Week 6 So Far!

I have to say I had a pretty good weekend.
Saturday was spent getting my hair done for 3 hours, that’s right 3 hours that’s how damn long it is/was! Well it’s still pretty long but I had some colour put through it too! I haven’t had my hair done in about 2 to 3 years so this was definitely needed!

New Hair! 
Aside from getting my hair done and feeling pampered I also spent some time just chilling out and not worrying about having to complete assignments or anything because I’m officially finished my course and will be getting my Cert II soon, yay me! Being qualified in something I love makes me incredibly happy!
On Sunday morning I got up nice and early so that my favourite PT, Ray, could come and pick me up and take me to the foreshore for one of his killer boot camp sessions and killer it was! I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t vomit!
Ray set up a circuit of roughly 10 exercises and all of them brought the pain especially his “unbalanced shoulder presses” OUCH! I felt it in my poor shoulders yesterday and today! The battle ropes were also pretty intense considering I’ve never really done them before. I think they’re now on my list of dislikes for exercises, man do they hurt and who would have thought that rope would be so damn heavy!?
After the gruelling workout we headed to Fast Eddy’s for some much needed sustenance!

Sunday Funday!
Battle Ropes

We are now in week 6 of the 12WBT, half way! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly, I’ll be in Adelaide partying it up in no time with my beautiful JFDI Dames!

I expected to lose a lot more weight for this round but unfortunately I haven’t put in the effort for that to happen. I could blame it on my stress with work and study but when it comes down to it there should be no excuses! I should know better of all people.

Tomorrow is our week 6 weigh in and I’m hoping I get a loss, I’ll take anything even 100 grams! I’m feeling more focused this week and know what I want to achieve and I will make sure I get a better loss for the remainder of this round!

Last night, due to not having class, yay! I actually had time to make myself some delicious dinner!
I decided to try a new 12WBT recipe and went with the “Chicken & Leek Pie” although I completely forgot to buy a leek so I used onion instead!
The recipe is delicious!! I absolutely love it! Because my ramekins are very small I got to have 2 little pies coming in at only 290 calories for the the two!
If you haven’t tried this one yet, get onto it! definitely a winter warmer.

Chicken & Onion Pie

Amydeville xoxo


Week 5 – New Start

I’m back!
So sorry I’ve been away and neglecting my beautiful little blog! I promise to never stay too far away again!
To be honest I have just been super busy. Work is busy, life is busy, doing assignments keep me busy. The list could go on but no more excuses I’m back and writing again.

I have one more night of evening classes and then I’m free! Bring on Wednesday night I say!

So what’s been going on in the wonderful world of the 12WBT?
Well, last week was week 4 and also our “mini milestone” week where we re-do the fitness test and also re-take our measurements.
I haven’t really lost a whole lot of weight so far in this round but I have lost a few centimetres which makes me feel a whole lot better!
So far this week I have really picked up my game and gotten back on the bandwagon.
Weekends completely derail my efforts but I’m putting in 100% this week because I want to start seeing some damn good results!

Week 4 Mini Milestone

I’ve had a cm loss of 4.5cm which is great but I know it could be better! For week 8 I want a much better result and I’m going to aim high and really push myself to stick to my nutrition and get more exercise in because my course will be finished (Yay!)

We’re currently in week 5 and things are going pretty good. My cold is still hanging on which really sucks but I’m trying my hardest to kick it!
Heading to the gym tonight to stretch out my poor little calves who are still hurting from last weeks workouts!
Have a great day everyone!

Amydeville xoxo

Week 3 WIW

The weekend just gone and this week have been flat out for me!
I apologise for the late post but life is hectic for the moment, especially with trying to finish up my Cert II in Makeup! Only one more week of classes and I’ll be qualified, yay!

So, yesterday was “Weigh in Wednesday!” that’s right, Week 3 weigh in, I can’t belive we’re in week 3 already, it just blows my mind how quick these weeks have been going!
I was so stoked to have a pretty decent loss of 700 grams!
I’ve now lost 2.4% as well which is awesome, Oh how I love seeing the number on the scales go down!

Week 3 Weigh In

Over the weekend I was flat out completing my Portfolio for my Cert II so I literally didn’t have time to fit in a workout. I was up early doing my portfolio and I was up late at night too.
I actually really wanted to get my sweat on too but I knew I needed to put in as much time as possible to get my assingment done!
Once my course is finished though I’ll be back into my old routine and sweating it out!
I did get to fit a workout in on Friday after work though! YAY! Throughout the day last week I really didn’t want to go at all but when I got there I got into the zone and just got it done, JFDI!

Workout Friday 24th May

The same can be said for this Tuesday’s workout. I was not wanting to go through the day while I was at work but I just kept looking at my gym bag on the floor next to me and knew that I just needed to do it and get it done!
I would have worked out for longer but I had to head home so that I could make some time to cook up a few serves of dinner!

Workout Tues 28th May

How did everyone else go with their weigh in?
And how have you been going with your workouts?
Have you been a bit like me, the thought of working out just isn’t doing it for you at the moment? You can be honest, hehe.

Amydeville xoxo

A Valentine Day Workout!

There are a lot of people out there who don’t “believe” in Valentines Day, it’s all just a big money-maker, but who cares!?
I LOVE Valentines Day! What’s not to love about a day that’s all about “love”? You don’t have to believe in this day but believe in love!!
Because Chris and I have our anniversary on the 20th we don’t go all out on Valentine’s day, we save it for our anniversary but we do get each other a card & sometimes grab something yummy for dinner, I’m still not too sure if we’re going to do anything tonight but we’ll see!

I started my morning with a 4.30am workout and even though the temperature is a little cooler today here in Perth I still sweated it out  like crazy! Just look at that red face!

Valentines Day Workout

I decided to do Michelle Bridges Shape-Up DVD and it kicked my ass yet again!
I love it because it’s broken up into so many different little sections. It’s full of interval training which keeps me interested and engaged, not to mention sweaty!
For a while there I wasn’t really fully into my training but now that I’m easing myself back into it I’m realising why I love it so much. Even though I’m waking up at an ungodly hour I’m not tired through the day. I feel like I’m full of beans and ready to go! Yes 4.30am sounds damn early, I mean come on the sun isn’t even up yet! But the feeling I get from moving my body, even if my mind wants to go back to bed, is awesome!
I end up feeling charged up for the day and I notice I even put in the effort to make healthier choices food wise which is incredibly important! I also sleep better at night and wake up the next morning feeling great and ready to do it all again!

Why do you workout? Is it for the feeling, the high you get?

When I walked into my office this morning I noticed I had a little Valentine’s gift on my keyboard!!
I work with a WHOLE lot of tradesmen so pinning it down to one of them can be hard sometimes! But I know exactly who this little one was from 😉 Thanks Valentine! hehe

Valentines Cupcake

Now I just have to get through the day without eating it!

80 Questions
Question 36. Where are you from? Is your country’s diet healthy or unhealthy in general?
I’m born and raised here in Australia. Specifically Perth. I love where I’m from and although I want to travel and see the world I’ll always come back to Perth!
Is Australia healthy? Well I think that’s quite a debatable question. In terms of life expectancy I’d say we aren’t doing too bad, people seem to be living longer which is great! But in terms of a healthy diet? All we hear on the radio and on TV is that the obesiety rate is rising. I read somewhere that Australia is one of the most overweight countries! So does Australia have a healthy diet? I’m going to have to say probably not! Sorry Oz!

Question 37. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do they know about you losing weight? Do they support you?
I have an amazing boyfriend, Chris, and he sure as hell knows that I’m trying to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle and longer life! Chris is a great supporter, he backs my decision 100% but on the other hand he unknowingly tests me alot!
He’s fortunate enough to be graced with a very fast metabolism so essentially he eats whatever the hell he wants and doesn’t gain a gram! This is bad news for me because he loves delicious “naughty” foods that I really shouldn’t be eating! So I get A LOT of tests thrown my way in the food category!

Until next time! Happy Valentine’s Day. Amydeville xoxo

Week 12 SSS & Weekend Fun!

I had an amazing weekend!
It was my lovely mans 23rd Birthday on Saturday and he and his mate decided to have a joint birthday bash on a Brewery Tour. I’ve never been on a brewery tour before so I was pretty damn excited to hit the Swan Valley with some amazing friends for a good time!
I decided I would have a drink, I haven’t had alcohol in a LONG time. I used to be a very big drinker but as soon as I became aware of the damage alcohol can do to the body and how it can turn people into monsters I decided to pretty much stop then and there! That was a few years ago. Sure, every now and then I might have A drink but I don’t abuse my body anymore.

Mash Brewery Cider

I had the above cider at a Brewery called Mash. They actually sell glasses in sizes starting at “Tiny” which is what I had above, all the way up to “Large” which is your typical Pint sized glass. Very yummy!
We started the tour at a Brewery called the “Duckstein” an amazing German Brewery/Bistro.  I’m not a beer drinker so I enjoyed a drink called “Fuscia Fusion” it has some schnapps, cider, lemonade and strawberry in it and it was amazingly refreshing!
We then headed to “Mash Brewery” where I had my tiny cider and some laughs with my friends! Before leaving Chris and I made sure to get a photo infront of a beautiful tree outside!

Mash Brewery

 After we left Mash we headed to “Ironbark Brewery” where we all grabbed a bite to eat and listened to a two piece band play some Johnny Cash. Chris and I shared a delicious wood fired pizza before moving onto the last brewery “Feral Brewery” where we chilled out in a grassy area before heading back home!

Feral Brewery

We all had an amazing day in the heat and couldn’t wait to get home and jump the pool and chill out in the air con!
(yes me and the gang are a bunch of goofs!)

To start off my Saturday before the brewery tour shenanigans I was up nice and early for my last SSS workout for the 12WBT!
Michelle Bridges has released 3 new workout DVD’s and I HAD to get them so I ordered all of them the other week and had them arrive just in time for the weekend.

Mish's new workout DVDs

The new DVD’s are ” Project Ripped“, “Project Extreme” & “Project Shape-Up” (Just look at how hot Mish is looking!)
I decided to try out the Shape-Up DVD and I can tell you I was sweating it out! Below is my HRM details.

Week 12 round 4 sss

The DVD runs close to an hour and is broken into sections shown below:

Project shape up

You can’t see it too well but at the bottom of the screen there is a line with the breakdown of the workout. At first when I put it on I thought “what the hell, where did this bar come from?” but then noticed it was tracking the workout and came to really love the idea! The workout was broken into 7 parts:
Warm Up, Plyo Stretch, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Cardio Core and Stretch.
The rounds themselves are broken into 2 and 4 parts and after each part Mish gives you a timer of 30 seconds to grab a sip of water or to wipe off the sweat and then come back for more work! You can see this timer line above the breakdown of the workout.
I think Mish has really upped the standards of fitness DVD’s with her new ones. I love that it shows you the break down and also times it all at the bottom too.
Her Crunch Time DVD’s were amazing but these blow them out of the water so far!

Now that I’ve shared my weekend and workout it’s time for 80 questions!
Question 34. Have you ever fasted? What was the reason for it?
The only time I have fasted is when I had to have a blood test and my experience was horrible!
I had fasted for about 10 – 12 hours and had gone to the doctors to have them jab me. When the nurse started taking my blood I was doing fine! I refused to look at the needle, I hate needles! She has just about finished when I decided it would be a great idea to faint!
When I came to I was laying on the Nurses floor in the recovery position wondering how the hell I got there!
After finally being able to sit up I couldn’t stop vomitting because my blood cells were so few so I had a doctor administer a shot to stop the nasuea!
Needless to say I’m in no hurry to fast OR have a blood test any time soon!

Question 35. How many meals do you usually have a day?
My day with food usually goes like this:
6.30am Breakfast
9.30am Mid morning snack
12pm Lunch time
2.30pm Afternoon snack
6pm Dinner time!
7pm is sometimes snack time, which is usually a low calorie snack. either a dessert or something with protein in it to get me through the night.

Amydeville xoxo

Attack of the DOMS!

Oh yes, I am really feeling the effects of yesterday morning’s workout with Ray.
Cue the DOMSDelayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Right now my shoulders and back muscles are on fire along with my poor arms! Surprisingly my legs are feeling pretty good though so there is a win in there somewhere!
So what are DOMS you ask?
Well my understanding is it’s the delayed soreness that comes after a pretty damn intense workout! Through the day after your workout you feel amazing but the next day you wake up and feel like your muscles are screaming at you! I’ve read it can take between 12 to 24 hours to hit after a workout so watch out for this and make sure you have a great stretch session and cool down after a heavy workout!
I found this little blurb about DOMS:
The truth is that even though scientists have been studying it for over 100 years, we are not exactly sure of the actual physiological process that causes those aches and pains. What we do know is that DOMS is a complex interaction caused by exercising muscle and causing some degree of muscle damage.”

Neck pain - DOMS

At some point in your training/exercising life you will experience this as it comes with trying new exercises or using muscles that haven’t been used in a long time!
There isn’t much you can do but deal with it, maybe use heat or cold packs and forgo training the next day if it’s really severe pain, as in every move you make is pain!

80 Questions continued
29. Write your current wieght. Have you lost anything in the past week? If not, what are your plans for this week?
My current weight is 78.3kg, I have 13.3kg to go until I reach my first  goal weight of 65! I have lost 13.2kg to date so I’m at my half way mark at the moment, very exciting!
For the week ahead I plan to just keep doing what I’m doing. Trying to eat as healthy and clean as I can and doing some exercise through the week. I always tell myself it doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you’re doing just as long as you’re doing something!

30. Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian?
Nope! To be honest I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my meats. I love meat! Even though I feel for the animals and their safety I still can’t bring myself to give it up!
As long as their death is humane and they are looked after well while they are alive I’ll continue to eat meat.
There are plenty of amazing Vegetarian and Vegan recipes out there though! I can see why people would choose to dedicate themselves to one of these titles, the food is pretty damn good!
This will give you an idea of what a Vegan might eat:

Vegan Food Guide

Are you a Vegan or Vegetarian?
What do you eat?
I’d be interested to find out!

Amydeville xoxo

Just Did It!

I do it for the amazing feeling I have after completing a workout. I’m sweaty and sore but I have accomplished something awesome, something so positive for my body and mind! I feel like a new person!


That’s right I had a proper workout this morning, not just a walk around the neighbourhood, and I feel amazing!
I had 30 minutes to fit in the workout so I made it count.
I decided to do some interval weight training this morning and boy am I paying for it now, but I feel amazing.
Using Mish’s weighted bar I put together some exercises for my whole body. I did 1 minute of the weighted exercise followed by 45 seconds of a cardio exercise then 15 seconds rest between exercises.
Examples of what I did are:

1 minute of alternate backwards lunges with a bicep curl
45 seconds of a 3 step sideways run and dip
15 seconds rest

1 minute of weighted sumo squats with the bar across my chest
45 seconds of burpees
15 seconds rest

1 minute of alternate backwards lunges with a bar press up behind my head
45 seconds of running on the spot
15 seconds of rest

Basically you can put any exercises together to create your own workout! I like this kind of workout because it’s not boring and it keeps me engaged! All you need is a timer or a stop watch or I’m sure there is an app out there for Iphone’s and Androids that would allow you to create a time pattern and use that. If you have absolutely no idea what kinds of exercises you could incorporate there are heaps of websites out there like www.bodybuilding.com that give you detailed pictures or even videos of how to execute certain moves.

 I can tell you I honestly felt amazing after I finished up this morning.
I almost forgot about the awesome feeling I get after I finish a workout. Having not really done weights for a few weeks I can tell you I’m hurting!
Below is the outcome on my HR monitor and my very sweaty early morning face!

Thursday Morning Workout

Yesterday while I was leaving work my favourite PT Ray and I stopped to have a chat (yep we work for the same company) and he told me to do a workout this morning.
I didn’t think much about it and kind of shrugged it off but something clicked in my brain so I have to owe this workout to him for sparking something in that nogan of mine!
Time to get back into training not just for my health but for my sanity and wellbeing!
Time to start up those early morning workouts again even if I start off slow and ease myself back into a full week of training at least I’m doing something and keeping my mind and body active!

Ray is going to be starting some group workouts soon and I am keen as ever to get back into it!
If you’re interested and live South of the River here in Perth please do go to his Facebook page and have a chat with him! He’s not only an amazing guy but a great PT too!

Amydeville xoxo