Week 5 – New Start

I’m back!
So sorry I’ve been away and neglecting my beautiful little blog! I promise to never stay too far away again!
To be honest I have just been super busy. Work is busy, life is busy, doing assignments keep me busy. The list could go on but no more excuses I’m back and writing again.

I have one more night of evening classes and then I’m free! Bring on Wednesday night I say!

So what’s been going on in the wonderful world of the 12WBT?
Well, last week was week 4 and also our “mini milestone” week where we re-do the fitness test and also re-take our measurements.
I haven’t really lost a whole lot of weight so far in this round but I have lost a few centimetres which makes me feel a whole lot better!
So far this week I have really picked up my game and gotten back on the bandwagon.
Weekends completely derail my efforts but I’m putting in 100% this week because I want to start seeing some damn good results!

Week 4 Mini Milestone

I’ve had a cm loss of 4.5cm which is great but I know it could be better! For week 8 I want a much better result and I’m going to aim high and really push myself to stick to my nutrition and get more exercise in because my course will be finished (Yay!)

We’re currently in week 5 and things are going pretty good. My cold is still hanging on which really sucks but I’m trying my hardest to kick it!
Heading to the gym tonight to stretch out my poor little calves who are still hurting from last weeks workouts!
Have a great day everyone!

Amydeville xoxo


Pre-Season Has Arrived!

It’s Pre-Season time!
That’s right, us 12WBT’ers who have signed up for Round 2 of 2013 are currently in our first week of Pre-Season Tasks and as always it’s a big eye opener. I know I’ve come a long way in terms of fitness and weight loss but I know I still have a fair bit to go yet until I hit my first goal weight and I know I need help doing it, which is one of my main reasons for joining up for another round.
The Pre-Season tasks are so important to how you travel through the 12 weeks of the program, which kicks off in 24 days on the 13th of May. They are designed for us to get used to planning and goal setting, really nutting out what it is that we want to achieve in the next month, 3 months, a year and even beyond that.
From experience I can tell you it’s a bit scary writing down what it is that you want to achieve. I know I certainly doubt myself as I goal set, “Will I really achieve that?” “I wonder if that’s even possible”. I know that my goals are achievable though because they are “SMART” I’ll get into that a bit more in my next post though.
In this post I wanted to talk about Mish’s first Pre-Season Task (she sets out 8 tasks over 4 weeks for members). The first task is really important and it’s all about being real and being honest with yourself.
It’s about EXCUSES.
We all use them, especially when it’s for something that we really don’t want to do, like waking up earlier, having to exercise, having to eat the healthier option. I know I sure as hell don’t really want to do any of those things but I do them or at least try to do them because I know they benefit me in the long run.

Mish Quotes

So what kind of excuses are out there in regards to fitness and eating healthier? Well I can tell you there are lots! I use them quite a lot, especially over the last few months where I have gone a bit towards “relaxed mode” and gone, “oh it’s ok, I’ll just have a little bit” or “Surely missing one training session won’t hurt”. Well it does because I’m allowing these excuses to resurface and slowly turn myself back into that bigger, unhappy person I was 6 months ago. I definitely don’t want that!

So, there are 3 types of excuses.
1. Internal Excuses – those excuses we make with ourselves in our heads to get out of doing something we really don’t want to, kind of like bargaining in a way.
My internal excuses are:
– I just really can’t be bothered
– I’m way too tired to workout today
– I’ve eaten something crappy/unhealthy so I may as well just keep eating crap and go into a slippery slope
– It’s been a long day at work, I’m so tired and stressed, I really don’t want to go to the gym and the traffic is going to suck!
– What if I do a move at the gym and I look like a complete idiot doing it? Someones bound to be watching and judging me

Solutions: JUST DO IT! Get the workout over with. If I’m genuinely tired then I can always do it in the afternoon after I finish work. It doesn’t matter when you do it, just that you actually do it.
As for the slippery slope of eating “naughty” things, well I just have to make sure I don’t allow one slip up to turn into a whole day of slip ups!

2. External Excuses (Within my control) – those excuses that are external factors BUT they are still well within my control.
– It’s really cold outside today, I think I can skip a workout
– It’s really hot today, the thought of working out just doesn’t do it for me!
– It’s heading into winter, it’s raining and it’s really dark outside!
– Eating healthy is really expensive, I can’t afford that!

Solutions: If and when I do workout outside and the weather affects me in any way there is always something I can do, put on a jumper or wear less layers, buy workout clothes that allow my body to breathe. Or now that I have a gym membership I can always just take a drive to Fernwood and do my workout there. There is always something I can do, no excuses!
Eating ANYTHING is expensive these days! I just need to learn to budget better and use my money for food sparingly on fresh produce and foods that I know will last a little while longer.

3. External Excuses (Outside my control) – those excuses that I really can’t control, it’s out of my hands.
– What happens if I’m at the gym and something happens while I’m not at home?
– What happens if Chris goes into a Diabetic coma or something happens with his levels and I’m not there to help him?

Solutions: If either of those things happen I’ll just have to drop what I’m doing and just get to where I need to be. There really isn’t a solution for either of these situations I just hope they never happen though!

As you can see there are A LOT of excuses flying all over the place here! I can’t say I have ever used the External Excuses that aren’t within my control, but you just never know!

What are your excuses? Are they similar to mine? Do you find that you ever slip back into using these excuses even though you know better? Don’t worry I do to, no one is perfect!

So I’ll let you know that my Cert II in Makeup course is going pretty great! I’m still so flat out with learning to juggle work, gym and studying but I’m getting there!
I just tell myself that there is always someone busier then me right now who can find a way to workout and do everything else!
I’m learning to juggle these things even though I’m absolutely knackered by the end of the day but I’m glad I can come home and feel like I’ve achieved something!
Last night I picked a few more things for my beauty bag too! Slowly accumulating a mass amount of makeup brushes and everything else a good makeup artist needs!

Makeup loot

Amydeville xoxo