Back in Action!

So I’ve been a little bit MIA lately and really it’s because I haven’t had much to report. I’m still plateaud on the same weight I was when I last weighed in and it’s due to me being silly and eating crap! Fortunately (that’s right I said fortunately because being perfect would suck!) I’m not perfect and old habits do seem to creep in from time to time. I put it down to me “being human” and as annoying as it is I’m the only one who can get myself out of this terrible mess!
Just when I think I’m being strong I seem to find chocolate wedged in my hand approaching my mouth for ultimate food craving satisfaction! Oh dear…

So the past week I celebrated my four year anniversary with my lovely man! Time flies when you’re having fun! Just look at those amazing flowers he got me, he knows I’m a sucker for flowers, anything that pretty is welcome on my kitchen bench any time! We also went out to dinner to the very first place we had our very first date! Dinner was amazing too.

4 year anniversary flowers

We also dropped his parents off at the airport on Saturday morning for their amazing holiday to Bali! Very jealous! Mandy, Chris’s mum, is having her birthday over there and has swam with dolphins to celebrate, now that would be amazing!

So Chris and I have the house to ourselves, plus his younger brother. So far I’ve cooked some pretty decent things making sure there’s protein and vegies in there and giving the boys huge serves! But then of course because there’s pasta and rice I’m eating it too. Woe is me! On the plus I haven’t put on any weight but on the negative I’m eating things I probably shouldn’t. Well it’s not that I shouldn’t eat them but I shouldn’t be eating the amounts I am!

RIGHT – operation clean up nutrition mode, ACTIVATE!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading up on clean eating and healthy eating, even raw nutrition as well, there’s plenty of yummy looking recipes out there for it and it’s great for those with intolerances. I’m going to start incorporating bits and pieces of all of the above into my diet. I’ve found so many great websites that offer information on all the above and provide recipes too which is awesome! If you’re interested in recipes for the above these are some great websites to check out!

I have scoured these websites for plenty of healthy recipes which just so happen to be pretty damn clean too!
The only “issue” I have with clean eating is the cost. Because you do have to supplement quite a few ingredients for healthier ones it may add up to be pretty expensive at first but if I incorporate just a few things in and give them a try I can see whether I’m able to really stick to this kind of nutrition plan and go from there.
I’ve recently come across a brand of quinoa, lentils, recipe bases and also stocks called “Celebrate Health”. You can find their website here:

Celebrate Health

I found it in my local Coles while I was checking out the health food isle. At first it was the packaging that caught my eye but I picked it up and gave it a good read and I knew pretty much everything on the ingredients list and also found it’s great for anyone with an intolerance! It’s gluten, nut and dairy free so it’s a good find for those with any of those intolerances. It also has no preservatives in it too and there are plenty of flavours! If you get a chance check them out!! I plan on buying the Butter Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken and giving them a try so stay tuned to see what I create!

Onto my 80 questions
Question 38. Have you forbidden yourself from any type of food?
I can’t say I’ve “forbidden” anything in particular although I have pretty much eliminated crappy fast food from my diet. I don’t eat McDonalds at all along with all the other burger places around. The only “fast food” I eat on occasion is Nando’s, who I think is probably one of the healthiest out! Plus they have the best tasting chicken I’ve ever had… EVER!
I try to limit the crap I put into mu body but of course some days are harder then others and of course I’m going to make slip ups but that’s life!

Question 39. What do you usually have for breakfast?
I like to change things up but lately I’ve been loving my whole grain Bagel thins with light crunchy peanut butter on top, YUM! I love a good scramble or even just soft boiled eggs with soldiers to dip in. Every now and then I’ll have some ceral if I’m in a rush or a few pieces of fruit.

Question 40. Do you have a cheat day?
When I’m behaving myself and am properly following a meal plan, yes, I sure do! I usually would have this on either a Saturday or Sunday. I think it’s important to have a day or a meal a week that you can indulge a little bit, treat yourself!

Amydeville xoxo


2013 Swisse Color Run

So yesterday Myself, my amazing partner, my big bro and my BFF completed the Color Run here in sunny Perth and I can tell you it really is the happiest 5k on the planet!
This was my first ever fun run event and I loved it! I’m so glad I started it with the Color Run, it was Ah-Mazing!
I was ecstatic when I found out that Swisse would be giving procedes to the JDRF Charity, one that is incredibly close to home as Chris is Type 1 Diabetic.
Below is our day in pictures:

The happiest 5k

My big bro Ben stretching it out!

Chris and I getting ready to go!


A face only a mother could love!

Ben in the first zone, VERY blue!

Veronica & I after Blue & Pink zones!

Ben & Chris after a few zones

V & I made it!!

Chris and I after the 5k!


Chris and I chilling out afterwards


As you can see we had a pretty damn amazing time through the 5k course! Getting colored up was so much fun! Now I just have to keep an eye out for professional photos!
I decided to wear my HRM (the picture above) it survived the color! YAY! We completed the 5k in approximately 45 minutes walking so the rest of that time is before and after, stretching it out and roaming Langley Park checking out the stalls!
I decided to buy some of the cool merch on the day aswell, as you can see I bought a Color Run hat and also one of those wrist bands too. I bought Chris a little arm band that holds your phone or keys and also a hat for my bro!
I also bought one of the cool glass Swisse Color Run water bottles too and with it Swisse gave me some goodies!

Color run swisse goodies

For my first ever fun run I really enjoyed it, I had a great time! I would highly reccommend this event to anyone, experienced or not! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was having a great time, including us!
I’m looking into more fun runs for this year so hopefully I can post about a whole lot more runs in the near future!

Amydeville xoxo

A Valentine Day Workout!

There are a lot of people out there who don’t “believe” in Valentines Day, it’s all just a big money-maker, but who cares!?
I LOVE Valentines Day! What’s not to love about a day that’s all about “love”? You don’t have to believe in this day but believe in love!!
Because Chris and I have our anniversary on the 20th we don’t go all out on Valentine’s day, we save it for our anniversary but we do get each other a card & sometimes grab something yummy for dinner, I’m still not too sure if we’re going to do anything tonight but we’ll see!

I started my morning with a 4.30am workout and even though the temperature is a little cooler today here in Perth I still sweated it out  like crazy! Just look at that red face!

Valentines Day Workout

I decided to do Michelle Bridges Shape-Up DVD and it kicked my ass yet again!
I love it because it’s broken up into so many different little sections. It’s full of interval training which keeps me interested and engaged, not to mention sweaty!
For a while there I wasn’t really fully into my training but now that I’m easing myself back into it I’m realising why I love it so much. Even though I’m waking up at an ungodly hour I’m not tired through the day. I feel like I’m full of beans and ready to go! Yes 4.30am sounds damn early, I mean come on the sun isn’t even up yet! But the feeling I get from moving my body, even if my mind wants to go back to bed, is awesome!
I end up feeling charged up for the day and I notice I even put in the effort to make healthier choices food wise which is incredibly important! I also sleep better at night and wake up the next morning feeling great and ready to do it all again!

Why do you workout? Is it for the feeling, the high you get?

When I walked into my office this morning I noticed I had a little Valentine’s gift on my keyboard!!
I work with a WHOLE lot of tradesmen so pinning it down to one of them can be hard sometimes! But I know exactly who this little one was from 😉 Thanks Valentine! hehe

Valentines Cupcake

Now I just have to get through the day without eating it!

80 Questions
Question 36. Where are you from? Is your country’s diet healthy or unhealthy in general?
I’m born and raised here in Australia. Specifically Perth. I love where I’m from and although I want to travel and see the world I’ll always come back to Perth!
Is Australia healthy? Well I think that’s quite a debatable question. In terms of life expectancy I’d say we aren’t doing too bad, people seem to be living longer which is great! But in terms of a healthy diet? All we hear on the radio and on TV is that the obesiety rate is rising. I read somewhere that Australia is one of the most overweight countries! So does Australia have a healthy diet? I’m going to have to say probably not! Sorry Oz!

Question 37. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do they know about you losing weight? Do they support you?
I have an amazing boyfriend, Chris, and he sure as hell knows that I’m trying to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle and longer life! Chris is a great supporter, he backs my decision 100% but on the other hand he unknowingly tests me alot!
He’s fortunate enough to be graced with a very fast metabolism so essentially he eats whatever the hell he wants and doesn’t gain a gram! This is bad news for me because he loves delicious “naughty” foods that I really shouldn’t be eating! So I get A LOT of tests thrown my way in the food category!

Until next time! Happy Valentine’s Day. Amydeville xoxo

Week 12 SSS & Weekend Fun!

I had an amazing weekend!
It was my lovely mans 23rd Birthday on Saturday and he and his mate decided to have a joint birthday bash on a Brewery Tour. I’ve never been on a brewery tour before so I was pretty damn excited to hit the Swan Valley with some amazing friends for a good time!
I decided I would have a drink, I haven’t had alcohol in a LONG time. I used to be a very big drinker but as soon as I became aware of the damage alcohol can do to the body and how it can turn people into monsters I decided to pretty much stop then and there! That was a few years ago. Sure, every now and then I might have A drink but I don’t abuse my body anymore.

Mash Brewery Cider

I had the above cider at a Brewery called Mash. They actually sell glasses in sizes starting at “Tiny” which is what I had above, all the way up to “Large” which is your typical Pint sized glass. Very yummy!
We started the tour at a Brewery called the “Duckstein” an amazing German Brewery/Bistro.  I’m not a beer drinker so I enjoyed a drink called “Fuscia Fusion” it has some schnapps, cider, lemonade and strawberry in it and it was amazingly refreshing!
We then headed to “Mash Brewery” where I had my tiny cider and some laughs with my friends! Before leaving Chris and I made sure to get a photo infront of a beautiful tree outside!

Mash Brewery

 After we left Mash we headed to “Ironbark Brewery” where we all grabbed a bite to eat and listened to a two piece band play some Johnny Cash. Chris and I shared a delicious wood fired pizza before moving onto the last brewery “Feral Brewery” where we chilled out in a grassy area before heading back home!

Feral Brewery

We all had an amazing day in the heat and couldn’t wait to get home and jump the pool and chill out in the air con!
(yes me and the gang are a bunch of goofs!)

To start off my Saturday before the brewery tour shenanigans I was up nice and early for my last SSS workout for the 12WBT!
Michelle Bridges has released 3 new workout DVD’s and I HAD to get them so I ordered all of them the other week and had them arrive just in time for the weekend.

Mish's new workout DVDs

The new DVD’s are ” Project Ripped“, “Project Extreme” & “Project Shape-Up” (Just look at how hot Mish is looking!)
I decided to try out the Shape-Up DVD and I can tell you I was sweating it out! Below is my HRM details.

Week 12 round 4 sss

The DVD runs close to an hour and is broken into sections shown below:

Project shape up

You can’t see it too well but at the bottom of the screen there is a line with the breakdown of the workout. At first when I put it on I thought “what the hell, where did this bar come from?” but then noticed it was tracking the workout and came to really love the idea! The workout was broken into 7 parts:
Warm Up, Plyo Stretch, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Cardio Core and Stretch.
The rounds themselves are broken into 2 and 4 parts and after each part Mish gives you a timer of 30 seconds to grab a sip of water or to wipe off the sweat and then come back for more work! You can see this timer line above the breakdown of the workout.
I think Mish has really upped the standards of fitness DVD’s with her new ones. I love that it shows you the break down and also times it all at the bottom too.
Her Crunch Time DVD’s were amazing but these blow them out of the water so far!

Now that I’ve shared my weekend and workout it’s time for 80 questions!
Question 34. Have you ever fasted? What was the reason for it?
The only time I have fasted is when I had to have a blood test and my experience was horrible!
I had fasted for about 10 – 12 hours and had gone to the doctors to have them jab me. When the nurse started taking my blood I was doing fine! I refused to look at the needle, I hate needles! She has just about finished when I decided it would be a great idea to faint!
When I came to I was laying on the Nurses floor in the recovery position wondering how the hell I got there!
After finally being able to sit up I couldn’t stop vomitting because my blood cells were so few so I had a doctor administer a shot to stop the nasuea!
Needless to say I’m in no hurry to fast OR have a blood test any time soon!

Question 35. How many meals do you usually have a day?
My day with food usually goes like this:
6.30am Breakfast
9.30am Mid morning snack
12pm Lunch time
2.30pm Afternoon snack
6pm Dinner time!
7pm is sometimes snack time, which is usually a low calorie snack. either a dessert or something with protein in it to get me through the night.

Amydeville xoxo

Onward and Upward!

I’m currently in my last week of Round 4 2012 Michelle Bridges 12WBT and I have now completed my measurements, last weigh in and also my fitness test. I’m now in preparation mode, trying to get things in line so that I can continue with a healthy lifestyle with “life after the 12WBT”. I’ve decided to go it my own and see how I go. I know there is going to be ups and downs but I’m ready to tackle them!
I have lost 3.5kg this round and have shed roughly 16.5cms off of my body! It’s not as much as I would have liked but it’s still an improvement of where I was 6 months ago. All up I have managed to lose 13.2kgs on the 12WBT, something I never thought I would be able to do but I have done it! I’m at the half way mark of my goal and I will reach it this year!
Below is my “Measure Up” table and also my “Fitness Test” table.

round 4 measure up and fitness test results

I’m glad to see some improvements but wish it was better! BUT  still it is an improvement and that’s all that matters!
I’m feeling pretty good about finishing up the 12WBT, I know that if I ever feel like I need to come back to it I can as Mish runs a few Rounds a year. But for now I’m feeling pretty confident that I can do this and continue doing it being healthy for the rest of my life.
The best thing about joining the 12WBT was not only the weight loss but the friendships I have made through the 12WBT community. I have met some of the most amazing, inspiring people and I’m glad to call them all friends! Some of them don’t live here in Perth but it doesn’t matter, we’re all close regardless! We are called the “JFDI Dames” and I have to say we kick some serious ass!! Even though I won’t be continuing on with the next round I’m still a part of this group and will continue to cheer on the rest of these lovely ladies and I’m sure they will cheer me on too!

Don't stop

Over the past 3 months of Round 4 I have learnt even more about myself. That I can fall straight into old patterns easily, now this one scares me! The silly season drove me pretty silly and I’m coming pretty good now and getting more focused but it’s scary knowing I can fall back into old habits and use old excuses!
I’ve learnt that sometimes you just REALLY need to vent to someone who understands! This is where my JFDI Dames come in! I can say whatever I want on our thread and know that someone will be going through or feeling the same way as me. I can write how much I just REALLY want to eat a bucket of chocolate and I know that those girls will help reign me in and keep me in check, I love them all, they are all absolutely amazing ladies and I honestly hope the BEST for them as we all continue on!
I’ve learnt it’s easy to give up something you really don’t want. In my case I got close to throwing in the towel until I reminded myself why I’m doing this, why I get up at 4.30am to workout, why I take FOREVER in the kitchen weighing all of my food and calorie counting, why I forgo the damn delicious chocolate when all I want to do is eat it!
Sure it’d be easier just staying in bed or not working out after work when I’m tired but we do these things because we have to, to become healthy and fit! I and Yourself ARE DESERVING! We deserve to be happy and healthy and we deserve the best! I keep reminding myself of this when I want to give in, Just hang in there!

So as for going it on my own I decided to buy Michelle’s new Book “Your Best Body” it contains eating plans and also workout plans, I haven’t gotten to that bit in the book just yet though!
I received it in the mail yesterday and started reading it last night in bed. So far the book is great! It’s just what I expected from Mish and I know it’s going to be a good inspiration to get me up and moving.
The first few chapters I noticed are all about our minds, not our bodies! This is the same principle the 12WBT is based on, get your mind in the game and your body will follow. Sounds simple but it’s really not, changing your mind is probably the hardest thing you can do. We have unlimited choice throughout our days and it comes down to making the “right choice” which is hard sometimes especially if you’re on a health kick or a new lifestyle plan.
What I’ve read so far is true for anyone, leaving your ego at the door, taking responsibility, getting out of your comfort zone, dumping excuses and starting TODAY not tomorrow. If you have some extra change lying around I’d recommend any of Mish’s books! (I think she now has 7!!)

Mish's new book

Just before I go on I wanted to tell you about this amazing yoghurt I tried out yesterday for the first time!!
I had heard about it a few months back but thought I’d just stick to my chobani but boy am I glad I tried it out!
The brand is “Five:am” and it’s AMAZING! No lies, I think it’s the best yoghurt I’ve ever had!
It’s Certified Organic and filled with deliciousness.
The fruit in it is absolutely yum and actually tastes like fruit unlike a lot of other brands out there. I found it in my local Woolworth’s so if you come by it in your weekly shop try it out!!

five am yoghurt

Now onto my 80 Questions
Question 31. What is your favourite fruit?
That’s a tough one. I love so many different kinds of fruits but I guess if it came down to choosing one, at the moment I love Nectarines!
I haven’t had a bad one this season, they’re so sweet and juicy and taste so good as my afternoon snack with some yoghurt.
In saying that I only love the yellow nectarines. I find the white flesh ones are a bit on the bitter side but will still eat them if that’s all that’s available!

Question 32. Are you on a diet or are you making this a lifestyle?
This is a lifestyle, I want to change my life for the better and become a healthier person. No diet will ever succeed in helping people to change and stay that way but a lifestyle change will!
My goal is to be active and eat healthier.
There is no ” you can’t have that” or “you can no longer eat bread” these things don’t help you to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It comes down to moderation and acceptance.
Two things I’m still learning!

Question 33. Do you take your meals from home to work? If so, what do you usually prepare?
I sure do! And I prepare lots of different things.
In the last 6 months I have not eaten cafeteria food at my workplace, kudos to me!
For a mid morning snack it’s usually a piece of fruit or a small fruit salad with a Jarrah hot chocolate.
For lunch it varies. I’ve been loving toasted tuna sandwiches with Laughing Cow cheese! But I do always fall back onto my Mountain Bread wraps with turkey or chicken and some Laughing cow cheese as well, so yummy!! Plus I throw in some vegies, a carrot or some tomatoes, yum!
For an afternoon snack it’s lately been yoghurt, some much needed protein to get me through the 3pm slump! I sometimes bring a pack of  popcorn to chew on in the afternoon when I feel like something savoury though.

Amydeville xoxo