Here We Go Again!

I did it, I bit the bullet and signed up for another round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT (Round 2 2013).
Lately I’ve seen myself fall back into old habits. Not necessarily putting on weight but sneaking in chocolate here, skipping exercise there and before I know it I’ll be back to my old, sad sack self! AH NO! I don’t want to go back there!
The only reason I didn’t sign up for the current round is because of the money situation but this time around I’m willing to sacrifice a bit of cash for my goals.
I will also be doing a 12 Week Challenge with my best buddy and PT Ray soon so this “body project” of mine will no doubt consume my life very soon!
I’m ready to get back on the bandwagon (after this cold I have goes away!) and really start to focus on my goals and what I want to achieve out of not just the next round but for the rest of this year!

Be about it!

Amydeville xoxo


Food Intolerances – There is Hope!

These days there are SO many people out there with food intolerances. I’ve read that up to 20% of Australians have an Intolerance, whether it be to Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Fructose or other foods. That’s a pretty big number! I think it’s crazy how one 5th of Australians are suffering with an intolerance and the horrible side effects that come with it!

I myself don’t suffer too much from having any intolerances although when I consume too much dairy my stomach doesn’t really have a great time digesting it and after going to a Naturopath I found out I have an intolerance for apple skin (weird I know!).

But having an intolerance isn’t the be all end all!
You can still enjoy plenty of great tasting foods while giving up the food that upsets your Intestines!
I have a friend with Lactose Intolerance and she still enjoys chocolate (even if it is dairy free) and she’s recently gotten into raw cooking which uses foods that are intolerant free (unless of course you’re intolerant to dates or other fresh produce, or apple skins like me!!) So there is always other options out there!
Plenty of Supermarkets here in Australia now stock Intolerant friendly foods too which is fantastic! People Intolerant to Gluten now have the option to purchase gluten free pasta by a great brand Orgran along with plenty of dairy free biscuits and even cereals too!

If you’re unsure of what kinds of resources are out there to help you find foods that are friendly to your stomach you can always approach a Nutritionist, Dietician or even a Naturopath and ask for their advice.
There is hope yet for us all!

gluten free

10 Dairy Free Sources of Calcium

Amydeville xoxo

What is Emotional/Binge Eating?

I have a new looking blog! Just thought I would change things up a bit and make it a little easier on the eyes! I’m digging it so far.

I’ll start by saying that I am FINALLY away from my plateau! Yay me! And by a whole Kilo too!! Weigh in Wednesday is once again one of my favourite days of the week. I have to put thanks to keeping a Food & Emotion Diary though (and thank you to Chelsea as well for organising the daily swap & keeping me accountable!)
I have been sticking to my 1200 limit and actually seeing results. I knew it worked in the past for me and it still works now. I just needed that extra push to get me back on track.

What I want to talk about in this post is “Emotional Eating” not just emotional eating on itself though but also “Binge Eating”.
These two topics are bought up constantly throughout the support group I joined when I was doing the 12WBT (JFDI Dames). Every week one of the girls or even myself get onto our forum and have a moment of truth where we let it all out. “Why on Earth did I eat a block of chocolate?!” “Why can’t I seem to stop myself from doing this on a regular basis?” “Do I have a problem?”.

binge eating
 I’d always heard about Bulimia and also Anorexia but I had never heard of BED – Binge Eating Disorder. The more I researched it, the more I realised that it really is out there and that there is a higher percentage of people with this disorder then both Bulimia and Anorexia.
“Binge eating disorder is a mental health difficulty that can impact greatly on a person’s life. There are a number of unique characteristics as well as causes of binge eating disorder, and it can have some serious impacts on both physical and mental health. If you’re concerned that you might be experiencing binge eating disorder, there are a number of things you can do which can help.” (taken from
It says after the description that you might have this disorder if you eat heaps of food all the time, are worried about your food intake and if you feel you have to hide the amount of food you eat.
It then goes on to show you some characteristics of BED.

– Feeling that your eating is out of control
– Eating what most people would consider to be a large or excess of food on a regular basis
– Eating to point of feeling uncomfortable
– Eating large amounts of food, even when you’re not hungry
– Being secretive about what is eaten and when
– Being embarrassed about the amount of food eaten
– Felling disgusted, depressed, or guilty about over eating

It also shows some causes of why people do this as well:
– Feeling alone or isolated from other people
– Participation in very competitive sports or dance
– Stressful life events
– Feeling bad about yourself (negative self-evaluation)
– Low self-esteem
– A family history of eating disorders

If you would like to read more about this go to and check out the site, there is also a section on where you should seek help from as well and talks a bit about support groups.

I myself can tick quite a few of those boxes if I’m being honest!
In the past I have eaten terribly and always felt bad about it but now that I have a goal and something to work towards I have gotten a hell of a lot better!
I still plan on seeking the professional advice of a Registered Dietician though to see whether they can help me to really clean my eating and habits up and help to devise a good solid eating plan.

So what do I do to combat my own binge eating and emotional eating? Well there is a few little things I do throughout the day to help me get through it!

1. Eat More! Not necessarily upping my calories but eating more frequently throughout the day. I eat at least 5 times a day, sometimes 6 if I need to boost my calories at the end of the day. I make sure I get a lot of fruit and veg in through the day aswell, some days I eat better than others but I’m only human!

2. Ask yourself Why. Why are you eating to oblivion? What emotion is pushing you to do this? Are you actually hungry?

3. Drink Water! H2O is your best friend! People and even myself sometimes mistake dehydration for hunger. Make sure you’re getting enough water through the day. Aim for 2 litres at the least and chug away!

4. Clean out the Cupboard. This was one of the first exercises that Michelle Bridges makes her 12WBT do! Go through your cupboard and just throw away all the junk or you could even give it to your family or friends. Don’t put it in a bag out of sight, just get rid of it all out of the house! No temptations means no Bingeing!

5. Get moving! Try to aim for 30 minutes a day of exercise. But even if you don’t have the time for that try to get at least 10 minutes in! Or through the day got for a walk while on your lunch break, just anything! As long as you’re moving you’re not thinking of food!

6. Keep a food & emotion diary. I do this myself and I find it’s the BEST thing to keep me accountable and on top of my nutrition. I fill out my nutrition for the day in the morning before I head off to work and then fill in the gaps as the day progresses, adding in water consumption and my emotions, especially if I’m stressed (this happens a lot at work) I find because I keep the diary and share it with a few others I am more likely to stick to healthy eating through the day and make sure I’m eating enough calories too!

If you do all of the above you’re bound to not only jump over the hurdles that binge/emotion eating brings but you may also even lose weight!
If it works for me it should work for you too!

Just before I go I wanted to share my delicious dinner that I had last night! I used the Celebrate Health Recipe Base – Indian Butter Chicken and it was so damn good!!
I got 3 serves out of it with a bit of rice for 336 calories!! You can check out my recipe for it if you have an Instagram account. My User Name is of course: Amydeville

Celebrate Health Indian Butter Chicken

Amydeville xoxo

Food Diary & The Biggest Loser 2013!

Yesterday after finishing up work for the day I headed to Curtin University to finish up a study I have been a part of for the last 8-9 months. The Study was run by the Public Health Section at the Uni and was called “The CHAT Study” – Connecting Health & Technology. I was more than happy to be a part of their study not only for the perks of them giving me Itunes vouchers and Movie tickets for participating but because it’s really cool to see these health professionals create a new App that can aid people in losing weight and cleaning up their diets with the help of a professional.
The first time I started the study 8-9 months ago the people running it had to take my current weight and my height. Since that first day I have lost 13kg! The Dietician who took my results yesterday was so incredibly surprised and genuinely happy for me which in turn made me feel pretty damn fabulous! Not only was she pleased with my weight loss but she was even more surprised to find out that I have been keeping a food & emotion diary.
Part of the study was to use an App which asked for you to take pictures before and after eating using an iPod and a Marker (colour board) so that the Dietician had an idea of portion size and also what you were eating.
Yesterday when I went in to hand back the iPod I sat with the Dietician and she asked questions about the food in the pictures I took. She had asked me in particular what I had put into my “Turkey Spaghetti” that I had for dinner one night and I told her I had all the ingredients and calories in my diary. She was amazed and so glad I had kept a record saying that “Not many people do this, God I wish all my clients were like you!”
It’s a good feeling!

Turkey Slim Pasta Spagehtti

After I got home from Curtin University it was time for dinner! I had some Roast Pumpkin Soup in the freezer from when I did my last batch so I took that out and had a Wholemeal Sandwich thin with it, was absolutely yummy. I forgot how amazing Pumpkin Soup was! One of the best thing about Winter is all the yummy soups I can make & enjoy!

After dinner it was time to get into watching The Biggest Loser: Next Generation. I had missed the first episode on Sunday night so I quickly watched the episode on the website then got comfy and watched last nights episode.

Biggest loser 2013 next generation
I don’t know if you’ve been watching it but oh my god I was a bit of a blubbering mess trying to keep the tears in. Not only is it such an emotional thing to want to lose weight and be healthier but these people are doing it with their sons and daughters!
The thing that got me the most was when the parents were saying it was their fault their child was so overweight/obese. As much as parents do and can play a role in the weight gain it is ultimately up to the individual to say “no” instead of just going with the flow and I’m glad that all of the children on the show said “No it’s not your fault, I should have said no!” It was incredibly moving and it would have been a weight off their shoulders as well to come clean and be really honest with themselves. Thank god I had Jed snuggling with me last night while watching it! hehe

Jed watching biggest loser 2013 with me

So getting back to the Food Diary business.
Last week I really started to document everything nutrition wise along with my emotions at the time through the day as well to see if there is a trigger that sets me off.
A friend Chelsea, who has an amazing blog at which you should check out! Posted in Facebook about starting a food diary and sending it to each other every day for accountability (With another friend as well). Adding in all of the food we are eating, the exercise we are doing and also how we’re feeling through the day as well.
I have to say her little exercise is really helping me stay on track and helping me to make better choices! (Except yesterday, I made a terrible decision to eat chocolate!) But I feel more engaged into tracking my calories now and actually owning up to my faults through the day.
Below is my Food Diary from Yesterday March 18th:

Monday 18th March - 1

Monday 18th March - 2

Monday 18th March - 3

Monday 18th March - 4

Monday 18th March - 5

Monday 18th March - 6

 Today is a new day and I intend to beat the chocolate!
I’m feeling more refreshed today and ready to put in 100%!

Do you keep a Food Diary? Or even an Exercise Diary for accountability?

Amydeville xoxo

Another New Year Ahead of Me

I turned 23 last Friday! Happy Birthday to me!
I was lucky enough to have the day off of work to relax and get ready for the weekend. Friday morning me and my lovely mum went into the city to try and find me something to wear for Saturday night. I ended up at a fantastic shop, Burlesque Baby (my favourite shop) and bought an amazing red leopard print skirt and a black top to match. The ladies working there were incredibly helpful as I tried on what seemed like a million dresses, tops and skirts. I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of my ensemble but I’ll be certain to wear it again!
after a quick shop I caught up with some very lovely ladies for lunch. I hadn’t seen one of my girls in 5 weeks since she’s been working away so it was great to catch up on the goss! Friday night was dinner at the in laws (Nope I’m not married but there all family to me!) we had some delicious Chinese food and I was spoilt with a humungous cake and so many presents! Oh so spoilt!! This year’s birthday definitely held a theme to it though! Chris bought me a new bike!! I couldn’t believe it!! And his parents bought me a whole bunch of new fitness toys! Hand weights, 2 medicine balls, ankle weights and a mat that you use to do sit ups with, I’ve never even seen that before! It gave me a good push to do more exercise as I’ve been slacking off lately!
Here are a few pictures below:

 23rd birthday cake time to blow out some candles!

Excited about my present from Chris!

My new bike :)

Saturday night I had booked a booth at a local bar Tiger Lil’s. It’s such a great little place and the music is amazing! I ordered some platters of food which were devoured and had a great time spending the night with friends!
Here’s a little pic of Chris and I:

23rd birthday tiger lils - yep we're normal!

So of course I ate way too much and yes I actually had a few drinks! I can tell you now I’m not a big drinker or really a drinker at that! I had 3 and a half drinks and even that felt like way too much for me, but I had a great time and know it’s not something that happens frequently. I splurged, but in my defence it was my birthday weekend and it only comes around once a year.

I haven’t been as active on my blog the past few weeks and it’s put down to me struggling a little bit. My weight has plateaued, although I can only blame myself for that! I haven’t been eating very great lately, just shovelling in whatever is in front of me but I have started fresh today and am trying to really stick to my goals for this year. Turning 23 has made me realise I’m an adult (even though I did kind of know that before) and I need to start really picking up my game if I want to live a long healthy life without health complications.
I have decided that I’m going to see a Registered Dietician and get some good professional advice as to what I should be eating and how much, along with helping me with my mental battle with food. I’ve had some big light bulb moments the past week and I’m ready to seek out professional help so I am able to reach my goal as healthy as possible!

Amydeville xoxo