING little contraption!
The Nike+ watch does it all! It connects to my polar HRM link which is great, I can get an accurate reading on calories burned which is important!
It tells me how long I have been running/walking for, the elevation of where I have travelled and the pace/speed I am travelling at.
It also keeps up to 50 records has a stopwatch and alarm and also has reminders to get your ass up and moving!
It can also track laps and intervals which is a very cool function! It you are running a track and want to keep a record of laps you simply slap (yes that’s what I said, slap) the watch once you’ve done a lap and it knows your off on another one! How brilliant is that!?  
Once you have completed a run or walk with your watch you go home and pop it in the USB port on your computer and wait for your data to download which doesn’t take long at all!
Once it has taken everything it needs you are then redirected to the Nike+ website where you can see all the details of your travels!
Check it out below:

Nike+ walking routeThis is my walking route and it is spot on! Has all of the streets that I travelled through and also the intervals of the km’s I did! Very impressive!
Nike+ km splitIt then gives me a split of the km’s that I did and gives me the fastest one too!
Nike+ pace & elevationThis is the pace and elevation of the walk and at the end where it says “replay” it allows you to watch your walk and the route you took, it’s very cool!
Nike+ walk detailsIt then gives me the low down of my walk/run which is really cool! All the info is in one spot which makes life easier!

Now that I’ve used it a few times and have gotten used to it I absolutely love it! I love that it gives me an overview of my whole run/walk and I love that it’s not bulky and annoying to wear!
I had previously read a few reviews on it where people said the GPS wasn’t exactly 100% but I’m here to call shenanigans! It works amazingly and even shows you every single surrounding street!
Final Verdict?
I highly reccomend this lovely contraption if you want to know exact distance travelled along with all the other things it does for you! At $199 I can understand it’s bloody expensive but if you really wanted one I say it’s absolutely worth every cent!

 So now onto my 80 questions!
Question 10
Do you count calories? If so, what is your daily limit?
YES! I’ve learnt just how important this is as well! If I don’t count throughout the day I may be eating way more then I should or vice versa I could be dangerously low and then go into starvation mode, which is VERY bad for you!
My daily limit is 1200 Calories. Some people would think that 1200 calories doesn’t get you very far but to be honest I sometimes find it hard to eat 1200 calories in a day and find myself forcing food down my throat so I up the calories!
At first it took me about a week to adjust to the 1200 limit but now it’s natural for me and I’m used to the lower number and looking for calories on the foods I eat.
It gets easier!!

Question 11
What is your favourite healthy recipe?
Now that is a tough question! There are so many out there and so many delicious recipes available to us 12WBT’ers on the member website!
If I had to choose one it would either be the 12WBT Penang Chicken which is so delicious and filling! OR the Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup! I’ve been having this for the dinner the past few nights, so good!
My mum also makes delicious Tuna Patties with tuna, bread crumbs, an egg, potato and some onion and herbs and cooks them in a pan, they are SO good and very filling which is important!
Healthy food is easy food!

So tell me what you’re favourite recipe is, whether it’s 12WBT or your own little concoction! I’d love to know!

Amydeville xoxo

Week 4 Fitness Test & Measurements plus Nike+

Today is Saturday and well you all know what that means!
That’s right SSS time! But for us 12WBT’ers it’s not just a normal run of the mill SSS, it’s our week 4 fitness test & measurements!
Before I hopped on the treadmill to do my 1km time trial run I made sure I did a bit of a warm up, moving and jumping about and stretching those big muscle groups out making sure my legs were ready for the slaughter sesh!
And what a slaughter it was! I have done something to my groin/hip area and also have aches in my knee (the one I dislocated a few years ago) so it was VERY hard mentally to keep going and pushing through the pain to get to a slight reduction in time for my run. I was just fotunate enough to have already completed the rest of the fitness test the day before because once I was off the treadmill it was game over for me!
I hopped right onto the floor and started doing some hip opening stretches to try and ease some of the pain and also some good leg stretches focusing on my hamstrings. The pain has dulled but it’s still there, so later this afternoon I plan on taking a nice scenic walk with my dog to see if that helps to get the joints moving better and get rid of that ache!

week 4 fitness test results

As you can see I only beat my previous run time by 4 seconds! I know, I know, I still beat it but it could have been a lot better if I wasn’t in such terrible pain!
I realise that I really should get my running analysed by a professional and I think  I might just look into it, especially if this pain persists everytime I go for a run! Oh so very unpleasant!

week 4 measurements
I have to say though I’m very happy with my measurements!
Down another 11.5cm and feeling good!!
I intend on blitzing the numbers even more in another 4 weeks time! Bring on week 8!

week 4 after photo
The after workout photo, trying to smile through the pain! haha

So today I invested a good chunk of money in a Nike+ Sportswatch GPS! After reading many reviews on them I decided it was something I could benefit from and use quite often so I think the $200 price tag was worth it!


When I first opened the box I expected to see some kind of instruction booklet but infortunatley Nike didn’t think to put a detailed one in there for silly people like me!
So after spending a few minutes looking like a looney trying to figure it out I hit the Nike+ website for some insight into how this bad boy works. Instead of finding instruction on their site I turned to a few health nut blogs through google and was finally given a “How to” on the sportswatch!
Turns out the little USB connecter is sneakily hidden in the actual watch band! Who would have thought!
I was finally able to download the content I needed and charge the thing up ready for use!
So what does this thing do you ask me?!
WELL! it doesn’t just tell the time, that’s for sure! During your run or walk when this lovely contraption is turned on it will jot down your pace, distance via GPS, laps and also calories burnt when you connect up a Polar Wear Link transmitter to it (luckily I already have one!) So this will also add a tracker on my heart rate too! After the run or walk it stores the history and keeps little tabs on your personal records! Pretty cool huh!? But there’s a bit more to go!
After you’ve completed your little activity you then head to the Nike+ website which you have a login name for and you plug in your Nike+ watch where it will then take all of those details of your run and pop them on there for you to see! It shows you a map of where you have run in your neighbourhood or on a track and it then stores your details on the website too! It also shows you the elevation of your run which is a pretty cool feature. If I’m doing hill runs it will show the incline and show how it affects my run!
Pretty darn cool hey!
I haven’t taken it for a test run just yet but don’t worry I’ll make sure I let you know how I go with this lovely contraption!!

nike+ sports GPS watch

Very cool design too!

So onto my 80 questions! Now where was  I!?
Question 8
What is your current weight? Have you lost anything this week? If not what are your plans for next week?
My current weight as of today is now 79.3kg I have lost 200 grams since weigh in on Wednesday and I plan on losing a lot more for next weeks weigh in!
I’ve gotten back into the swing of things now and I want to get some amazing results for my week 8 measurements and fitness test so I need to get my butt into serious gear and get moving more! (I’m hoping the Nike+ gives me some more inspiration too!)
My plans for next week are much the same as every other week! Eat Clean & Train  Mean. Some weeks can be a bit tiresome and full on but I really want to and need to push myself that extra bit for the results that I desire!

Question 9
What is your favourite type of cardio?
Hmmm, I’m not really sure with this one, I have to say I’m not the biggest fan of cardio! SHOCK!! haha I much prefer working with weights anyday but I know that cardio is just as important and that I need to do it for my health.
If I had to choose a favourite it would have to be either swimming or cycling, although I don’t do much cycling these days I have really loved it in the past and want to get back into it ASAP! My bike needs some TLC though.

Well my lovely people I’m off now to make some delicious 12WBT Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup YUM!
I made this about a month or so ago and loved it so I have to make another batch of it!!
Believe me it’s delicious!

So let me know what your favourite cardio is?! Maybe it’s something completely out of the ordinary like Pole Dancing, Which I’d really love to try one day!! Enjoy the rest of your weekends lovelies!!

Amydeville xoxo

Prize Winner (oh my!) & 80 Questions Continued!

I can’t believe I did it again! I’m gob smacked!
I won my first Round 4 prize! And you wouldn’t believe it, it was for my Blog again!!
Thank you Michelle and team for choosing me to be one of the top 10 and for believing in me and my blog! I never imagined myself being a blogger but now that I’ve turned into this consistent writer I really enjoy it and it’s something that allows me to share how I’m going with so many people and just maybe I might inspire someone to change their life today!

Week 3 weekly surprise winner blog nomination
I honestly have no words, but just thanks to Michelle for everything she has done for me and so many others!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just don’t understand my body at all!
Yesterday was weigh in and well I had gained 300 grams, which doesn’t seem like a lot but to me it’s bloody annoying! Since Monday I have eaten like a saint, keeping it clean and training mean! And yet that pesky 300 gram gain was still looking at me on the scale all monster-ish like!
Now yesterday I ate clean all day until I got home from work and a VERY stressful day! I caved… I know, I know!! I can feel all the oohs and ahhs and “how could you’s!” I had a Krispy Crème Donut that my brother received from a friend the other day. I have to say it tasted pretty amazing and while I was eating it I knew I was being naughty but that donut needed to be inside of my belly!! I also didn’t calorie count my dinner last night, which usually I am adamant about, although I had a pretty healthy meal anyway filled with vegies and chicken. This morning when I woke up I thought to myself I wonder out of curiosity what the scale would look like today due to my donut craze yesterday afternoon and my non calorie counted dinner.
Well what do you know! I had LOST 700 grams!! This is where the big “What The F***” came from! Mainly a big WTF for why it didn’t show that on the scale yesterday when I actually had weigh in! And another WTF for how?! I had ate a delicious high fat, high calorie donut just over 12 hours ago!
The human body absolutely boggles my mind. Was it the stress that made me lose that 700 grams? Or was it something else? Only my body knows the answer to that question but as long as the number on the scale goes down I’m happy for my body to do it’s weird phases throughout the day!
Oh and now that I’ve had my donut fix I won’t be needing one for a while! Hehe

So onto my 80 questions!
Question 5
What is your favourite healthy food?

Hmm… That is a really tough one to answer because there are so many! Maybe I could put it more into a food group and make it easier for myself? Well I LOVE fruit! I could eat fruit all day everyday if I knew I didn’t need to be close to a toilet 24/7! I don’t think there is a fruit I don’t like and even if I don’t really enjoy the taste so much if I mix it into a smoothie or a juice I’ll happily drink it down! Fruit is not only incredibly healthy and filled with vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that our body need but you can use them in ANY recipe. They be used in savoury dishes and also in sweets and they are absolutely yum either way.
If I had to pick a favourite fruit I would have to say apples. I have an apple nearly every day as a snack! They are low in calories and very rich in dietary fibre and we all know that fibre is essential for our health!

delicious apple

Question 6
What is your favourite unhealthy food?

OH MY GOSH! I can only pick one?! haha, to be honest my taste has changed so much since beginning the 12WBT that I don’t really have those cravings for unhealthy snacks much these days! But on the days that I might treat myself to something small it always comes back to chocolate! Oh chocolate, you’re so delicious, creamy and satisfying!
Now there are lots of people out there, my naturopath included who says the right chocolate is good for you and she’s absolutely right! Natural chocolate developed from natural raw cacao is GREAT for your health in small doses! Be warned though, it tastes nothing like supermarket chocolate, it isn’t sweet and has a slightly different texture to it because there is less tampering.
In saying that if I am going to have a treat I am going to make it count and will usually run straight to a delicious freddo frog or buy a yummy Cadbury bar from Coles! Hey it’s a once a week/month thing, so shoot me!! hehe

What is your least favourite health food?
This used to be Broccoli but that has changed and now I LOVE broccoli! It’s now turned to cabbage! YUCK! No matter how many times my mother sneaks it into recipes I always find it and get rid of it ASAP! The smell, the texture and the taste, just thinking about it makes me turn my nose up!

So tell me what is your favourite healthy and unhealthy foods? And do you have a healthy food that you just can’t stand? Surely I can’t be the only one who dislikes cabbage!?

Amydeville xoxo

Yonana Goodness & UGW’s!

Good morning blogosphere!!
Tomorrow is “Weigh in Wednesday” for us Round 4 12WBT’ers so today I’m being super good and eating cleaner like a champ! How do I think I’ll go with weigh in? Well, to be honest I’m not too sure. I didn’t have a terrible weekend but I did indulge in a hot dog and a toasted cheese (one of my weaknesses, delicious cheese!). I felt bloated as soon as the bread touched my stomach but thankfully the discomfort only stayed for a short while and then went away, phew!
I am now into Week 4 of this round and you know what that means!? That’s right it’s fitness test & measurement week! I will keep you updated with how I go with my test & also how my measurements have been going too since week 1 of this round.

On the weekend just gone I did a bit of shopping, it’s inevitable really, of course I’ll be shopping up a storm in the next few weeks as it comes closer & closer to Christmas! But I finally bit the bullet and bought an amazing little machine called the “Yonanas”. Weird name hey?! Well that’s what I thought! When I first heard about the machine I thought it would just be like every other ice cream maker and take hours for the mixture to actually turn into some form of the treat but boy was I wrong! This contraption is amazing & cost me only $69 from my local Target store (I think it was on sale too!).
The Yonanas machine is actually backed by the banana name “Dole” which you can get at any supermarket, and yes there bananas are very yummy!

Yonana Machine
The best thing about this machine is that there is no fuss. It’s so easy to use and makes delicious HEALTHYice cream”.
All you do is peel (if you’re using bananas) the fruit, freeze for a minimum of 24 hours and then pop it through the Yonana machine and voila delicious ice cream in seconds! Of course that’s the short version but if you wanted more info they have a website and plenty of delicious sounding recipes!
So last night I was able to use it for the first time and I was thoroughly impressed! Not only is it easy to use and clean but the “ice cream” is delicious and it really does come out like a soft serve would!
I made banana & mango Yonana last night and the whole family loved it!

yonana icecream

So onto the 80 questions challenge!

Question 3
What is your UGW? (Ultimate Goal
To be honest I haven’t really thought about it. I mean yeah I have some goal weights that I would like to hit but I haven’t really thought of the “ultimate” weight that I would love to be at.
Now that I’m thinking about it a bit more though the goal I want to reach with the 12WBT is 65kg. I’ve been doing a bit of research on a good weight for someone my height and it’s much more lower then that number so if I wanted to be kind to myself and make it more a UGR (Ultimate goal range) I would say between 55kg – 60kg.
There are always going to be fluctuations no matter who you are or what you eat so I think it’s good to make it more a range rather then a definite number.

Question 4
Are you a Vegetraian/Vegan?
If not would you consider incorporating it into your nutrition plan for 1 day a
The short answer is no I’m not a vegetarian or vegan.
The longer answer is the fact that I LOVE eating meat. I know I’m a terrible person to some but it really is just too delicious to give up! I have complete praise for vegetarians because I adore animals, doesn’t matter what they are, but at the same time I couldn’t give up my meats!
With that said there are heaps of amazing vegetarian/vegan recipes out there! For someone like me who would consider doing 1 day a week without meat, this is great news!
In the past I have attempted to forgo meat but always came back to it as though my body craved it but having these recipes and resources available has changed that and I feel I would be able to happily give it up for 1 day a week or even more!

to eat or not to eat?

Let me know if you’ve got a Ultimate Goal Weight or if you have tried a vegetarian day! How did you go if you did?!

Amydeville xoxo

A bit of “Fitspiration”!

So now that I’m back into the swing of things which includes going back to work (I know it’s very sad) I thought to help me pick up my game I would do a bit of a challenge. It’s not a physical challenge as I already fight those everyday but more a question challenge about weight loss, fitness & health. I found a few interesting posts by friends and also just randomly on Google and thought, hell I could do that!
So today marks the first post for “80 Health & Fitness Questions”
I thought instead of trying to produce a post everyday for 80 days that I would answer a few questions with each post, that way you can read through them much quicker and see how I’m going! So let’s begin shall we?!

Question 1
Write your current stats: e.g. height, current weight and goal weight and why are you losing weight?
Now I’m not near a measuring tape at the moment but the last time I had my height documented, which was for a health study in August for a University study, I was 160cm tall. So I’m roughly about 5 foot 4 inches.
My current weight per my 12WBT profile is 79.2kg (that’s right I’m living in the 70’s)
Why am I losing weight?
The short answer would be because I HAVE to!
The long answer would be because I have to if I want to live a life full of energy and longevity! I want to live my life to the fullest and not be scared anymore because of my weight issues. I don’t want to let food control who I am, I want to be the one to say “No thanks” to those foods that used to control me! I want to live my life healthy so that in the future I can pass my healthy habits onto my own children (very scary thought right there haha) I would want them to know that it’s important to eat healthy and to get some sort of exercise in everyday, I would refuse to let my children feel down about themselves or their bodies! I have to lose the extra pounds because if I don’t do it now while I’m young I probably won’t have the drive to change my habits in the future, becoming too comfortable with who I am. I want to lose the weight so that I can feel great about myself and wear whatever the hell I want to wear and guess what?! The 12WBT is allowing me to start doing all of those things (minus the children part of course hehe) but it’s helped me to change my habits and to so far shed 12.3kg!

Question 2
Describe your dream/goal body
Well for one I don’t want to be “skinny”, yes I definitely want to lose the weight but I don’t want to look frail or deprived! I want to look healthy & glowing and I want people to look at me and just know how much bloody hard work I have put into my body!
I want to have a body that has muscle tone and a low body fat percentage. I take inspiration from a few different lovely ladies below and so many others!

First and foremost Michelle Bridges (Duh, of course!!)
Her body is amazing! But it’s not just that, it’s everything about her, her attitude towards life is amazing and so positive and she really is a fantastic role model! I’m sure she has days when she just really CBF but she maintains an amazing physique & goes out of her way to help others achieve something similar! For anyone who has no idea who Michelle is she is a trainer on Australia’s Biggest Loser, a weight loss & health TV series. This woman has helped to change my life and so many others as well!

Michelle Bridges Inspiration

Jaime Eason, I first stumbled upon this gorgeous lady about a year ago when a friend told me to check out a website and wow I was impressed! She has a body to die for and is incredibly fit! Her muscles would put a lot of guys to shame but she still manages to look so damn feminine! I used to be under the impression that women looked weird with muscle tone but now I love it, she looks powerful, strong AND sexy! Definite “fitspiration” right there!

Jamie Eason

Last but not least P!nk. Throughout her career she has always looked amazing! Even after recently having a child she still looks great and has managed to slim down, healthily I might add, and get back into the swing of things with her career as a fit, on the go musician!


Who do you draw “Fitspiration” from? Is there a figure or person who motivates & inspires you to be better and strive for results?

Amydeville xoxo

Back to reality! Time to get even MORE serious!

It’s back to reality!
Well actually it was back to reality on Tuesday but I’ve been so damn busy with trying to cram in Christmas shopping I haven’t had a chance to fill you all in on how amazing my trip to Bali was! And yes to answer that it was pretty bloody amazing!
We only had a week away so there was A LOT of cramming! Some friends came with us who had never been before so we had to really cram alot of activities into the 1 week! WOW-EE! So glad I don’t go back to work until Monday!


So how did my holiday pledge go?
I think pretty damn great!
Everyday I did plenty of walking around the streets and plenty of swimming, one of the perks about Bali weather, it’s never cold!
Now the best news is while away on holiday I LOST 200 grams! That’s right, I lost 200 grams! Who would have thought you could lose weight while on holiday!?
Now I didn’t make some of the best choices but I did try to eat conciously and make sure I mixed it up, plenty of fruit and eggs in the morning for breakfast and then something light for lunch followed by something yummy at dinner like fish!
You can just tell how much my big bro loved the food! hehe


The food in Bali is great!
I thought I would have come back the size of a house but I’m so glad that didn’t happen! Now I didn’t eat what is on my brothers plate above but I did treat myself, hell I was on holiday! Yes I had 2 cocktails throughout the whole 1 week away but that is a whole lot less then what  I “could” have had!


The weather while we were away was AMAZING!
It was a shock to the system when we fitst landed in Denpesar but once we got to our hotel we were used to the heat and ready to venture out!
Our little day trips were what kept me in “shape” throughout the little getaway. We were constantly on the go and walking around or doing activities!
I would come back to the hotel at the end of the day and my muscles felt as though they had been put through rigerous training! Now that’s what I call free training!

So you ask me what was the highlight?
Well! Snorkelling in the beautiful ocean & feeding fish is up there but also visiting turtle Island! If there is one thing I love it’s nature. Being surrounded by it and around beautiful animals is always a winner for me!
It feels so rejuvinating and although we were constantly on the move as soon as I was in the ocean or near animals I just felt really relaxed and that’s what really made it a great holiday!



So it’s back into it and straight back on the healthy bandwagon!
Back into the swing of things involving the 12WBT & my lovely girls!

How do you keep motivated to follow a healthy regime when on holiday?
Where did you last travel to for a holiday?!

Amydeville xoxo