Week 6 So Far!

I have to say I had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday was spent getting my hair done for 3 hours, that’s right 3 hours that’s how damn long it is/was! Well it’s still pretty long but I had some colour put through it too! I haven’t had my hair done in about 2 to 3 years so this was definitely needed!

New Hair! 
Aside from getting my hair done and feeling pampered I also spent some time just chilling out and not worrying about having to complete assignments or anything because I’m officially finished my course and will be getting my Cert II soon, yay me! Being qualified in something I love makes me incredibly happy!
On Sunday morning I got up nice and early so that my favourite PT, Ray, could come and pick me up and take me to the foreshore for one of his killer boot camp sessions and killer it was! I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t vomit!
Ray set up a circuit of roughly 10 exercises and all of them brought the pain especially his “unbalanced shoulder presses” OUCH! I felt it in my poor shoulders yesterday and today! The battle ropes were also pretty intense considering I’ve never really done them before. I think they’re now on my list of dislikes for exercises, man do they hurt and who would have thought that rope would be so damn heavy!?
After the gruelling workout we headed to Fast Eddy’s for some much needed sustenance!

Sunday Funday!
Battle Ropes

We are now in week 6 of the 12WBT, half way! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly, I’ll be in Adelaide partying it up in no time with my beautiful JFDI Dames!

I expected to lose a lot more weight for this round but unfortunately I haven’t put in the effort for that to happen. I could blame it on my stress with work and study but when it comes down to it there should be no excuses! I should know better of all people.

Tomorrow is our week 6 weigh in and I’m hoping I get a loss, I’ll take anything even 100 grams! I’m feeling more focused this week and know what I want to achieve and I will make sure I get a better loss for the remainder of this round!

Last night, due to not having class, yay! I actually had time to make myself some delicious dinner!
I decided to try a new 12WBT recipe and went with the “Chicken & Leek Pie” although I completely forgot to buy a leek so I used onion instead!
The recipe is delicious!! I absolutely love it! Because my ramekins are very small I got to have 2 little pies coming in at only 290 calories for the the two!
If you haven’t tried this one yet, get onto it! definitely a winter warmer.

Chicken & Onion Pie

Amydeville xoxo


Week 2 WIW & Learning To Organise!

I know I’m a day late but Week 2 Weigh in was yesterday! That’s Right WIW, 2 down 10 to go until the end of the round!
On Tuesday evening, before our weigh in on Wednesday morning, I went straight to the gym after work to put in a last bit of effort and hope for the best!

I did 20 minutes of interval training/running on the treadmill then hit the weights section for 15 minutes and finished it off with 60 push ups (on my knees, I dream of the day where I do them on my toes!) then did a cool down and stretch.
I got to try out my brand spanking new Polar HRM too which was awesome! Yes I get excited over my HRM, but come on, it’s pretty awesome! I can tell you that it works perfectly and is very comfy to wear as well. My results are below along with a few other snap shots!
Yes I had the Stroganoff again, it was so good! I had the left overs for dinner last night too, yum!

21st May - My Day!

So how did my Weigh in Wednesday go?!
Well I had a loss, yay me! I wanted to at least get to the 500 gram mark but I can settle for the 400 grams that I lost. I had a bit of a “splurgy” weekend so I can understand the 400 gram loss, it would have been more if I could just behave myself over the weekend! Below is my ever growing chart.

Week 2 12wbt Weigh InSorry for the size! Please click on it to see the whole thing 🙂 

Aside from having weigh in, I also decided to start using a diary app on my phone to keep track of events, workouts, my night classes and all the other important things I should remember! I downloaded “Calenmob” onto my Iphone and I’m finding it really easy to use and awesome to put in appointments as you can also set an alarm for when the event is starting.
So far I have popped in my workouts which are Tuesday, Friday & Saturday and my night classes which are on Monday & Wednesday. I’ve also popped in that I plan to do some makeup tomorrow night on my mum, need to get the practice in!
I’m trying to get better at diarising and organising because we all know just how important it is to plan these things out and make sure that we make the time for our workouts through the week. I also plan on making some time to cook a few things up over the weekend for week 3!
Thinking I might make the vegan muffins and maybe those yummy pies!

Diary for May - Month View

Diary for May - Weekly View

How do you keep organised? Do you use a paper based diary? Or do you use something similar to my Iphone App?

Just before I go I will let you know that I passed my first Practical Assessment in class last night, Yippee!!
We had to apply Remedial Makeup over a tattoo and I had my awesome brother come in to be my model.
This is his before & after!
I know he has an amazing beard too haha!

Remedial Camo Application

I need some more practice but for my second try at it I think I did pretty good! Plus I passed, which is all that matters in my eyes!

Have a great day 12WBT’ers and Everyone else!!
Amydeville xoxo

Week 1 Down!

Week one is down and it’s onto week two with gusto!
How did my week 1 go?
Well my Monday to Friday went pretty great, I kept to my calories and worked out and tried some new recipes which was nice. Saturday & Sunday… well, I didn’t quite stick to the plan.
Weekends really are my down fall. I get “relaxed” and then I make poor nutrition choices even though the voice in the back of my mind is asking “why?”.
For the weekend coming I’m going to devise a plan of attack to get me through. Plan my nutrition better for those two days and execute it! Maybe I’ll tell myself that it’s a “test” maybe that way it’ll help me to stick to it better to see if I actually can stick to my calories.
Aside from having a poor nutrition weekend everything else was great. I worked out 3 days, which is what I set out to achieve and I felt good about the program.

I tried Mish’s Stroganoff recipe which is delicious by the way! I really don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before in the previous rounds! Instead of the usual beef though I used Kangaroo and it was super yummy!

Kangaroo stroganoff

Taken from my Instagram account: amydeville

I told myself that in this round I would try some new recipes and mix it up a bit to keep things fresh and new!

I wasn’t only in the kitchen over the weekend though. I also went out with the girls to see the Wayans Brothers show at the Regal Theatre. We had a great night and yes I ate something naughty for dinner.
We decided on “Mad Mex” and I had some nachos with guacamole which were delicious! I didn’t eat it all though it was incredibly filling! I think that was where my nutrition for the weekend went down hill though so I need to work on my choices when I go out as well and try to make the better one.

Wayans brothers Regal Theatre

V and I - The bathroom selfie!

Thought I’d add in a picture of the theatre and also the must be taken bathroom selfie! This is Me and V before the show!

We had a great night out and had some much needed laughs!

So what is my plan of attack for week 2?
Well aside from sticking to my 1200 calorie limit I’m aiming for another 3 workouts. Tuesday, Friday & Saturday (Hopefully I’ll have my HRM for them!)
I want to be more aware of what I’m eating too, I don’t eat my meals fast at all, I’m such a slow eater but what I want to achieve is to be aware of the taste and texture and take my time chewing every bite so that I really experience what the flavour is.
I want to plan out my weekend meals and snacks before it hits that way I know exactly what I’ll be having for the day and all I have to so is just stick to it!

How did you go in Week 1?
Do you have a plan for week 2 at all? Or are you following the program to a T?
Let me know!!

Amydeville xoxo

WIW & Exciting Graphs!

We are half way through Week 1 of Round 2 and things are going pretty good so far.
If you’re doing this Round you know that Wednesday’s are Weigh in Days “WIW” or “Check In Days” you can call them whatever you like!
Yesterday I hopped on the scales and was pleasantly surprised, I had an 800 gram loss since my Saturday Measurements test, I was stoked!

12wbt Round 2 2013 Week 1 Weigh In

Sorry it’s so small! If you can’t see it you can click on it to make it bigger 🙂

I can’t wait to see that graph filled up with all of my weigh ins for the next 12 weeks.
I’m feeling really positive and optomistic about this Round, I’m ready to push myself and get down to my goal weight!
Another thing I’m REALLY looking forward to is the Finale!!
One of my very good friends is also doing this round and we’ve both decided we’re going to head to Adelaide for the Workout & Finale Cocktail Party!! Very Excited!!
If you didn’t know, after each Round Mish throws a big Finale Party in her chosen state and this Round happens to be Adelaide. Through the day she holds a massive group workout for those who come for it and then we all get glammed up for a night out on the town. My excitement is huge!

Aside from tracking my weigh ins I’ve also been a good girl and have kept at tracking my food intake as well trying to keep within my 1200 limit. I usually allow about 100 calories either way but aim for no more. I don’t want to starve and I don’t want to over do it either!
Below is a picture of Tuesdays intake, I apologise for the size!!

Food Diary Tuesday 14th May

Same for this picture, apologies for the size! You can click on it though!

There are a few things in my “diet” that probably shouldn’t be there but no one is perfect and I’m still working on beating the demons! I find the mental battle one of the hardest things to over come when it comes to eating and living healthy.

How did you go with Week 1 Weigh In? Are you feeling confident about this Round? Let me know!

Amydeville xoxo

It Has Begun! Round 2 2013 Is Underway

DAY 1 is here!
That’s right, Round 2 2013 has begun today!

Over the course of Friday and Saturday I completed my Fitness Test and also my Measurements.
Below are the results I got:

Week 1 12wbt Measurements & Fitness

It’s a bit blurry I know!
My measurements from left to right are for my chest, waist, hips, right thigh and right arm (in cms).
The fitness test left to right begins with push ups on my toes, the box is empty because I still find it difficult to execute these! I definitely need to work on my upper body strength!
It then goes to push ups on my knees, the sit & reach test (flexibility), 3km bike ride time trial, wall sit and then ab strength (planking).
Both my wall sit and plank are pretty terrible times but it gives me something to improve which is a plus! Not to mention I had my dog in my face the whole time, he likes to join in!
My starting weight, which was taken on Saturday, for this round is 80.6kg it’s a little up probably because it was the weekend but that’s ok, again it’s something I intend to make smaller!

 I was a busy bee on the weekend!
not only did I do my fitness test and measurements, I spent some time grocery shopping and also cooking up some food for the first week. I will no doubt be back in the kitcken through the week though!
I went through the recipes on the 12WBT index and came across a “Sweet Potato Stew”  I was so excited to see some lovely new recipes! Yay! So I had to make it. The smell of all of the spices together was absolutely amazing! It reminded me of Mexican cooking and well we all know I love Mexican food!

Sweet Potato Stew

I then decided to cook up a batch of “Banana Bread” except I decided to make them into muffins instead of a loaf. At least as muffins I can control my portions better!
I’ve made this before and I just love the flavour. its the perfect snack!

Banana Bread Muffins

If you’re doing this round let me know how your first day has started. Did you prepare any meals over the weekend?
How are you feeling about Day 1 of the Round?

Amydeville xoxo

Food Intolerances – There is Hope!

These days there are SO many people out there with food intolerances. I’ve read that up to 20% of Australians have an Intolerance, whether it be to Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Fructose or other foods. That’s a pretty big number! I think it’s crazy how one 5th of Australians are suffering with an intolerance and the horrible side effects that come with it!

I myself don’t suffer too much from having any intolerances although when I consume too much dairy my stomach doesn’t really have a great time digesting it and after going to a Naturopath I found out I have an intolerance for apple skin (weird I know!).

But having an intolerance isn’t the be all end all!
You can still enjoy plenty of great tasting foods while giving up the food that upsets your Intestines!
I have a friend with Lactose Intolerance and she still enjoys chocolate (even if it is dairy free) and she’s recently gotten into raw cooking which uses foods that are intolerant free (unless of course you’re intolerant to dates or other fresh produce, or apple skins like me!!) So there is always other options out there!
Plenty of Supermarkets here in Australia now stock Intolerant friendly foods too which is fantastic! People Intolerant to Gluten now have the option to purchase gluten free pasta by a great brand Orgran along with plenty of dairy free biscuits and even cereals too!

If you’re unsure of what kinds of resources are out there to help you find foods that are friendly to your stomach you can always approach a Nutritionist, Dietician or even a Naturopath and ask for their advice.
There is hope yet for us all!

gluten free

10 Dairy Free Sources of Calcium

Amydeville xoxo

Food Diary & The Biggest Loser 2013!

Yesterday after finishing up work for the day I headed to Curtin University to finish up a study I have been a part of for the last 8-9 months. The Study was run by the Public Health Section at the Uni and was called “The CHAT Study” – Connecting Health & Technology. I was more than happy to be a part of their study not only for the perks of them giving me Itunes vouchers and Movie tickets for participating but because it’s really cool to see these health professionals create a new App that can aid people in losing weight and cleaning up their diets with the help of a professional.
The first time I started the study 8-9 months ago the people running it had to take my current weight and my height. Since that first day I have lost 13kg! The Dietician who took my results yesterday was so incredibly surprised and genuinely happy for me which in turn made me feel pretty damn fabulous! Not only was she pleased with my weight loss but she was even more surprised to find out that I have been keeping a food & emotion diary.
Part of the study was to use an App which asked for you to take pictures before and after eating using an iPod and a Marker (colour board) so that the Dietician had an idea of portion size and also what you were eating.
Yesterday when I went in to hand back the iPod I sat with the Dietician and she asked questions about the food in the pictures I took. She had asked me in particular what I had put into my “Turkey Spaghetti” that I had for dinner one night and I told her I had all the ingredients and calories in my diary. She was amazed and so glad I had kept a record saying that “Not many people do this, God I wish all my clients were like you!”
It’s a good feeling!

Turkey Slim Pasta Spagehtti

After I got home from Curtin University it was time for dinner! I had some Roast Pumpkin Soup in the freezer from when I did my last batch so I took that out and had a Wholemeal Sandwich thin with it, was absolutely yummy. I forgot how amazing Pumpkin Soup was! One of the best thing about Winter is all the yummy soups I can make & enjoy!

After dinner it was time to get into watching The Biggest Loser: Next Generation. I had missed the first episode on Sunday night so I quickly watched the episode on the website then got comfy and watched last nights episode.

Biggest loser 2013 next generation
I don’t know if you’ve been watching it but oh my god I was a bit of a blubbering mess trying to keep the tears in. Not only is it such an emotional thing to want to lose weight and be healthier but these people are doing it with their sons and daughters!
The thing that got me the most was when the parents were saying it was their fault their child was so overweight/obese. As much as parents do and can play a role in the weight gain it is ultimately up to the individual to say “no” instead of just going with the flow and I’m glad that all of the children on the show said “No it’s not your fault, I should have said no!” It was incredibly moving and it would have been a weight off their shoulders as well to come clean and be really honest with themselves. Thank god I had Jed snuggling with me last night while watching it! hehe

Jed watching biggest loser 2013 with me

So getting back to the Food Diary business.
Last week I really started to document everything nutrition wise along with my emotions at the time through the day as well to see if there is a trigger that sets me off.
A friend Chelsea, who has an amazing blog at http://healthychelsea.wordpress.com/ which you should check out! Posted in Facebook about starting a food diary and sending it to each other every day for accountability (With another friend as well). Adding in all of the food we are eating, the exercise we are doing and also how we’re feeling through the day as well.
I have to say her little exercise is really helping me stay on track and helping me to make better choices! (Except yesterday, I made a terrible decision to eat chocolate!) But I feel more engaged into tracking my calories now and actually owning up to my faults through the day.
Below is my Food Diary from Yesterday March 18th:

Monday 18th March - 1

Monday 18th March - 2

Monday 18th March - 3

Monday 18th March - 4

Monday 18th March - 5

Monday 18th March - 6

 Today is a new day and I intend to beat the chocolate!
I’m feeling more refreshed today and ready to put in 100%!

Do you keep a Food Diary? Or even an Exercise Diary for accountability?

Amydeville xoxo