Week 5 – New Start

I’m back!
So sorry I’ve been away and neglecting my beautiful little blog! I promise to never stay too far away again!
To be honest I have just been super busy. Work is busy, life is busy, doing assignments keep me busy. The list could go on but no more excuses I’m back and writing again.

I have one more night of evening classes and then I’m free! Bring on Wednesday night I say!

So what’s been going on in the wonderful world of the 12WBT?
Well, last week was week 4 and also our “mini milestone” week where we re-do the fitness test and also re-take our measurements.
I haven’t really lost a whole lot of weight so far in this round but I have lost a few centimetres which makes me feel a whole lot better!
So far this week I have really picked up my game and gotten back on the bandwagon.
Weekends completely derail my efforts but I’m putting in 100% this week because I want to start seeing some damn good results!

Week 4 Mini Milestone

I’ve had a cm loss of 4.5cm which is great but I know it could be better! For week 8 I want a much better result and I’m going to aim high and really push myself to stick to my nutrition and get more exercise in because my course will be finished (Yay!)

We’re currently in week 5 and things are going pretty good. My cold is still hanging on which really sucks but I’m trying my hardest to kick it!
Heading to the gym tonight to stretch out my poor little calves who are still hurting from last weeks workouts!
Have a great day everyone!

Amydeville xoxo