The Bucket List

What better way to ring in the new year, 2013, then to assess my life and decide on things that I want to accommplish not just this year but up until the day I die!
That certainly leaves this list open for updating and add ons!
I decided a Bucket List would be brilliant to have!
There is so much I want to do with my life and so much to see but remembering everything is the trick so what better place to put my  lifes goals then here!?

1. Travel to Antarctica! This would be absolutely amazing as not too many people have done this!


2. Become a Qualified makeup artist
3. Learn a new language, maybe German or Indonesian!
4. Achieve my ideal weight, which for me is around 65kg
5. Take up Kayakking, I did it once and loved it!
6. Have a white Christmas in Europe, just seeing snow would be amazing!
7. Start & own my own business doing something I love
8. Be an inspiration or mentor to someone
9. Climb a mountain (nothing too scary though!)
10. Make money from doing music
11. Learn a new instrument, maybe saxophone?
12. Take up dancing classes

50's dance couple

13. Go on a road trip
14. Get married one day
15. Have children one day (scary thought!)
16. Create my dream house with the one I love
17. Go trekking through a rain forest
18. See Cherry Blossoms in Japan
19. Organise and have a picnic with friends
20. Go on a boat cruise
21. learn sign language
22. Donate blood (now that is scary!)
23. Own my car
24. Visit Hobbit Town in New Zealand

hobbit town
25. Write a fantasy fiction novel and maybe even have it published!


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