Week 6 So Far!

I have to say I had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday was spent getting my hair done for 3 hours, that’s right 3 hours that’s how damn long it is/was! Well it’s still pretty long but I had some colour put through it too! I haven’t had my hair done in about 2 to 3 years so this was definitely needed!

New Hair! 
Aside from getting my hair done and feeling pampered I also spent some time just chilling out and not worrying about having to complete assignments or anything because I’m officially finished my course and will be getting my Cert II soon, yay me! Being qualified in something I love makes me incredibly happy!
On Sunday morning I got up nice and early so that my favourite PT, Ray, could come and pick me up and take me to the foreshore for one of his killer boot camp sessions and killer it was! I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t vomit!
Ray set up a circuit of roughly 10 exercises and all of them brought the pain especially his “unbalanced shoulder presses” OUCH! I felt it in my poor shoulders yesterday and today! The battle ropes were also pretty intense considering I’ve never really done them before. I think they’re now on my list of dislikes for exercises, man do they hurt and who would have thought that rope would be so damn heavy!?
After the gruelling workout we headed to Fast Eddy’s for some much needed sustenance!

Sunday Funday!
Battle Ropes

We are now in week 6 of the 12WBT, half way! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly, I’ll be in Adelaide partying it up in no time with my beautiful JFDI Dames!

I expected to lose a lot more weight for this round but unfortunately I haven’t put in the effort for that to happen. I could blame it on my stress with work and study but when it comes down to it there should be no excuses! I should know better of all people.

Tomorrow is our week 6 weigh in and I’m hoping I get a loss, I’ll take anything even 100 grams! I’m feeling more focused this week and know what I want to achieve and I will make sure I get a better loss for the remainder of this round!

Last night, due to not having class, yay! I actually had time to make myself some delicious dinner!
I decided to try a new 12WBT recipe and went with the “Chicken & Leek Pie” although I completely forgot to buy a leek so I used onion instead!
The recipe is delicious!! I absolutely love it! Because my ramekins are very small I got to have 2 little pies coming in at only 290 calories for the the two!
If you haven’t tried this one yet, get onto it! definitely a winter warmer.

Chicken & Onion Pie

Amydeville xoxo


Week 3 WIW

The weekend just gone and this week have been flat out for me!
I apologise for the late post but life is hectic for the moment, especially with trying to finish up my Cert II in Makeup! Only one more week of classes and I’ll be qualified, yay!

So, yesterday was “Weigh in Wednesday!” that’s right, Week 3 weigh in, I can’t belive we’re in week 3 already, it just blows my mind how quick these weeks have been going!
I was so stoked to have a pretty decent loss of 700 grams!
I’ve now lost 2.4% as well which is awesome, Oh how I love seeing the number on the scales go down!

Week 3 Weigh In

Over the weekend I was flat out completing my Portfolio for my Cert II so I literally didn’t have time to fit in a workout. I was up early doing my portfolio and I was up late at night too.
I actually really wanted to get my sweat on too but I knew I needed to put in as much time as possible to get my assingment done!
Once my course is finished though I’ll be back into my old routine and sweating it out!
I did get to fit a workout in on Friday after work though! YAY! Throughout the day last week I really didn’t want to go at all but when I got there I got into the zone and just got it done, JFDI!

Workout Friday 24th May

The same can be said for this Tuesday’s workout. I was not wanting to go through the day while I was at work but I just kept looking at my gym bag on the floor next to me and knew that I just needed to do it and get it done!
I would have worked out for longer but I had to head home so that I could make some time to cook up a few serves of dinner!

Workout Tues 28th May

How did everyone else go with their weigh in?
And how have you been going with your workouts?
Have you been a bit like me, the thought of working out just isn’t doing it for you at the moment? You can be honest, hehe.

Amydeville xoxo

Week 1 Down!

Week one is down and it’s onto week two with gusto!
How did my week 1 go?
Well my Monday to Friday went pretty great, I kept to my calories and worked out and tried some new recipes which was nice. Saturday & Sunday… well, I didn’t quite stick to the plan.
Weekends really are my down fall. I get “relaxed” and then I make poor nutrition choices even though the voice in the back of my mind is asking “why?”.
For the weekend coming I’m going to devise a plan of attack to get me through. Plan my nutrition better for those two days and execute it! Maybe I’ll tell myself that it’s a “test” maybe that way it’ll help me to stick to it better to see if I actually can stick to my calories.
Aside from having a poor nutrition weekend everything else was great. I worked out 3 days, which is what I set out to achieve and I felt good about the program.

I tried Mish’s Stroganoff recipe which is delicious by the way! I really don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before in the previous rounds! Instead of the usual beef though I used Kangaroo and it was super yummy!

Kangaroo stroganoff

Taken from my Instagram account: amydeville

I told myself that in this round I would try some new recipes and mix it up a bit to keep things fresh and new!

I wasn’t only in the kitchen over the weekend though. I also went out with the girls to see the Wayans Brothers show at the Regal Theatre. We had a great night and yes I ate something naughty for dinner.
We decided on “Mad Mex” and I had some nachos with guacamole which were delicious! I didn’t eat it all though it was incredibly filling! I think that was where my nutrition for the weekend went down hill though so I need to work on my choices when I go out as well and try to make the better one.

Wayans brothers Regal Theatre

V and I - The bathroom selfie!

Thought I’d add in a picture of the theatre and also the must be taken bathroom selfie! This is Me and V before the show!

We had a great night out and had some much needed laughs!

So what is my plan of attack for week 2?
Well aside from sticking to my 1200 calorie limit I’m aiming for another 3 workouts. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday (Hopefully I’ll have my HRM for them!)
I want to be more aware of what I’m eating too, I don’t eat my meals fast at all, I’m such a slow eater but what I want to achieve is to be aware of the taste and texture and take my time chewing every bite so that I really experience what the flavour is.
I want to plan out my weekend meals and snacks before it hits that way I know exactly what I’ll be having for the day and all I have to so is just stick to it!

How did you go in Week 1?
Do you have a plan for week 2 at all? Or are you following the program to a T?
Let me know!!

Amydeville xoxo

It Has Begun! Round 2 2013 Is Underway

DAY 1 is here!
That’s right, Round 2 2013 has begun today!

Over the course of Friday and Saturday I completed my Fitness Test and also my Measurements.
Below are the results I got:

Week 1 12wbt Measurements & Fitness

It’s a bit blurry I know!
My measurements from left to right are for my chest, waist, hips, right thigh and right arm (in cms).
The fitness test left to right begins with push ups on my toes, the box is empty because I still find it difficult to execute these! I definitely need to work on my upper body strength!
It then goes to push ups on my knees, the sit & reach test (flexibility), 3km bike ride time trial, wall sit and then ab strength (planking).
Both my wall sit and plank are pretty terrible times but it gives me something to improve which is a plus! Not to mention I had my dog in my face the whole time, he likes to join in!
My starting weight, which was taken on Saturday, for this round is 80.6kg it’s a little up probably because it was the weekend but that’s ok, again it’s something I intend to make smaller!

 I was a busy bee on the weekend!
not only did I do my fitness test and measurements, I spent some time grocery shopping and also cooking up some food for the first week. I will no doubt be back in the kitcken through the week though!
I went through the recipes on the 12WBT index and came across a “Sweet Potato Stew”  I was so excited to see some lovely new recipes! Yay! So I had to make it. The smell of all of the spices together was absolutely amazing! It reminded me of Mexican cooking and well we all know I love Mexican food!

Sweet Potato Stew

I then decided to cook up a batch of “Banana Bread” except I decided to make them into muffins instead of a loaf. At least as muffins I can control my portions better!
I’ve made this before and I just love the flavour. its the perfect snack!

Banana Bread Muffins

If you’re doing this round let me know how your first day has started. Did you prepare any meals over the weekend?
How are you feeling about Day 1 of the Round?

Amydeville xoxo

Getting the Mojo Back!

Hump day is here! And we all know what that means? That’s right “Weigh in Wednesday”.
I’ve FINALLY broken my plateau and am down 400 grams!
I’ve been really on to my nutrition this week and it has paid off. Aside from keeping my nutrition journal I’ve also gotten back into seeking out new healthy recipes which always gets me excited! I love trying new foods and when they’re delicious it’s even better!
I realise I’ve been pretty damn slack lately and it’s shown on the scales but thankfully I’ve had a few light bulb moments lately and they’re pushing me back in to the right direction, I can see the light again at the end of the tunnel and I’m not giving up!
Sometimes I think the universe is really looking out for me and this week it’s definitely been on my side!
Yesterday Ms Bridges sent me an email and it was all about how to get your Mojo back, how appropriate?! It was just what I needed to read and although it didn’t say “get off your ass you lazy sloth” it did remind me that I need to get a better night’s sleep and to get back into my morning exercise. Check & Check, Roger that!!
This morning I went onto my Facebook and was surprised to see I had an update that I was tagged in a picture by my favourite PT friend Ray on his fitness page.

you are intense!

How appropriate is that?!
It’s just what I needed this morning, it’s like he knew exactly what I needed and there it was!
It makes me realise how far I have come since September last year, it makes me want to push on and reach my goals and it makes me want to be a better person & version of myself!!
So as you can see the universe is clearly on my side this week and I’m taking full advantage of that!

Last night I got inspired and decided to try another 12WBT recipe.
The original recipe was for Spaghetti & Meatballs but seeing as though I’m pretty terrible with meatballs I decided to just make a bolognaise sauce.
The best thing about bolognaise is that you can hide plenty of veggies in the sauce and not even notice! The herbs and tomato just over power everything and I’m really ok with this.
I tweaked the recipe slightly by using Kangaroo mince and also wholemeal pasta, being fuller for longer is always the better option! Plenty of protein and good carbs!

Kangaroo Spaghetti

I made 3 servings at 297 calories each. I added a bit of parmesan cheese to my serve last night though so the calories were bumped up very slightly but none the less a perfectly healthy, filling, low calorie dinner!
Some people are put off by the thought of eating Kangaroo and I can completely understand why, it’s not really an animal that a lot of people would think of eating, it’s not the usual chicken, pork, beef or lamb but it is just as delicious, sorry to the vegetarians out there!
Kangaroo meat is a really great high-quality source of protein, Low in fat and has plenty of omega 3’s as well as lower calories compared to other meats! I.e. “A 150 gram serve of Kangaroo fillet or steak typically provides 643 kilojoules, that’s 153 calories!” (Taken from Macro Meats website)
Plus it actually tastes pretty damn good! It’s a win win in my book.

So now onto my 80 questions because I’ve been slack and really need to get back into it!
Question 20
Do you focus more on getting lean and mean or tiny and fragile?
Well I never ever want to be tiny and fragile that’s for sure!
I want to be healthy and glowing. Lean & mean is where I want to head but I don’t necessarily want to be absolutely shredded! I want to have muscle and look toned and fit. My goal body would be something close to Michelle Bridges physique when she’s not absolutely shredding it!

Question 21
Write your current weight. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?
Current weight is 78.9kg
I have dropped 400 grams in the last week, hallelujah!
I have beaten my plateau and am back on track to the body I want and the goals I want to achieve!!
I have plans to keep doing what I’m doing as I’m hoping to be down to 75kg by the end of this round. But if I don’t quite reach that goal it’s ok because I will continue to work towards it and smash it out!

Question 22
How much water do you usually drink in a day?
Lots?! I can’t say I track my water intake too much because I always make sure I’m hydrated! I bring a 700ml bottle to work with me and fill it up at least 6 – 7 times through the day which would mean close to 4 Litres a day or more!
I drink water constantly throughout the day, as soon as I get up I have a glass and then even right before bed I usually have a little sip to get me through the night.
It’s incredibly important to stay hydrated!

Before I go I wanted to announce that I’m going to be a student again!
I know, Scary stuff!! I haven’t studied in 5 years so I’m a bit nervous but excited too because it’s something I’m passionate about!
I’ll be studying my Certificate II in Retail Makeup & Skin Care Services.
I feel like I’m at a point in my life where I need to make some positive decisions that will help me in the future.
Beauty is an industry that will never die, woman always want to look and feel beautiful so I know I will never be out of work with this career move! Plus it’s something I really love doing! I don’t start studying until April but I’m officially enrolled and now have an even better excuse to buy makeup!!

I'm going to be a student!

Amydeville xoxo

Your body is Perfect!

Last night I watched our (12WBT’ers) Sunday video and was surprised by what Mish had to say to us.
“Your body is Perfect”
That’s right, that’s what she had to say to us. Of course she said more but that was the main high light for me to hear. Our bodies are perfect. Your body, my body, Mish’s body even the guy next to you on the train. Our bodies are ALL perfect!
But how?!
Well, Mish goes on to justify her remark in saying that essentially our bodies are perfect machines, they do it all! They naturally detox, they digest the food we eat, they breathe without us even thinking about it! It’s all an automatic procedure for our bodies and that’s why we are all perfect.
Now some of you I can sense are going “Pft whatever! If my body is perfect then why am I overweight?!”
WELL Mish goes on to say, sure some of us need to work on ourselves a bit more and make healthier choices but essentially everyone is the same on the inside, our bodies going through the same processes each day.
Someone who doesn’t make healthier choices is eating more calories and not doing anything active to prevent the weight gain BUT the body is doing as it does and is storing those calories as energy in the body for use when needed as opposed to someone who is on a calorie controlled plan and who does exercise a few times a week the body can’t afford to store those calories as they are needed to get you through the day and to survive.
This absolutely makes sense to me and the more I thought about it the more it rang true to me. Our bodies really are designed perfectly, if they weren’t then we wouldn’t be here. Some of us just need to cut out the crap and get moving and everything will fall into place. Our bodies want to be at a healthy weight for us and they crave to be healthy but it’s the choices we make that determine whether we will be overweight or a healthy weight.
So stop blaming genes or the fact your “destined” to be a bit more pudgy and get to it!! That body of yours is waiting for your signal!

excuse - dog ate my homework

I had a great weekend, a lot of chilling out, just what I needed after going back to work last week!
Chris and I had a little date night on Saturday and decided to hit La Premiere at Hoyts to see the Hobbit, it was amazing!!
Then yesterday, Sunday, we went to a pub called the Narrogin Inne for a family friends birthday. The food was great and really affordable which is important too! Chris and I both ordered surf ‘n’ turf which was very yummy. The prawns were delicious and the steak was pretty good too, I was full after eating just ¼ of it though!
We spent the night nerding it up playing Far Cry and watching movies, very needed after what seemed like a long week!

narrogin inne lunch

80 Questions continued
Question 18
Are you losing weight the healthy way or the unhealthy way?
I’d like to think I’m following a healthy weight loss plan. The 12WBT isn’t a quick fix it’s a habit changing plan for life. I’m still eating delicious healthy food although I am calorie controlling it and adding exercise into the mix only helps the process a long helping me to create more muscle which in turn burns more calories! It’s a win, win!
Some people out there will say that 1200 calories is just too low. A lot of these people, who aren’t professionals I may add, are naturally “skinny”, people who had never had to go through a body transition from being overweight to a healthy weight.
From what I can gather 1200 calories is smack bang in the middle of the scale. Anything lower and your body can go into starvation mode anything more, and I’m not talking 100 or so over but maybe quite a few 100 over and you go into over indulging territory and inevitable weight gain.
Essentially if you want to lose weight you have to consume less calories then what your body naturally burns throughout the day. You can find this number by adding a few things together, i.e. weight & age, and you can find your BMR – Basal Metabolic Rate
I’ve found this link through Google where you can find your BMR http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/
For instance a female who is 90 kilos and is 22 years old and 160cms tall would have a BMR of – 1703.6 for this person to lose weight they would need to consume less calories, maybe consider starting with 1500 calories a day and see how they go. When it comes down to it it’s really all about maths! Very interesting though.

Question 19
Who is your biggest weight loss inspiration and why?
I’ll make this a 12WBT inspiration and it couldn’t be anyone else but Sarah McGee!
You can find her Tumblr account here http://sarah12wbt.tumblr.com/
She is an amazing lady that’s for sure! She has shed 63kg in 10 months and is looking absolutely stunning! She’s active and makes sure to post constantly on her Instagram (sarahmcgee) account as well which in turn inspires and motivates everyone else. She is a true inspiration as she has and is still going through her own transformation and showing the world that it’s possible to change your habits and your body!

sarah mcgeeDid I forget to mention she’s a stunner?

Amydeville xoxo