Week 2 WIW & Learning To Organise!

I know I’m a day late but Week 2 Weigh in was yesterday! That’s Right WIW, 2 down 10 to go until the end of the round!
On Tuesday evening, before our weigh in on Wednesday morning, I went straight to the gym after work to put in a last bit of effort and hope for the best!

I did 20 minutes of interval training/running on the treadmill then hit the weights section for 15 minutes and finished it off with 60 push ups (on my knees, I dream of the day where I do them on my toes!) then did a cool down and stretch.
I got to try out my brand spanking new Polar HRM too which was awesome! Yes I get excited over my HRM, but come on, it’s pretty awesome! I can tell you that it works perfectly and is very comfy to wear as well. My results are below along with a few other snap shots!
Yes I had the Stroganoff again, it was so good! I had the left overs for dinner last night too, yum!

21st May - My Day!

So how did my Weigh in Wednesday go?!
Well I had a loss, yay me! I wanted to at least get to the 500 gram mark but I can settle for the 400 grams that I lost. I had a bit of a “splurgy” weekend so I can understand the 400 gram loss, it would have been more if I could just behave myself over the weekend! Below is my ever growing chart.

Week 2 12wbt Weigh InSorry for the size! Please click on it to see the whole thing 🙂 

Aside from having weigh in, I also decided to start using a diary app on my phone to keep track of events, workouts, my night classes and all the other important things I should remember! I downloaded “Calenmob” onto my Iphone and I’m finding it really easy to use and awesome to put in appointments as you can also set an alarm for when the event is starting.
So far I have popped in my workouts which are Tuesday, Friday & Saturday and my night classes which are on Monday & Wednesday. I’ve also popped in that I plan to do some makeup tomorrow night on my mum, need to get the practice in!
I’m trying to get better at diarising and organising because we all know just how important it is to plan these things out and make sure that we make the time for our workouts through the week. I also plan on making some time to cook a few things up over the weekend for week 3!
Thinking I might make the vegan muffins and maybe those yummy pies!

Diary for May - Month View

Diary for May - Weekly View

How do you keep organised? Do you use a paper based diary? Or do you use something similar to my Iphone App?

Just before I go I will let you know that I passed my first Practical Assessment in class last night, Yippee!!
We had to apply Remedial Makeup over a tattoo and I had my awesome brother come in to be my model.
This is his before & after!
I know he has an amazing beard too haha!

Remedial Camo Application

I need some more practice but for my second try at it I think I did pretty good! Plus I passed, which is all that matters in my eyes!

Have a great day 12WBT’ers and Everyone else!!
Amydeville xoxo


Preparation For The Fitness Test

Just a quick post this morning to say that I will be doing my Fitness Test today! YAY Finally!
I’m feeling much better then what I did earlier in the week, thankfully this cold doesn’t seem to want to linger for much longer which is great! Thanks the stars for cold n flu meds and a good cup of tea!

I was so upset/angry this morning when I packed my gym bag. I’ve lost my HRM Transmitter 😦
I’m a bit strapped for cash but a HRM is a must for me so I’ve decided to buy a new one from the 12WBT shop. 
I’ve gone with the FT40

Polar FT40

It’s a little expensive but luckily I have a credit card (I’m naughty I know!) Thankfully we do get discount for being members of the 12WBT so that really helped bring the cost down!

If you’re looking into getting a HRM for yourself then I highly recommend Polar.
I’ve used other HRM’s in the past and found that Polar’s are just so user-friendly and easy to work with. It’s just all very straight forward for someone like me who gets confused easily when it comes to technology!

I’ve taken the features below from our 12WBT shop so you can see what this little baby does:

Product features:
– The ability to define target heart rate zones to determine the right workout intensity
– Visual and audible alarms to let you know when you are out of the preset zone
– Energy Pointer feature which displays whether you are in the “fitness” or “fat burning” zone
– Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and calculates your progress
– Store up to 50 memory files within the watch
– Coded Heart Rate transmitter to prevent interference from other training computers
– Water resistant up to 30m

Plus it will also tell me the time and date, the usual happenings of a digital watch which is handy to have!

I’ll let you know how I go with my fitness test!

Amydeville xoxo

Body Composition Readout Results!

I can’t believe we’re in May already! Where has the time gone?!
It always seemed to take forever to get through the years when I was a kid and now because I’m older and aware of the concept of time I really don’t like it! (That’s my whinge for the morning hehe)

So last night after dinner I had an appointment at my gym with a “Food Coach“.
I didn’t really know what to expect walking into the office but coming out I thought it was way too short and I wasn’t really asked anything much about what exactly my issues were and what I wanted to work on. So I’m back to being on the prowl and on the lookout to find a good Dietician here in Perth who can help me to over come my issues with food and help me to get on the straight and narrow!

I did however walk out of her office with a low down on my bodies Composition, which I thought was really cool!
Below is the read out that the machine took when I stepped on it, pretty damn cool if you ask me!

body composition read out

So my weight last night after dinner was 82kg this morning for weigh in it is sitting at 79.9kg (sadly a gain from last week).
It’s amazing how much your weight fluctuates throughout the day though, this is why you should always weigh in at the same time every Wednesday weigh in when doing the 12WBT. Ideally it should be after you’ve woken up and been to the toilet and are still in your birthday suit! (queue: wolf whistle)

So looking at the outcome of my reading my BMI (Body Mass Index) is currently sitting at 30.9.
A healthy BMI for my height and age would be between 18 and 25. I’m not far off achieving this number just another 5 to go!

My BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which is the number of calories my body burns on any given day at the moment, so if I decided to stay in bed ALL day and not do anything this is what my body would burn! It’s currently sitting around 1636 calories.

Going further down the list we find my Body Fat % the food coach told me that this is the number that I want to get lower! If it gets lower than my lean muscle mass grows and my body will work more efficiently and also burn more calories!
It’s sitting at 35.7% at the moment.
I’ve been looking into this a bit more and I’ve found my ideal BF% for my age would be somewhere between 20% – 25% so this is something I have to work on reducing!
If you read a little lower though it says on the print out that ideal for me would be between 21% – 33% so going by that number I’m not too far off having a “healthier” BF%  – yay me!!

BF% Taken from builtlean.com

Just thought I would add the above picture in, of course it does depend on your height as well but found this interesting!

 From there is my Muscle Mass – The good stuff! The stuff I want more of!
At the moment my body is made up of 52.7kg of muscle. I’m so glad that, that is over half of what I weigh! *phew*

Then we get to my water weight.
The Food Coach said ideally our bodies water should be 50% of what we weigh. Mines a little bit lower, oops, sitting at 38.6kg. Although in saying that it’s only 2.7kg away from my actual weigh in weight today!

At the very bottom of my print out which I had to chop off in the picture above was a little section about my “Targets”.
My Target BF% to achieve at the moment would be 30%
My body fat to lose would be 6.7kg
Fat mass to get down to would be 22.6kg

Overall I think the visit was worth it!
Although it wasn’t what I had hoped it would be I was still really happy to have come away with these details!
I’ve recently ordered a pair of “high-tech” scales so I’m hoping they come in the mail soon so I can start to track my own BF%, Water weight, BMI etc. They are even Wifi too which is great, so all of my weigh ins will be documented through an app or on the website it goes through! Pretty neat!

Amydeville xoxo

DOMS & A New Gym?

That’s right, they are sore and feeling very fragile today after going to a gym class for the first time in probably 13 months!
On Tuesday I purchased a “7 days for $7” pass for Fernwood Fitness and tried it out for the first time yesterday afternoon. I’ve never been to an all ladies gym before but thought I would give it a shot and see what I thought.
When I first arrived inside the gym I was blown away by how incredibly clean it was. The admin behind the desk were quick to give me a hand and get me sorted with my little pass then asked if I wanted to join in on their “Trim Tops” class.

 Fernwood Entrance

I didn’t think the class sounded too intense. It’s all upper body and core work using weights, balance balls and the all mighty push up (ouchy!). Needless to say I walked out of that class with incredibly heavy arms scared of the fact I still had to drive home (it was a painful drive by the way!). I finished the class and hopped on the treadmill just for a short little bout to loosen things up a bit. I was meant to meet with one of the staff for a little tour but she had been busy and I had to leave to get home to do the usual dinner thing.
When I got home I had a simple tuna wrap for dinner and heard my phone ringing. It was one of the ladies at the gym apologising for not taking me around the gym. She then went on to have a chat with me about how I went in the class and how I was feeling. I have never in my life had a call like that from a gym! I was very impressed! I reassured her that it was fine and that I’d be in on Friday and she could take me around then and show me the ropes. I told her I had a great workout and that I was really happy with how everything went. I’m really considering a membership with them and would be happy to travel the little extra bit to get there for my workouts.

Trim tops & treadmill workout

402 calories burnt in total!

Amydeville xoxo