Week 1 Down!

Week one is down and it’s onto week two with gusto!
How did my week 1 go?
Well my Monday to Friday went pretty great, I kept to my calories and worked out and tried some new recipes which was nice. Saturday & Sunday… well, I didn’t quite stick to the plan.
Weekends really are my down fall. I get “relaxed” and then I make poor nutrition choices even though the voice in the back of my mind is asking “why?”.
For the weekend coming I’m going to devise a plan of attack to get me through. Plan my nutrition better for those two days and execute it! Maybe I’ll tell myself that it’s a “test” maybe that way it’ll help me to stick to it better to see if I actually can stick to my calories.
Aside from having a poor nutrition weekend everything else was great. I worked out 3 days, which is what I set out to achieve and I felt good about the program.

I tried Mish’s Stroganoff recipe which is delicious by the way! I really don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before in the previous rounds! Instead of the usual beef though I used Kangaroo and it was super yummy!

Kangaroo stroganoff

Taken from my Instagram account: amydeville

I told myself that in this round I would try some new recipes and mix it up a bit to keep things fresh and new!

I wasn’t only in the kitchen over the weekend though. I also went out with the girls to see the Wayans Brothers show at the Regal Theatre. We had a great night and yes I ate something naughty for dinner.
We decided on “Mad Mex” and I had some nachos with guacamole which were delicious! I didn’t eat it all though it was incredibly filling! I think that was where my nutrition for the weekend went down hill though so I need to work on my choices when I go out as well and try to make the better one.

Wayans brothers Regal Theatre

V and I - The bathroom selfie!

Thought I’d add in a picture of the theatre and also the must be taken bathroom selfie! This is Me and V before the show!

We had a great night out and had some much needed laughs!

So what is my plan of attack for week 2?
Well aside from sticking to my 1200 calorie limit I’m aiming for another 3 workouts. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday (Hopefully I’ll have my HRM for them!)
I want to be more aware of what I’m eating too, I don’t eat my meals fast at all, I’m such a slow eater but what I want to achieve is to be aware of the taste and texture and take my time chewing every bite so that I really experience what the flavour is.
I want to plan out my weekend meals and snacks before it hits that way I know exactly what I’ll be having for the day and all I have to so is just stick to it!

How did you go in Week 1?
Do you have a plan for week 2 at all? Or are you following the program to a T?
Let me know!!

Amydeville xoxo


14 thoughts on “Week 1 Down!

  1. Hey Amy
    Nacho’s and guacamole are a fairly healthy choice – and remember that Mish allows treat meals so don’t feel disheartened. Pickup where you left off, Sunday is a new day, and this is for life too. I know it feels like it isn’t achieveable yet but your mindset cogs are turning over slowly each day and it will get easier.

    • Thanks Chels 🙂 you always know the right things to say! I know it’s not the absolute worst choice of foods out there but I know I need to pick up my game a little bit and really put in some damn good effort!
      I know what you mean, I can “almost” feel the cogs turning but it’s a slow process! x

  2. Mad Mex isn’t bad! They also have a full interactive nutritional thingy on their website so you can figure out the calories. I used to get their naked chicken burrito and keep it under 300 cals 🙂 Totally love the stroganoff too, I should try it with kangaroo!

    • Oh my god, serious Daisy?! I wish I knew about this before haha!! 🙂 thanks for the heads up hun! Mmm that burrito sounds really nice too, I might have a look into this 🙂
      The Stroganoff is so great! I had no idea it would be so yummy and the kangaroo went really great with it too! 🙂 definitley give it a try x

  3. Week one went well for me, exercise wise.
    I didn’t get to start the nutrition plan until friday due to my location but so far SOOOOO GOOD!
    My Nan is coming to stay with me from this Thursday so i’ll definitely follow all of the plans to a T for week 2 & 3. Excited!

    That’s something i really need to learn to do…Eat slowly. I am a Mother of very active children so i don’t usually get to do anything on my own. But eating slowly is something i really need to figure out 🙂

    • Hi Mae!
      Sounds like you’re doing great! 🙂 Were you still watching your calorie intake those days before getting into the nutrition plan side of things? Aw that’s really lovely that your nan will be coming to stay with you, plus she’ll probably even help you to get organised for the weeks ahead! 🙂

      I can imagine it would be pretty damn difficult to have some time on your own to really focus on how you’re eating when you have crazy kids running around :p Maybe, if their young enough, you could get them to join in and make it into a game or something along those lines 🙂
      If and when I have children, people are going to think I’m insane haha!!

      • I was most definitely watching my calories.
        I am finding it easier then i thought. I had never actively tried to count/watch my calories.
        but now it’s easier to follow the plan.

        I am pretty good at eating only what i am instructed to eat and the kids love the food i am making. My Son is obsessed with Kangaroo!
        We had the rare roast beef & cottage cheese wrap we swapped the roast beef with kangaroo and he loved it!
        So did I!

        My Son is 5 in June so including him is something he loves!
        Nothing insane about working your life so it is easier on you.
        Including your children will be one of the lovely things they will remember about you as they grow up. 🙂

      • I never really tracked my calories before the 12wbt but like you said it gets easier and it’s so much easier to also follow the plan as well. I thought calorie counting would be tough but we do get used to logging it all in and figuring it all out 🙂

        How much easier is it to just have a plan and to follow it though? I love having all of the thinking taken out of the equation and just doing it 🙂
        That’s so awesome that your son loves kangaroo!! OMG yum! I’m yet to try that sandwich 🙂 haha I can’t believe he likes the kangaroo that’s just so cool!
        Aw that’s beautiful 🙂 I bet he really loves getting to spend the extra time with you too and would no doubt help you out in the kitchen. I completely agree, I know if I did have children I would definitley be including them in all the cooking and also doing some fun workouts too! They really do love being involved 🙂 sounds like you’re a great mum Mae! x

  4. I am going to have to try the stroganoff with kangaroo! Did you just cut it into really fine strips? I had a bad weekend too – aka tummy bug 😦 Planning your strategy for weekends sounds like a plan, may have to steal your idea there 🙂

    • Anita it was so yummy with the Kangaroo, plus it lowers the calories too! That’s right, I just cut it into thin strips and popped it in the pan. I’m actually going to make this again tonight, it’s just so good haha!
      Oh no, that’s horrible to hear! Are you feeling any better today? Had it left your system? Poor thing 😦 it definitley doesn’t help when you’re trying to do the healthy thing too.
      Yes, weekends are ALWAYS my down fall! It’s about time I got myself organised and devised a plan to get over my weekend “food splurging” 🙂 x

      • Hiya!
        Yes all better today, did a 45 min cardio and burnt 500 cal so feeling a lot better. I really missed exercise when I was sick. I am going to try the roo strog next week – even my girls (9 & 3) eat roo – winning!
        Thanks for the reply, hope tomorrows weigh in goes well 🙂

      • Glad to hear you’re feeling much better! 🙂
        Wow that’s a great burn! Good work hun! plus it would have helped to get rid of the tummy bug, sweat it all out!
        I’m abit the same, I miss it when I get really sick, it just throws a spanner in the works!
        That’s so awesome that your girls love roo!! It’s so tasty and so incredibly good for you! 🙂
        I’m down another 400 grams so I was stoked! Hope your weigh in goes great!! x

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