Week 6 So Far!

I have to say I had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday was spent getting my hair done for 3 hours, that’s right 3 hours that’s how damn long it is/was! Well it’s still pretty long but I had some colour put through it too! I haven’t had my hair done in about 2 to 3 years so this was definitely needed!

New Hair! 
Aside from getting my hair done and feeling pampered I also spent some time just chilling out and not worrying about having to complete assignments or anything because I’m officially finished my course and will be getting my Cert II soon, yay me! Being qualified in something I love makes me incredibly happy!
On Sunday morning I got up nice and early so that my favourite PT, Ray, could come and pick me up and take me to the foreshore for one of his killer boot camp sessions and killer it was! I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t vomit!
Ray set up a circuit of roughly 10 exercises and all of them brought the pain especially his “unbalanced shoulder presses” OUCH! I felt it in my poor shoulders yesterday and today! The battle ropes were also pretty intense considering I’ve never really done them before. I think they’re now on my list of dislikes for exercises, man do they hurt and who would have thought that rope would be so damn heavy!?
After the gruelling workout we headed to Fast Eddy’s for some much needed sustenance!

Sunday Funday!
Battle Ropes

We are now in week 6 of the 12WBT, half way! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly, I’ll be in Adelaide partying it up in no time with my beautiful JFDI Dames!

I expected to lose a lot more weight for this round but unfortunately I haven’t put in the effort for that to happen. I could blame it on my stress with work and study but when it comes down to it there should be no excuses! I should know better of all people.

Tomorrow is our week 6 weigh in and I’m hoping I get a loss, I’ll take anything even 100 grams! I’m feeling more focused this week and know what I want to achieve and I will make sure I get a better loss for the remainder of this round!

Last night, due to not having class, yay! I actually had time to make myself some delicious dinner!
I decided to try a new 12WBT recipe and went with the “Chicken & Leek Pie” although I completely forgot to buy a leek so I used onion instead!
The recipe is delicious!! I absolutely love it! Because my ramekins are very small I got to have 2 little pies coming in at only 290 calories for the the two!
If you haven’t tried this one yet, get onto it! definitely a winter warmer.

Chicken & Onion Pie

Amydeville xoxo


2013 Swisse Color Run

So yesterday Myself, my amazing partner, my big bro and my BFF completed the Color Run here in sunny Perth and I can tell you it really is the happiest 5k on the planet!
This was my first ever fun run event and I loved it! I’m so glad I started it with the Color Run, it was Ah-Mazing!
I was ecstatic when I found out that Swisse would be giving procedes to the JDRF Charity, one that is incredibly close to home as Chris is Type 1 Diabetic.
Below is our day in pictures:

The happiest 5k

My big bro Ben stretching it out!

Chris and I getting ready to go!


A face only a mother could love!

Ben in the first zone, VERY blue!

Veronica & I after Blue & Pink zones!

Ben & Chris after a few zones

V & I made it!!

Chris and I after the 5k!


Chris and I chilling out afterwards


As you can see we had a pretty damn amazing time through the 5k course! Getting colored up was so much fun! Now I just have to keep an eye out for professional photos!
I decided to wear my HRM (the picture above) it survived the color! YAY! We completed the 5k in approximately 45 minutes walking so the rest of that time is before and after, stretching it out and roaming Langley Park checking out the stalls!
I decided to buy some of the cool merch on the day aswell, as you can see I bought a Color Run hat and also one of those wrist bands too. I bought Chris a little arm band that holds your phone or keys and also a hat for my bro!
I also bought one of the cool glass Swisse Color Run water bottles too and with it Swisse gave me some goodies!

Color run swisse goodies

For my first ever fun run I really enjoyed it, I had a great time! I would highly reccommend this event to anyone, experienced or not! The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was having a great time, including us!
I’m looking into more fun runs for this year so hopefully I can post about a whole lot more runs in the near future!

Amydeville xoxo