A blog about progress into a much healthier and happier life!

But not only that of course! My names Amy and I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have to say I love where I live, we have great summer weather and usually the winters aren’t too bad to cope with either!

I’m 23 years old and work in an Admin position for a Registered Training organisation dealing with Metals & Engineering Apprentices. Lets just say working with Apprentices and Employers can be interesting sometimes!

I have a wonderful partner of 4 years, Chris, who backs my decision to become a healthier, better version of myself. He’s one of those skinny people who has an amazing metabolism and eats whatever the hell he wants and doesn’t gain any weight! Chris is a type 1 Diabetic and has been diagnosed now for 5 years. He’s fantastic when it comes to medication and is one of those people who doesn’t let it get him down (I love that about him). I’m always very pushy when it comes to him checking his levels and making sure his bloods are all a-o-kay!

Aside from being crazyily in love with my partner and working with a whole bunch of craziness I also LOVE music! I have been singing since I can remember all thanks to my Grandad (RIP). I have been in bands for a majority of my teens up until now. I love all kinds of music and really mix it up, my IPod is just a huge collaboration of Pop, Metal, Rock, Country, Classical, you name it it’s on there!

I’m also very passionate about makeup and will soon be starting my Certificate II in Makeup Services. I’m so incredibly excited to become qualified at something I love doing!

I decided to start a blog not only because others were creating them on Michelle’s 12 Week Body Transformation but also to share my story and progress with everyone and anyone who wanted to see how I went and what it’s all about. I had managed to lose 10kg from August 2011 by myself but a year on (Aug 2012) I need guidance and help to push myself to lose 20+ kilos. Michelle’s program is absolutely fantastic and I’m glad that I signed up to do it (Thanks Chels for the push I needed to join!) So please bear with me and follow my journey into the world of the “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”

These are a few of the people who will pop up into my blog posts from time to time! So you can get used to seeing their mugs as much as my own!

Chris and I chilling out afterwards

My lovely man Chris 🙂

Ben in the first zone, VERY blue!

My Crazy, Awesome Brother Ben
My Amazing Mother!

Jed the Furbaby Pooch!

Mr.Simmons! R.U.N.2 Fitness

Ray the Personal Trainer & a fantastic motivator!

Amydeville xoxo


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