Week 3 WIW

The weekend just gone and this week have been flat out for me!
I apologise for the late post but life is hectic for the moment, especially with trying to finish up my Cert II in Makeup! Only one more week of classes and I’ll be qualified, yay!

So, yesterday was “Weigh in Wednesday!” that’s right, Week 3 weigh in, I can’t belive we’re in week 3 already, it just blows my mind how quick these weeks have been going!
I was so stoked to have a pretty decent loss of 700 grams!
I’ve now lost 2.4% as well which is awesome, Oh how I love seeing the number on the scales go down!

Week 3 Weigh In

Over the weekend I was flat out completing my Portfolio for my Cert II so I literally didn’t have time to fit in a workout. I was up early doing my portfolio and I was up late at night too.
I actually really wanted to get my sweat on too but I knew I needed to put in as much time as possible to get my assingment done!
Once my course is finished though I’ll be back into my old routine and sweating it out!
I did get to fit a workout in on Friday after work though! YAY! Throughout the day last week I really didn’t want to go at all but when I got there I got into the zone and just got it done, JFDI!

Workout Friday 24th May

The same can be said for this Tuesday’s workout. I was not wanting to go through the day while I was at work but I just kept looking at my gym bag on the floor next to me and knew that I just needed to do it and get it done!
I would have worked out for longer but I had to head home so that I could make some time to cook up a few serves of dinner!

Workout Tues 28th May

How did everyone else go with their weigh in?
And how have you been going with your workouts?
Have you been a bit like me, the thought of working out just isn’t doing it for you at the moment? You can be honest, hehe.

Amydeville xoxo


Preparation For The Fitness Test

Just a quick post this morning to say that I will be doing my Fitness Test today! YAY Finally!
I’m feeling much better then what I did earlier in the week, thankfully this cold doesn’t seem to want to linger for much longer which is great! Thanks the stars for cold n flu meds and a good cup of tea!

I was so upset/angry this morning when I packed my gym bag. I’ve lost my HRM Transmitter 😦
I’m a bit strapped for cash but a HRM is a must for me so I’ve decided to buy a new one from the 12WBT shop. 
I’ve gone with the FT40

Polar FT40

It’s a little expensive but luckily I have a credit card (I’m naughty I know!) Thankfully we do get discount for being members of the 12WBT so that really helped bring the cost down!

If you’re looking into getting a HRM for yourself then I highly recommend Polar.
I’ve used other HRM’s in the past and found that Polar’s are just so user-friendly and easy to work with. It’s just all very straight forward for someone like me who gets confused easily when it comes to technology!

I’ve taken the features below from our 12WBT shop so you can see what this little baby does:

Product features:
– The ability to define target heart rate zones to determine the right workout intensity
– Visual and audible alarms to let you know when you are out of the preset zone
– Energy Pointer feature which displays whether you are in the “fitness” or “fat burning” zone
– Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and calculates your progress
– Store up to 50 memory files within the watch
– Coded Heart Rate transmitter to prevent interference from other training computers
– Water resistant up to 30m

Plus it will also tell me the time and date, the usual happenings of a digital watch which is handy to have!

I’ll let you know how I go with my fitness test!

Amydeville xoxo

Australia Day Weekend Shenanigans

Weekends are never long enough, even long weekends aren’t long enough!
Australia Day Weekend was great though. I’ve been back at work since the 2nd of January so it was nice to have that little extra break away from work and the chaos it brings! But now of course things are in full swing at work with classes of Apprentices starting up for the year and Lecturers bugging me for rolls and enrolments, ah the joys of working in Admin! At least it keeps me busy though, I can’t complain too much.

So what did I get up to this Aussie Day long weekend?
To be honest, not a whole lot. Saturday, which was Australia day, I woke up nice and early and made sure to fit in a quick workout before the day began! I decided to do Michelle Bridges Tight, Toned & Terrific DVD, one I haven’t busted out in a pretty long time! It was great to go from start to finish and really sweat it out. If there’s one thing I love it’s weight training! The best thing about weight training is that the pump stays with you for a few hours afterwards, or for some maybe the whole day! I’ve also read that once you’ve finished doing a weights session your body still continues to burn calories at a higher rate, you can’t tell me that’s not an amazing thing! So to all the ladies out there who think that weight training will turn you “manly” or “scarily muscley” think again! Weight training will not turn you into some super muscled up, crazy machine it will help you to tighten and tone your body and burn more calories in the process! Remember the more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day.
With that said here’s my workout overview below.

Aussie day workout

After my workout I went and did some shopping with my lovely mum, including food shopping! Where I picked up this:

Pina Colada

Because I’m not really drinking alcohol, nor am I big drinker so I felt like trying something different, mixing it up a little!
Down the drinks isle in Coles I found this lovely drink. It tastes amazing, not exactly like a Pina Colada but very similar. The best bit about this drink is the fact it’s only 94 calories! So I enjoyed one of these yummies for Australia Day.
The rest of the day was spent with some friends chilling out and having a BBQ and a few rounds of Celebrity Heads which is hilarious when your surrounded by movie buffs!
The rest of the long weekend was great, I can say I spent a lot of time chilling out and enjoying the good weather here in Perth! Sunday morning we headed to the Markets though which was great! I actually put on makeup for this and had a great time checking out all the plants and gaming things the markets had to offer!

Aussie day weekend me

Currently us 12WBT’ers are in our 11th week of the 12 week body transformation. 11 weeks where did the time go?!  As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!
So next week is my last week for Round 4 2012 and once I have completed this round I will be setting out into the real world by myself and braving the healthy lifestyle thing on my own.
If I’m honest I’m a little scared but feeling confident at the same time. Essentially I know exactly what I need to do to lose weight, tone up and live a healthy lifestyle. It’s mainly my mind that I have trouble with but I intend on working on it and really making these healthy changes stick.
I will be keeping up with my blog posts and letting you all know how I’m going in the big bad world. I intend on trying out some new things too like “Clean Eating” I have ordered a copy of Tosca Reno’s book “The Eat Clean Diet: Cookbook 2” which is filled with delicious healthy recipes using only “clean” foods, don’t worry I will eventually get into this once I’ve learnt abit more about what it is to eat a real clean diet! Tosca’s website can be found here: http://www.toscareno.com/ she is an inspiration for people of all ages and genders. I first found out about her through Oxygen Magazine.


So after next week I will be on my own!
BUT I will still be a part of my group JFDI Dames and continue to be an active member to help push and be pushed by these girls to get the best out of life! The 12WBT has been an absolutely amazing, eye opening experience so far teaching me that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to now it’s my turn to continue on my “journey” and take it to the next level!

80 Questions
26. Do your friends know about you wanting to lose weight? Do they support you?
Not all would know that I’m wanting to lose weight and successfully doing it but the ones that really matter know and that’s all that matters really!
A majority are really supportive and think it’s great but on the other hand a lot of them probably don’t understand why I’m doing it. I’m doing it for me and my future! I want to live a life that is filled with energy and vitality not one that makes me sick or runs me down which I was experiencing before the 12WBT.
Before I started the 12WBT I was pretty unhealthy, always had a cold or flu in winter and sometimes in the warmer months too. I would be lethargic and not have energy at all to do anything. I would blame it on other things though even though really it was my weight and what I was feeding my body that was making me ill.
Anyone who decides to start getting into healthier eating and exercise I am absolutely supportive and back them 120% because I know how hard it is to stick to it and se the results you want!

27. Does your family support you in your weight loss?
Absolutely! My mum is my ultimate cheer leader always telling me that she’s proud of how far I have come and always helping me out in the kitchen when I decide to try a new recipe! I really suck at chopping up vegies, so she’s always there to show me the easy way! she also comes for walks with me and the dog and she’s even going to be doing the Colour Run with me on Feb 17th! (we’ll be walking it though hehe) but she’s amazing and is always there to help me out when I need it!

28. What is your favourite type of snack?
Oh my gosh now that is a tough one!
I love my snacks throughout the day, but I guess it depends on how I’m feeling that day.
Lately I’ve been loving my Jarrah Hot Chocolate with a nectarine or a plum for morning tea. The summer fruits have been amazing so far, absolutely loving it this year!
For my afternoon snack I usually really love a good little tub of yoghurt. My favourite would have to be Chobani. So many flavours and so incredibly filling! Im still waiting for the Banana flavour to hit the Australian shore!
I also love eating cashews or almonds in the afternoon or even a small tin of Tuna in spingwater, something to keep me going through the afternoon and alert for the last few hours at work!

What’s your favourite healthy snack?!

Amydeville xoxo